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"C'mon Neah... I'm fine," the nursing staff had lost count of the number of times the redhead had said those words, "See? I can move just fine," to prove his point, Lavi stretched in different directions.

The young doctor was growing irritated and slowly losing his resolve after the week filled with those words, "You are not to be left alone for any reason," he began, "If for whatever reason you feel light-headed, contact me immediately" holding out a business card that the redhead turned over to see his doctor's cell phone number jotted down in ink.

"Seriously? Thanks doc," Lavi broke away; already dressed in his own clothes again, he signed himself out of the hospital before calling up the only person not likely to skin him alive for calling right after people normally got off work.

"Yu~ you came for me!" The redhead laughed when he received death glares from his best friend as he climbed into the Japanese man's car; Lavi simply asked if they could go to the bar for drinks and invite everyone else.

"What about moyashi?"

"H-he's b-busy to-tonight," Lavi knew his best friend wasn't likely to ever push the issue so his white lie was enough to cover his ass. For now. Watching the scenery beyond it wasn't long before they were pulling up to their favorite bar 'HQ'; as they walked inside, Lavi sent a mass text to majority of his contacts - minus Allen, which he spent a long time staring at before moving on; Gramps and Komui.

Several had quickly responded back with an immediate answer while others seemed to have waited until they were already home to text him back. All of those latter text all basically said 'no they couldn't come'. He settled into a booth with Kanda already sitting on one side; their friends would be here shortly so when the waitress came by, he opted for a rum and coke.

When his drink arrived so did his friends, they settled in: Krory sitting next to Lavi, Lenalee beside Kanda and Miranda pulling up a chair at the end. It was as it always was - minus Allen who normally sat beside the redhead while Krory sat on the end with Miranda. He should be fine as long as-

"Hey is everything okay with you and Allen?" Lenalee asked as Lavi caught a glimpse of a waitress heading their way; when he didn't answer right away, she pouted and right as she was about to push the issue, the waitress made it to their table asking if she could get them something to drink. Once everyone else ordered something and the waitress left, Lavi knew he'd have to answer.

Brushing it off, "Why do you ask?" he questioned as he took a slow sip of his drink; relieved that it tasted more like rum than coke for once. The Chinese girl sighed before crossing her arms: "I spoke to Allen recently..."

Her word oozed with a dangerous tone that simply stated that one false move would only lead to trouble; Lavi, being the slightly more adventurous, continued feigning innocence: "Oh~"

Slamming her hands on the table, "Lavi Bookman, talk" her voice drew curious spectators to glance over but every single one shoved their attention elsewhere when they saw the dark aura surrounding the normally smiling adult.

And talk is exactly what the redhead did; it took several hours and many drinks later before he finished...

"EEH?! YOU AND ALLEN BROKE UP?!" Lavi narrowed his good eye at her; could the girl be any louder with the news? Or was she hoping to have the whole bar know that he had been dumped recently?

"Yes," He grumbled as the questions seemed to repeat themselves.

Krory was next: "And this lead to the accident...?"


Miranda followed suit, "So does that mean Allen doesn't know then?"

"...unless one of you let it slip then no..."

And of course, Kanda was the cherry on top of it all: "Baka Usagi,"

Now Lavi felt like crap, he was the one who had gotten into an accident so why was everyone asking about Allen? It was the Brit's fault. Or was it the redhead's fault? It was someone's fault that the accident happened. It was someone's fault that he and the love of his life broke it off. Right? He was sure of it. He was?

Lenalee's voice drew him from his thoughts, "I did talk to Allen about the accident,"

"Butttttttt whyyyyyyy Riinariii?! 'M f'ne... Arrrreeen... hedontneedaknooow... 'm f'ne..." Krory chuckled at his friend's drunkenness - only Lavi could talk and talk until he ended up drinking himself into a drunken mess.

As the next hours passed, both girls excused themselves and Krory before heading out which left Kanda with the drunk. The affectionate drunk. Lavi had taken it upon himself to start braiding the Japanese's man long hair despite the dangerous aura surrounding his soon-to-be killer. It didn't take much longer after being left with the redhead did Kanda drag the drunkard over to the counter, leaving the bartender to look after his friend.

"awwwwwwwwh~ Yuuuuuuuu... byebyes Yuuuu~" A dazed green eye looked over at the bartender, "OHMAIGAWSH! Miiiiiisssssssterrrr, did youu... you hafe pweeetty pinkkkk haiiiiirrrrruuuuu~" before breaking out in giggles, "Can I tttouchhhh iiiiiiiit?"

The bartender merely chuckled before placing a glass with clear liquid at Lavi, who stared at the liquid with bright awe. Much like a child on Christmas. Examining it with child-like curiosity, the redhead asked: "Waaaats diiiiiiisssssss?"

"Its a magical drink," That was all the bartender needed to say; Lavi gulped the whole glass down in one go, cooling the small burning sensation in his throat. Not that he really minded the burn, it felt nice at times. Almost numbing.

His head felt heavy and the bar looked inviting; maybe if he rested his head, he'd be able to at least walk home without any problem. A dazed green eye stared at the empty glass that once held the magical drink from the bartender - maybe he could ask for more.

A slightly drunk lump sat mumbling at the bar; red hair being the only visible clue to the lump's identity. A small creak of the bar stool beside him stirred the redheaded drunk to glance over at the source: a person who strongly resembled Allen Walker, the reason he was in this situation. The reason most of his friends no longer wanted to talk with him. His mind was screaming a jumbled mess of thoughts and all the green-eyed male could do was stare as pink lips formed words. Words he couldn't distinguish before his mind reeled backwards into black. His only sense that still showed some sign of life was smell - peppermint flooded his senses the moment the darkness took over...

hey Allen smells like peppermint...

His last thought before he transformed into a snoring lump.

...and the third when your world splits down the middle...

Csilla: FINALLY! I had the biggest trouble trying to write this chapter, I knew what I wanted to happen but writing it didn't seem to agree... anyone recognize the ending? Its from a playlist drabble I did~ :D