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Mike's point of View. (MPOV)

I felt my iPod vibrating against my chest. I picked it up and turned off the alarm. I got out of bed and got in the shower in the bathroom next to my room. I showered and dried off quickly. I put on a red shirt, a black over shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, and a pair of black jeans. I was ready for the movie when I remembered that I still had to talk my parents into letting me go.

With that goal in mind I walked down the stairs to the living room where my dad was sitting in a leather recliner reading a newspaper.

'How should I approach this' I thought to myself, 'its not like I can walk right up to him and ask if I can go to the movies with some people I just met a week ago' 'Could I?' I asked myself.

'Ah screw it!' I thought.

"Hey dad" I called out.

"Yes" he said in an even monologue like voice.

"Can I go to a movie with some friends?" I asked.

"Why not" he said, obviously not at all that concerned with what I did.

"OK see you at midnight or later" I said half jokingly.

"Alright" he said.

I pulled out my iPod and checked the time. It was around 7:50 so I decide to go sit outside to wait for Lucy. I put my ear buds in and listened to 'Minuets to Midnight' by Linkin Park. I only got through the first couple songs until I saw Lucy walking towards me. I got up and walked beside her when she walked by me. She did not notice me so I reached out my hand and tapped her on the shoulder. She instantly spun around and gave me a right hook to the face.

"What the hell Lucy!?" I yelled at her.

"Sorry Mike I thought that you were some pedo or something" she said as if she did not care.

"Thanks for the sympathy. It felt like someone hit me in the head with a base ball" I said.

"Yea well that's what you get for stalking someone!" Said a slightly high pitched voice.

"Who said that?" I asked.

"I did you fleabag!" Said the high pitched voice from below me. I looked down and I saw what appeared to be a green baby yoshi.

"Lucy... why is there a baby yoshi yelling at me?" I said nonchalantly.


"You" I said nonchalantly.

" I AM NO GODDAMN YOSHI!" the not-a-yoshi yelled at me.

"Yashy quiet down, we don't want to wake people up" Lucy said, scolding the little yoshi like thing. "Sorry she's not nice to new people, especially those who think she's a yoshi"

"No, I couldn't tell" I said sarcastically.

"Mommy, can we leave the asshole fleabag in a ditch somewhere?" The little lizard thing asked.

"No Yashy we can't" Lucy said.

"Why did she call you "mommy"?" I asked Lucy.

"Because I'm the closest thing she has to one" she snapped.

'Damn me for being a nice guy' I thought.

"Hey Yashy , sorry for calling you a yoshi" I said.

"Go suck a dick" Yashy said back while flipping me off.

"Nice kid you got there Lucy" I said sarcastically.

"Oh shut it, it's my brother Jorden who teaches her this stuff" Lucy said half scoldingly.

"Sounds like a great family" I said.

"You don't know the half of it, I had to promise my mom that I wouldn't take Yashy to a scary movie" she said.

"Hey that reminds me, how are we going to see a PG-13 movie when we are all 12" I asked.

"Amaya works there, and because we're her friends, we get a few benefits" she said.

"Well that's nice" I said.

We walked for a couple more blocks in silence, until we saw the others standing outside the movie theater. Paulo waved at us, and I raised my hand in response.

"Hey guys, I was beginning to think that you guys were no shows" Paulo said in a cheerful manor.

"And what, sit around and watch reruns of 'N.C.I.S.' " I said.

" More like sit around and tap Lucy's ass...OWWWW!" Paulo yelled as Lucy punched him in the stomache.

"Let's just go watch the movie" she said storming off into the theatre.

"Did you really think that was a good idea?" I asked Paulo as I walked into the theatre. I saw Lucy talking to the ticket guy and it looked like they were in some debate about something.

I walk over to her and ask, "What's going on"

"The movie I thought was playing, is not, and the only other thing we can see is something called 'The Matrix' " she said in a bored tone, "so I guess we'll call it off" she said.

"I've seen some previews from some older movies my parents have, and it looks pretty good" I said.

She stopped and pondered it for a moment before saying,

"Let's get a vote on it" she said calmly, as she walked back over to the group.

I just stood away from the group awkwardly as they talked and debated about the movie for a minute, so I was a little surprised when they started moving over to the ticket guy and bought the tickets. Seeing as how they apparently decided to watch the movie I went up and bought my ticket as well. I entered the theater behind a few other people so it took me a little while, and Daisy all but screaming "Mikey" from the other side of the theater, for me to find them. I got in and sat at the back of the row next to Lucy. As I sat down, Yashy gave me the evil eye and muttered something that sounded like "pedophile". I sighed and leaned back to enjoy the movie.

As we walked out of the movie, i noticed some mixed reactions on the others faces. Everything was pretty quiet until Pualo shouted out,

"Well I think there is one thing we can all agree on..." He paused to alow the dramatic tesion to rise, " that, that was the most BADASS movie of all time!" He shouted.

"It was pretty good" said Sue agreeing with Paulo.

"I concur" MacCain said.

"I thought it was really cute how she had to tell him she loved him for Neo to become the one" Daisy said.

"It was AWSOME SAUCE!" David yelled out.

"It was pretty good, but now I have to listen to Yashy quote every line from the movie for three months" Lucy said jokingly.

As we were walking down the street, I heard some footsteps behind, and beside us in the allys. The thing that bothered me the most was that they seamed to be following us.

"Everyone stop" I said.

"What's wrong Mike?" Daisy asked me.

"We're being followed" I said blutly.

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