Chapter 5

The shelter remained eerily quiet despite the storm drawing closer. Jeff held Lucille down as she tried to get to the door,

"Lucy! The wall of the storm is passing! Don't you dare open that door, otherwise you're risking everyone else's life!"

"Are you bloody crazy?! Virgil is still outside!"

Jeff fought with Lucille as the other boys hid towards the back of the shelter. They stopped when they heard a massive smack against the door,

"Something heavy has just hit the door" Jeff stated,

"Virgil" Lucille whimpered.

They all paused for a moment as the wind died down and that's when Lucille acted. She launched towards the door and with all her weight pushed it open. She looked around quickly not seeing Virgil and made her way to the house. Before she entered she could her groaning coming from the storm; she'd entered the storm's eye, and all around her was twisting black cloud until she looked up. She saw perfectly clear sky above her head and could see the stars twinkling back. She started to call for her son,

"Virgil! Virgil sweetheart! Where are you?"

"Mum, over here" a damaged voice called out from just inside the kitchen,

Virgil had slipped down the stairs and had smacked his head on the banister, briefly passing out. When he'd seen everyone had disappeared he ran for the kitchen table and hid under it praying for the best. When the storm's first wall hit, everything went flying and the backdoor flew open; sending shards of shrapnel everywhere, slicing his face in the process. He looked up when he saw his mum enter the kitchen and reached for her. Lucille grasped his hand and pulled him close,

"Oh my god! Your bleeding! Quick Virgil, we need to get to the shelter"

Lucille hauled Virgil up around her waist and launched back to the shelter where Jeff was waiting outside. Lucille practically threw Virgil at Jeff as the storm paused perfectly around the farmhouse and gardens. Lucille and Jeff got back inside and tried to pull the door shut; it wouldn't shut properly,

"It's not shutting, what hit it the first time round has knocked the lock out of joint" Jeff panicked,

"It needs to be locked from the outside" Lucille acknowledged to herself,

She stopped trying to move the door and looked to where Scott and John where tending to Virgil's bleeding head, she smiled sadly and then looked to her two youngest, who were holding each other in the corner on the floor. She looked back to Jeff and stopped him from trying to shut the door; she set her plan into action,

"Jeff, Virgil's bleeding! I'll get the door"

Jeff didn't think twice about what Lucille had said and launched towards Virgil seeing blood all over his face. He quickly tended to Virgil whilst Lucille removed her belt and looked upon her family,

"I love you all my precious darlings"

She slipped back outside and slammed the door shut from the outside. With her belt she firmly tied the door's hand to the locking handle, so that the door was almost impossible to open from the inside. She looped her leather belt a number of times between the two handles and found a random metal pole which she too fed through the two handles. She knew the door wasn't shifting.

Inside the shelter, Scott and John were trying to get their father's attention,

"DAD! Mum!" Scott bellowed,

"Hush Scott, Virgil's injured"

"But Dad-" John joined Scott as they ran towards the door,

"Boys! Please be- Lucy?"

Jeff stood quickly and ran towards the door and with everything he had, he tried to push the door open with Scott and John helping; it wasn't moving. He smacked the metal door and threw himself at it and it still wouldn't budge. Jeff looked at the door in disbelief,

"Lucille, no" Jeff choked on his words,

"Dad, where's Mum gone?" John cried with tears rolling down his face.

Jeff turned to his sons and looked at Virgil, he had to prioritise,

"Virgil's in trouble, he's lost a lot of blood. Scott go get the LS First Aid kit, John I need you to keep Gordon and Alan entertained"


"No buts John, NOW" Jeff yelled, with hot tears pricking his eyes.

Outside, the storm had completely stopped, but still surrounded the Tracy's residence. Lucille looked up at the 360 degree wall of blackened debris as she could see cars hovering in the dark cloud. She saw trees, parts of houses and even tanker trucks rotating slowly around her head. Although the storm had to have had a radius of at least two miles, Lucille felt as though she could have reached out and grabbed something. She stood on the porch and looked over the garden where she saw her children's toys and other family's property scattering the lawn. She held back the tears and almost didn't breathe as the storm began to start rotating again. She was mesmerized by the twirling hell that started to approach her; she looked back to the shelter,

"I'm always with you my darlings, I love you so much"

Lucille walked into the half ruined house as the storm started to roar again. She found herself in the hallway looking at all the photographs, one of which stood out from the rest; the Christmas photo. She pulled it from the wall and started to cry as she looked at her son's faces. She swallowed her breathe as she felt the house begin to lift up as the screeching squeals from the storm became deafening. She closed her eyes and disappeared into her memory's, clutching the photo close,

"I love you my darlings, I love you"

Lucille's body was never found.