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Chapter 1 -The Making Of Death Eaters

Lucius Malfoy sat, slouching drunkenly in his chair. He was a second generation Death Eater, even if his father, Abraxas, had never openly committed to the cause. Those who mattered knew of his patronage of it, and the old man hadn't been able to wait to eagerly offer his son into the fray. Lucius' whole life then slowly became consumed within this one act; his father's prejudices having cemented the young man's future without a backwards glance.

From early childhood, this one reality then slowly trickled into everything that Lucius was, and all that he did. It affected how people defined him, and how he was forced to classify them in return. Once the mould was cast he had no choice; no option. His destiny had been preordained simply because of who he was, and now, as he sat there blurrily—a mere shell of the wizard he had been—looking at what he was certain were the gates to hell opening before him, all he wanted was for it to end… but of course, our story starts well before this point. (1)


Everyone thought that growing up for Lucius Malfoy would be a privileged existence, but he knew it as an empty and sometimes terrifying one. His mother had been betrothed to his father when they were children, just as his own marriage was already arranged. The young Lucius had a nanny, a stout and efficient witch; he rarely saw his mother. He had wanted for nothing, but his parents were cold and, especially his father, brutal. From an early age, the quiet blond boy knew there had always been something missing, but he could never put his finger on what it was.

The young Lucius was spoon-fed pure-blood doctrine from almost his infancy; only pure-blood wizards were true wizards, nothing else would ever be acceptable. This was the only attention his father ever gave him. As a boy, he remembered lapping it up in his bid for the affection he craved so badly, but as always, the lessons were learnt with suffering. He was hexed and cursed cruelly when he showed fondness or interest in anything other than what his father thought proper. Eventually, Lucius buried all outward appearances of caring, hiding deep within himself to avoid punishment. Abraxas never quite managed to curse the hope out of him, the sensitive boy just learned to hide it more effectively with each passing year.


Like all young wizards he was packed off to Hogwarts at age eleven. Lucius was sorted into Slytherin house, all he remembered from his sorting was the heady feeling of profound relief, and not because his placement followed tradition. No, if it had been any other house he was certain his father would have cursed him to death the first time he'd come home.

At Hogwarts cruel lessons were learnt quickly, and at the end of first term, he watched the students eagerly boarding the Hogwarts express to return to their family homes. He remembered wondering why they were all so happy to be going. He knew only too well what awaited him at home, but no one seemed to care. They all treated him like he was lucky belonging to the wealthiest wizarding family in Britain.

When they alighted at Kings Cross Station's platform nine and three quarters, he was jostled aside by families eagerly greeting their off-spring. He scrutinized it with a detached kind of wonder. Internally, though, there was a potent mix of emotions rolling through him, as even amongst his Slytherin house-mates there were smiles of recognition and happiness from parents that their children were home for a time. His gaze had then sought his father's, and all he could see in his cold grey eyes was stony emptiness, complete with an expression of bored irritation. Fear of that irritation becoming displeasure, made the boy reluctantly move toward his parent and be received into the bosom of barrenness once more.


Time passed, and as expected, when he reached fifth year Lucius became a prefect. This was the same year that one Severus Snape arrived as a first year. Lucius had been shocked to see someone he felt was more abused than himself. Severus had a brilliant, but dark mind, and Lucius was surprised that he had instantly felt a bond of friendship with the troubled boy. He had taken the young raven-haired wizard under his wing and tried to temper him, because like many, Lucius was taken aback that the surly youth had arrived at Hogwarts already knowing more curses than a seventh year.

Even when he learned that his new friend was a half-blood, it didn't deter the friendship, and in fact Lucius helped him to bury the fact deep, it seemed to strengthen their bond. This was also made easier when, in Snape's fifth year at Hogwarts, Tobias Snape finally beat his wife to death and disappeared into the Muggle prison system. Albus Dumbledore actually seemed to be protecting the boy, by not revealing the circumstances surrounding his parent's untimely disappearances. In Lucius' remaining time at Hogwarts, and especially while was head boy, a firm and close friendship evolved between the two of them.


When Lucius graduated Hogwarts, his father introduced him to Tom Riddle, and he was simply absorbed into the fold of the quickly rising new dark lord, who at this stage in his ascension was merely seen as a pure-blood supremacists. Riddle's dark intent of Muggle domination and Muggle-born genocide had not yet been shown to his followers.

When Severus graduated four years later, Lucius introduced him to his new friend, Lord Voldemort, simply as a matter of course. When Severus questioned the honorific, Lucius said it was only in fun, and together the two young wizards launched themselves into what they thought would be their greatest achievement.

The Death Eaters as they were now known seemed to be offering everything both wizards craved, and neither of them knew any different. Once deeply embroiled in the organisation, it didn't take long for either young man to discover that this was not actually the case. By the time they understood however, they were so deeply entangled in darkness neither was able to see the surface of the murky mire which quickly became their existence.

The killings and disappearances that were only rumoured to have been the work of Lord Voldemort and his supporters were now revealed as fact to his followers, and suddenly they were required to show to allegiance to Riddle in these heinous acts. Mere adherence to their cause was no longer enough, and they were to be marked—branded—as followers.

