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The water starting to chill is what broke me from the place I was at to the now shower. I started to get up when he growled and his grip got tighter. It must have taken him a second to remember where we were as well. After the understanding that yes I was his and no I was not going any ware we finally got to finish why I originally got into the shower in the first place. By the time we got done the water had run cold. We got out and dried off. I grabbed a pair of jeans and one of Carlisle's shirts. The growl and feeling of a body grinding on me reminded me that vampires are very possessive. I just smiled slipped out of his grip wiggled my ass and ran down the stairs.

I was stopped at the bottom of the stairs by many many pairs of eyes and big smiling faces. "Have a good shower?" Rose asked with a big ass grin plastered across her face. Instead of the normal blushing I knew they would still be expecting I just smiled at each one of them and said "Hell fucking yes, shower sex is always the best." I wiggled my way around them and back into the kitchen. Who knew sex would make a girl so damn hungry. Out of the middle of nowhere I heard my brother Em's laugh. I decided I wanted a big hamburger. Only one issue. In a house full of vampires food was few and far between.

So after thinking and thinking I decided what I was going to do. I walked into the living room where everyone was talking to each other at speeds I still don't understand how they understand. Swayed my way over to Carlisle, wrapped my hands around him kissed him. I was grabbing his wallet and took what money I needed, smiled at Rose over his shoulder before walking away. I knew she would follow and I was right. I got to the door grabbed the keys and yelled "thanks for the money baby, Rose is with me going to the store be back soon." We ran like bats out of hell to get the car started and get out of there. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I know I could have just asked him but come on this was way much more fun.

"So where is it that we are going? That was really wicked by the way." Rose said. I just laughed and smiled. "I need stuff to make hamburgers and a big bottle of jack. He and I have a good thing going and if I am going to be like you all then I need some of my Jack before anything." I half expected her to say something but she never did. For that I was glad. She told me how to get to the store and helped me get what all I needed plus a few extra things I wanted before I could not have them anymore.

I let Rose drive home I wanted to talk. "Rose I am glad you are on board with everything. I love Em like my brother and he is in love with you. I know it hurt him that we never got along." Rose was silent for a while before speaking. "Bella I'm glad I am your friend and sister now. I missed way to much time before and so many things could have been changed. But the past is in the past and now is a time for reflection and learning from that. We need to take our mistakes and learn from them."

I just smiled. I understood what she was saying. So many things could have been changed. So many things could have been done different or been avoided all together. In one way I would have loved to change it all. Make it all different. Wondering where I would be now. In the other I am really glad things went the way that they did. All expect for the part about some crazy bitch being after me. That I could live without.

I thought about my family. My crazy family of vampires, who I would not change for anything. My mate who yes is just now embracing his inner vampire and being who he truly should be, but in the same way is still lost and stuck in old way. I should see if Jasper could help him any at all. I will work more on that later. Way too much at this moment and Jack is calling my name.

I was broke out of my thoughts by Rose telling me we were getting close. Looking up at the house I could see my very angry looking mate standing their waiting for me. "Rose do we have to go home right this second?" She was about to answer me when Em was seen right behind Carlisle. He had a very blank expression on his face. "Nope I don't think we have to." I could tell she was going to pull around and go back the way we came when a thud and my screaming later showed me my mate had jumped on the hood of the car. Oh great I guess that was decided.

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