So because KrazyKawaiiGG asked, I have decided to write a tad bit more to this piece. Ask and you shall receive. Er, you know, eventually.

The next day the crew was shocked to see that Spock had still put on his glasses. Either his Vulcan powers rendered him immune to embarrassment or he was just asking for trouble. Uhura looked at Kirk questioningly as he stepped back out onto the surface of the planet.

"What?" Kirk started, going over a small list of things in his mind. What could he have done to piss her off? Oh god. He hadn't lived long enough, there were still so many things he wanted to do, so many places he wanted to go. Please don't let this be his last day on earth. But Uhura just answered,

"Spock. He's still wearing the sunglasses." Jim felt something spark in him, something like victory, or a challenge, he couldn't really identify which. His mouth quirked up into a half smile.

"He is?"

"Why is he still wearing the sunglasses after the entire crew mocked him for it yesterday? It just isn't . . ."

"Logical?" Kirk finished for her. She gave him a look of pure annoyance and he decided there was something way over there he ought to go look at, way away from the annoyed lieutenant. He shuddered at the thought of incurring her wrath. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, and hell certainly had nothing on Uhura's scorn. He paced over to where Spock was bent over, his butt showing nicely in those black pants. Jim looked around to ensure none of the crew were watching and then he grabbed himself a handful. Spock straightened immediately and gasped, his face turning an odd color, his eyes remained cool and collected.

"Captain, may I ask what your hand is currently doing in contact with my behind?" Spock asked, his Vulcan demeanor slipping slightly.

"Oh nothing Spock. I just really really," He let his voice drop dangerously low, "appreciate those sunglasses." Spock gave a startled little noise that Kirk was sure he absolutely had to get his first officer to make again.

"Captain it would be unwise to allow the crew to see that you are sexually molesting me."

"Oh you know what they say Spock, it's not sexual molestation if you like it." Spock fixed him with a serious, confused gaze through his sunglasses.

"It most certainly still is!" He answered, his pointy ears almost seeming to poke up in annoyance.

"Listen pointy," When Spock opened his mouth to object to the name calling, Kirk silenced him with a finger to his lips, "I know you wore the sunglasses because of what I said yesterday, which I can only assume means you have feelings for me." Jim was taking a big leap, he knew, but he was always one to dive blindly into dangerous situations, his love life included. Spock seemed to turn a shade of bright red.

"I . . . I . . ." he stammered. "captain I have to replace whatever feeling I have with the duty to my ship, and while it is perfectly appropriate for other positions to have relations while on board, I would deem it unwise if the captain and the first officer-,"

Kirk silenced him with a kiss. A world shattering, mind blowing kiss. Spock's arms went up and stayed there, about shoulder level, not knowing what to do with them. Jim's arms wrapped around Spock, resting on his lower back and pulling him tighter against himself. Spock felt the captain's tongue dart out and caress the seam of his lips. He felt breathless, as if Jim- Captain Kirk, he reminded himself, were sucking all the air out of him. Everywhere the captain touched, trails of fire blazed on his skin. Spock let the rest of the world fall away and kissed Kirk with all the abandon he'd been longing to kiss him with since they first met in that court room. He couldn't help thinking back to that moment now. Never before had he felt such an odd mixture of impressed and annoyed. Now he was only impressed, as he allowed his hands to grip his captain's short blonde hair in order to pull Kirk into him even more, thinking it was never possible to get close enough. Finally they broke for air,

". . . This is very unwise . . ." Jim just rolled his eyes and threw up his hands in disbelief.

"RELAX Spock, half the crew thinks we're already at it anyways."

". . . at . . . it?" Spock asked, "I do not understand your terminology captain."

"He means," Said Bones, standing at the forefront of a pack of the crew members, all smiling ear to ear, some snickering, some laughing. "That we've been waiting for you two to get it on for months. I mean damn it man, how long can you let sexual tension build like that without making it awkward for everyone around you? You two seemed hornier than two dogs in heat," Kirk grinned and gestured appreciatively at Bones,

"Exactly!" He said. He turned to look at his first officer, who looked frankly horrified. "See, everyone already knows how we feel about each other, so what's the point in hiding it?" He grabbed Spock's face in both his hands and kissed him again, Spock making that delicious noise of surprise.

"I suppose if everyone already knows . . ." Spock gasped out, once again struck breathless from Kirk's kiss.

"mmm that's what I wanted to hear. Baby you have to wear those glasses more often."

"I think I preferred pointy over baby." Spock grimaced. Everyone just laughed.