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His head was pulsing with each heartbeat and as his mind slowly came around to the awful smell of pine cleaner and soap, the young man groaned. Cautiously opening an eye, he immediately regretted it and slammed it shut; movement to his left made him turn his head, forcing red tresses to splay out on the sickly-white pillow.

"Where am I?" He asked to the other person in the room, his voice coming out hoarse as if it were dryer than the desert.

A brunette man looked up from the chart he was reading and walked over to the redhead, "I see you've returned to the world of the living," receiving only an irritated gaze from the one lying down, the man quickly added: "You're in the hospital, Mr. Bookman... You were in a car accident earlier tonight,"

Car accident...?

With his mind clearer and his head throbbing a little less, the redhead took notice of the darkness surrounding his right eye; lifting a hand, which ended up being more work than he anticipated, his fingers felt the bandaging wrapped around the side of his face covering his right eye. Did something happen to my eye?

"I'm Dr. Neah," The man introduced himself before two other people stepped inside the room, "and these two officers need to hear what happened... whatever you can remember,"

"Sorry to ask of this, kid but we need you to answer a few questions..." began one of the officers as the other took out a handheld pad of paper and a pen.

The young man nodded his head as he remained lying down and so the interrogation began...

"State your name for the record,"

"Lavi Bookman,"

"What car were you driving, Lavi?"

"My jeep,"

"Were you drinking?"


"Doing drugs?"


"Then explain how a jeep driven by someone not under any influence ends up in a heads-on collision?" Clenching his fist, Lavi knew he would have to explain what was the glaring obvious truth but first: "Was anyone hurt?"

Neah spoke up this time: "Aside from you, the other car's injuries were minor..."

"Thank god," The redhead whispered in relief before turning back to the officers, "To answer your question, I was heartbroken... We had the biggest fight tonight and we separated,"

Not content with his answer, the officer that had done all the talking scoffed before nudging his partner and they left. Lavi turned his attention over to the doctor, "Hey Doc... did something happen to my eye or something?"

Neah opened his mouth before closing it enough so a breathless sigh escaped then muttering, "Suppose I better tell you now," flipping a switch on a small board, "these are the x-rays we did on the right side of your face," pointing to a line, "I'm afraid this is a fracture on your eye orbit," turning his back to the redhead he finished with a: "Your right eye will need to heal before it can be used,"

"How long...?"

"About a month or so, if you're lucky" The man flipped the switch off before walking back over to the other, who made an attempt to sit up but failed.

At the redhead's side, Neah added: "Sadly I can only prescribe medicine for the physical injuries... I know of no medicine to help with a broken heart other than time..." before excusing himself to attend to his other patients.

Lying against the sickly-white bedding, Lavi's green eye seemed to water-down as his mind wandered; what was he going to do now? How was he going to get over Allen? Did he even want to? Was there another way to get around this broken heart?

Questions plagued his mind; while dating the young British adult, the redhead had literally read every relationship 'how-to' book out there - Yes, he was a novice in this department but for Allen's sake he tried hard to learn how to be a good boyfriend. The white-haired man was patient as his boyfriend sought to improve himself and his mindset...

Lavi bit back tears that threatened to spill as memories of staying up late watching chick-flicks and TV shows surrounding romance; maybe Dr. Neah was right: there was nothing but time to heal the pain in his chest.

A new question formed and he voiced it out to the empty room: "Just how much time until it heals?"

He searched his mind but couldn't come up with a single answer that gave him a time-set instead the only thing he came up with was an entry he read in a book way back in the beginning. The entry spoke of 'the six degrees of separation' but what were they again...?

Before he could really strain his mind to remember, his door burst open and several familiar figures stormed inside and up to his bedside. Kanda, dragged by Lenalee and Alma followed shortly by Krory and Daisya stood before him worry evident in their eyes (minus Kanda's). Not sure what to really say considering his situation, the redhead could only muster: "Uh... hey guys...?"

"You get into a car accident and all you can say is 'hey guys'...!" Lenalee sobbed as she threw her arms around the redhead's neck, oblivious to the pain she was causing him in doing so. Lavi froze as the girl's body hit his body like a ton of bricks; he knew he must be in real bad shape considering Lenalee was light as a feather.

Alma was next to jump onto bandwagon: "Are you okay?" his eyes were brimming with enough tears to make up for the lack of ones from Kanda; the redhead chuckled uncomfortably, "y-yeah, i-i'm fine"

Daisya and Kanda exchanged glances before the prankster asked, "So, like what happened? Hospital says you were in some kind of accident,"

"Uh, yeah but don't worry... I just fell asleep at the wheel," Sticking out his tongue playfully in hopes his friends would buy his act and leave him alone again. Lady Luck was not on his side. Oh no. Krory was proof of that with a simple: "I wonder how Allen will take this," - no one seemed to notice the atmosphere darkening around their friend at the mention of the British male.

Swallowing the pain, Lavi forced a playful response: "He'll probably hide all the coffee in the house," followed by an equally-forced laugh. His friends seemed to buy the act as they didn't stay long and before long, the redhead was alone again. With only the sounds of the low beeps of machines around him, the information he was trying to remember suddenly popped to the forefront of his mind...

...first, you think the worst is a broken heart

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