Kansas Killer

I don't own any of the thunderbirds. Read and enjoy this little piece!

Chapter 1 – Alan's Thoughts

Dates? Those aren't important. What's important is the engraved image and memory that you can never forget. Remembering their face, the smile they'd give you when life turned sour, their eyes that spoke louder than words ever could and their ability to hold your hand and make everything better. For me? I never had any of that. I can't remember the cooed lullaby's, I don't recall the bedtime stories, and the idea of having a hand to hold on your first day of school? Well, I did have that, but when it's your older brother; it's not quite the same.

Scott had always told me stories, countless times that he recalled a happier time; when we we're altogether. He's the only one who'll tell me what happened. Dad doesn't like me asking and the rest of my brother's still find it too hard to think about; especially Virgil. I understand. Losing someone close to you is never easy. Even if two decades have passed, her memory lives in all of us.

My Mum saved us that day. She gave her life so we could keep ours. She's my one true hero. She's why I do what I do.