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Lucy's point of view

Just as Mike said that we heard someone clapping.

"So how long have you've known" said a voice that was cool, confident and commanding all at the same time.

"Since we left the theater" Mike said through.

'What the hell he's known about that guy for that long and he didn't tell us!' I felt rage swelling inside. I knew that getting angry would not help the situation, so I swallowed my anger and told myself to have a "chat" with Mike later.

"That's good kid," he said stepping into the street light, "that's real good. He talked like a smug prick and he also looked the part. He was a cat with walnut brown fur, he also had his hair in a sot of styled way with it greased up so he looked like some bad boy wannabe from the '60s. He even dressed like on too with a leather jacket over a white t shirt and black jeans. He even had black boots to match with it.

"Thanks for the complement" Mike said in a slightly creepy way, like those guys in animes do right before the beat the crap out of somebody. I'll be honest, it scared me a bit.

"Hey guys" Mike said suddenly.

"What?" I asked.

"You guys need to get to whoever's house is closest. Now" he said like he was a Sargent talking to a recruit.

"LIKE HELL WE WILL!" Paulo yelled out rather loudly, shocking me with his concern for Mike, "there is no way we could let you deal with this guy by yourself! Besides if we stay we can overpower him if he tries anything!"

"You will only get in the way" Mike said in a voice as cold as the Arctic.

"THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!" Paulo half yelled half asked him.

"You should listen to your friend", said the creeper, with that voice of his that sent chills down my spine, "you would only get in the way, besides I only want to talk to the new kid in town and tell him how things work 'round here. That's all."

"It OK guys, I can handle myself. Just get somewhere safe, OK?" Mike asked us.

"Fine. If you want to get the shit beat out of you, that's your problem not ours. Let's go guys" I said as coldly as I could to show that I don't care what the hell happens to him. I quickly walked away towards Sue's house. I looked behind me and saw that everyone but Mike was following me. When we walked about a block I stopped dead in my tracks as I got an idea. Everyone stooped shortly after that so I turned and faced them.

"OK guys, I have a plan. Paulo you take everyone to your place and hide out till I get back." I said in as commanding a voice that I could muster.

"What are you going to do?" Paulo asked, his voice distinctly filled with worry.

"I am going to go eavesdrop on Mike and that guy, so that I van help him if Mike gets in trouble" I said walking back towards Mike. I heard some tiny feet padding along behind me. I turned stopped suddenly and I felt something run into my leg.

"OW! What the hell mom?" Yashy said quietly but with the distinct tone of being annoyed.

"It's too risky for both of us to go, get back to the others" I said with a tone that left no room fro argument. At first it looked like Yashy would argue, but instead she said,

"You better keep fleabag safe mom" she said, surprising me with how worried she was about Mike.

"Don't worry Yashy, I will" I said trying to comfort her.

"I know mom, I believe you" Yashy said with utter belief that everything would be alright. As she ran off I wondered if everything would be alright.

As I got near the place where we left Mike and the creeper, I heard Mike and the guy talking like old friends. I decided to crouch low to the ground near the corner as it was the only cover available.

"...so she actually believed him?" I heard Mike ask.

"Yeah I know right, I can't believe that she was fooled by Josh of all people!" The guy exclaimed.

"How did she fall for him in the first place?" Mike asked the guy.

"Apparently he has PERFECT eyes or some shit like that" the mystery guy said, putting fake emphasis.

'Screw that, I'm calling him Greg just for the hell of it' I thought.

"Eyes? That's what she judging guys on now?" Mike asked, once again.

'Damn it Mike what's with all the damn questions" I though angrily.

"Uh hu. I swear bro, you ex is becoming more of a whore everyday" Greg said.

'MIKE HAD A GIRLFRIEND!' I asked myself.

Mike groaned out loud at the last remark, "OK Matt, enough gossip, why are you here?" Mike asked him.

"Straight to business as usual, eh Mike", Matt said chuckling a bit at the end, "OK the big boss is about to have the annual meeting on December 20th. Think you guys can make it" he said.

"Probably, but I'll have to check with my parents" Mike said.

"Hey it's OK, just send the big man an email or something ahead of time" Matt said, clearly excited.

"Alright, see you later Matt" Mike said.

"Yeah see ya" Matt said walking away in the opposite direction that I was in.

'Who is the big boss? Who did Mike work for? What did he do? Who was that guy Matt?' All of these questions filled my head at the same time, just as Mike turned and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw me.

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