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Mike's point of view

Friday that week

I sighed asI walked up to the school building. Everyone was doing something. Talking to friends, making plans for the weekend, playing football, that sorta stuff. I noticed my group of "friends" by the lunch table they always sat at. Not matter how hard they try they have not convinced me into sitting with them at lunch or in the morning. I nodded at them and Paulo nodded back and I quietly walked over to my tree and leaned against it, letting my eyes droop. Everything was going as it went every other day until I was woken up by some girls voice.

"Hey Mikie" someone said right above me.

"Oh. Hey Dasiy" I said nonchalantly. I look up at her and see that she had her puppy dog eyes on 11 so I assume she wants something.

"I need some help with my reading homework, so do you think you can help me" she asked quietly as if she was embarrassed that she was asking someone for help.

"Sure I got nothing better to do. So what do you need help with?' I asked.

She opened her white bookbag and pulled out the worksheet that was last nights homework.

"This" she said pointing to a section about adverbs.

"Ok. Here's what you do..." It took about ten minutes for me to help her finish the section, but I had nothing better to do.

"Thanks Mikie. See ya later" she said cheerfully.

"Yea later"I said in a nonchalant manor. I closed my eyes and sorta drifted off a bit, lost in my thoughts. After about twenty minutes or so the bell rang and I grabbed my bag and walked towards the school.

**Gym class**

I walked towards the men's locker room and quietly slipped inside. I unlocked my locker, and quickly changed my clothes, and put on a black T-shirt and black shorts that stopped a little past my knees. I always tried to be ready early for gym so I would have time to read the books my language teacher would assign my class, which was an advanced reading course. It took everyone about five or six minutes, give or take, to get dressed for gym. After everyone was dressed ,and Mr. Sargent called roll, we all walked down to the gym floor. We started with some stretches and everything was going "business as usual" asy dad would say it, until Mr. Sargent told us to stand on the line in the center of the gym.

"Alright class," he started, " we are going to do a mile run today, and one about halfway through the year, and another three fourths of the way, and another at the end of the year and we will see if you have improved or not" he finished. Everyone started talking immediately, some people even made bets on who would have the fastest time.

"Alright settle down everyone", Mr. Sargent started talking again, "You have to have partners to do this. This will be a two day activity so half of you will run today the rest will run on Monday. Alright go get your partners and there will be no groups larger than two people." Mr. Sargent said in a very loud voice which kinda hurt my ears.

I looked around for someone to be my partner and saw Paulo but he had teamed up with David. Sue and McCain teamed up and Dasiy had teamed up with Amaya.

'So that leaved me with...'

"HEY JERKFACE GET OVER HERE!" yelled Lucy from the other side of the gym. I calmly walked over to her and saw that she had a scowl that would have scared a grizzly.

"Yea what do you want?" I asked lazily.

"Look I don't have a partner and everyone else is taken so your my last option" she said flatly.

"Gee thanks for making me feel welcome" I said sarcastically.

"You're welcome and you can run first" she said smugly.

"Alright whatever" I said in a bored tone.

"OK I'll go get the stopwatch" Lucy said the she jogged over to Mr. Sargent to get the watch.

"OK kids runners on the line" ,Mr. Sargent shouted, "ten laps is a mile, go on my whistle"

I walked up to the line and got into a runner's starting position and waited in anticipation for the whistle to blow. I checked out the rest of the line. Paulo, Sue and Amaya were on the line and sveral other who's names I never really bothered to learn. The whistle screeched. Everything seamed to be in slow motion. Then everything returned to normal speed and I started off at a reasonable jogging clip that allowed me to run for a long time while still staying at a good speed.

Everyone else started running at a full sprint except Sue and Amaya, who had the same idea I had. After about three minutes almost everyone was winded but I had barley lost a breath. I had even lapped a couple people. I kept an eye on how many laps I had ran,and kept up my steady jog, but I increased my speed. When I got to seven laps, at around seven minutes, I sprinted, hard. I ran as fast as I could I lapped everyone twice heard Paulo say "What the hell?!" As I passed him. As I crossed the line on the last lap I jogged over to Lucy and asked her what my time was.

"Seven fifty six" she said in disbelief. I looked at the others, everyone else was tired and breathing hard and I was barley winded. Nobody else was even close to done.

"I must begetting out of shape or something, I ran that in five minutes last year" I said to Lucy in a slightly smug way.

"Bull" she said

After everyone else finished we went to the score sheets by the stairs to see who's leading in which grade.

8th: Rick Richmond

7th: Jordan Winters

6th: Testing unfinished

"Jordan Winters, why does that sound familiar?" I asked out loud.

"Because he's my brother" Lucy said, from behind me.

"Oh" I said quietly.

"Yea I hate living in his shadow" Lucy said in a depressed tone.

"What's so bad about your brother?" I asked.

"Why should I tell you jerkface?" She said in a snobby voice.

"Because I'm your, I think" I said.

"Maybe some other time Mike the bells gonna ring soon" as soon as she said that Mr. Sargent said we had to go to the locker rooms to change. Cooking was a bore so I couldn't wait for the bell to ring. As I walked towards my locker I thought I heard some heavy footsteps coming up from behind me but I brushed the thought off. The a paw(hand?) grabbed me by the back of my throat and pushed me up against the lockers.

"Look dumbass you're gonna stop taking the guys we send after you out" the guy said in a threatening voice that was not really that threatening.

"Or what?" I asked smugly back at him.

"Or we will tell the whole school about your 'incident' from last year" he said in a smooth even tone. My heart stopped when he said that. If that rumor got around, it would end me.

"Who told you?" I asked, barely kepping my voice steady. Spasms of fear shot thought me.

"A little beach bird nowyou're gonna take the beatings and you will never do anything better than Stacy in gym got it" he said.

"Crystal"I said.

"Good then we're done" he said as the pressure around my throat lessened. I turned around but their was no one there.

As I walked in the room my friends saw that something was wring so when I sat aty usual seat in the back they confronted me.

"What's with you?" Sue asked.

"Nothing" I said flatly.

"Right" she said sarcastically as an indicator that we would talk about this later.

"Oh Mickie do you want to go with the rest of us to a movie tonight?" Daisy asked. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

"What?" She asked, "Mikies been here long enough to be considered part of the group so he should be able to come with us to the movies" she said defiantly.

"We didn't say he couldn't, we just though that he should get used to things around here first" Sue said.

"But..." Daisy started to say.

"But if he wants to come he can" Sue finished.

"If that's the case then I guess I'll see you guys there" I said in a bored tone.

"Do you even know where the theater is?" Sue asked me. I shook my head. "If that's the case then Lucy can meet you at your place and you guys can meet up with the rest of us at the theater"

"Why do I have to take him?" Lucy asked.

"Because you're the closest" Sue said in an irritated tone.

"Fine whatever" Lucy said. "Mike be ready at eight, the movie starts at eight thirty so be quick about it and if you can't come don't show"

"Fine" I said right before the bell rang "Later" I called back at them as I left the room. I ran a stright sprint to my house with the hopes of the guys who were threatening me would not see or be able to catch me. I unlocked the front door to my house, stepped in, took my shoes off, locked the door behind me, ran upstairs, threw my bookbag to a corner in the room and jumped on the bed. I set my iPod's alarm to 6pm so I could catch so sleep before the movie. It was right before I passed out that I realized I would have to talk my parents into letting me go with a group of kids they never met before.

'Eh not like its the most dangerous thing I've done' I though as I drifted off.