The day Lucius took the dark mark, according to his father, he had fulfilled his destiny. All Lucius remembered, was that the pain was indescribable, and he wanted to scream 'NO' as he saw the insidious wizard raise his wand to brand Severus in the same way. His instinct to save his friend from this pain surged forward, but then he remembered who he was and where they were, and he chose to stay alive instead.

Remain silent, his traumatised brain screamed to him. You have no choice, his common sense bellowed. This is the only way to stay alive. He would always remember that day as the worst day of his life. The tiny spark of hope in him suffered an almost fatal blow, but still it clung to life.

How could he know it would get worse? His best and only real friend, Severus, was now lost to the darkness. Voldemort had latched onto such a brilliant dark soul, and was personally tutoring him.

This made Lucius fear for Severus and where it would all end. He knew that bitterness had finally twisted Snape's heart and soul, in spite of his best efforts for it not to happen. For the day they both took the dark mark was the same day Severus Snape's only love married his worst enemy.

The raven-haired wizard had only opened his heart once to allow himself to love, to hope for something better, but the object of his affection had shredded the fragile organ and abandoned him. The young woman had been frightened by the darkness in her erstwhile friend, something she interpreted as evil. In some cases it was, and she took the safe path. Instead of reaching out to help him after he was humiliated by her paramour, she threw him to the wolves and cast him aside for a word, even though he begged her to forgive him.

Mind you, if Lily Evans had supported him and if Voldemort hadn't encouraged his descent, perhaps things may have been different for Severus. There was no getting over the fact that it was primarily the influence of Voldemort. He perverted both their views by his sickness, and they seemed unable to free themselves from his hold. The insidious snake-obsessed wizard, slipped into their consciousness and inhabited their very existence with his poison.

Lucius however, did get a chance for a reprieve at this time. After his introduction into the Death Eaters proper, he was sent to the continent by his father, and Abraxas spared no expense preparing his son for manhood. Freedom from the influence of his dreaded father for the first time however, allowed the blond heir to think and feel.

As he satisfied himself in the beds of heiresses and duchesses, he came to see life from a different perspective. In the year he spent on the continent, Lucius was exposed to the finer arts, music and painting. He was already an accomplished artist, even if only in private, but while abroad he also took a liking to playing the cello. It is a difficult instrument to master at the best of times, but he made staggering progress in his twelve months of freedom.

It is a true fact of relativity, whether speaking of the scientific principal or life in general - you can't see change unless you have something to compare it to. So it was, on his return to Malfoy Manor after this absence, the blinkers were truly lifted from Lucius' gaze, and he was shocked to see exactly how inhuman the fiend, Riddle actually was. Right under their noses while he tempted them with exactly what they most desired with a carrot on a stick just out of their reach, he was setting them against each other. He was a persuasive master of manipulation who thought nothing of using every Slytherin trick in the book against his own.

The status quo had to remain though, because even as he realised this, Lucius Malfoy was faced with a new set of issues to deal with. The next stage of life was about to begin for him. It was now time for him to take his position in pure-blood society. Narcissa Black, his betrothed, was one year younger than him. They had both known of their circumstance throughout their schooling, but had never spoken of it: in fact they had never really spoken. Her father, Cygnus Black was becoming impatient having waited so long, thinking Lucius was trying to avoid his duty.

Lucius could not just abandon Narcissa; there was enough death and destruction around him. There was no way he was going to cause this young woman's downfall as well. If he didn't go along with the plan, who knew what would happen to her in their current political circumstance, so Lucius' marriage to her was brokered between the fathers.

He remembered his thoughts as his marriage approached. Even though he hadn't seen her since he'd left Hogwarts, he remembered her as a pretty little thing. She had long smoky blond hair, clear cornflower-blue eyes, with a heart-shaped face and full pouty lips. As he remembered, her curves had been well proportioned as well, so he resigned himself to the fact that this mightn't be such a bad thing.

That was until he was finally alone with his quivering bride on their wedding night, and he discovered she was quivering from terror and not ardour. Her bitch of an older sister, who with her husband Rodolphus Lestrange was deeply involved in the Death Eater movement, had told her some of the things Lucius had participated in.

He was now uncertain that he could trust his wife; he hardly knew her. He had wanted to tell her he had had no choice, but what if she told tales, the reprisals would be painful for both of them. He couldn't show her that deeply buried spark of love, even if it wasn't for her; that tiny little glimmer of what he truly was that threatened to gutter at any moment, as it valiantly fought for life. No, he decided, he had to see if he could trust her first. He did his duty that night, although he gained little pleasure from it. It was difficult to feel pleasure when the woman under you was crying for what could have been.

He tried to be gentle with her, only subjecting her to him until he had spilt his seed inside her and consummated their marriage, there were no thoughts of pleasure in the act. It was a function to him, he had never been with anyone he cared about, and now this intensely private act had become a duty. That first night, after he had rolled off her and recovered from his exertion, he watched her turn away from him, curl into the foetal position and give in to her sorrow. Lucius had had the good grace to quietly rise and leave her to her bed, going in search of his whisky to dull the pain he felt. Yet another part of his world had shattered, but still his secret hope flickered dully.


In the next five years, things between the newlyweds never progressed from awkward, and the rise of the dark lord was almost complete. During this time the tendrils of fear that the blond wizard had always lived with, grew claws and started to rip cruelly at him. At the height of his ascension to power within the dark lord's inner circle, he was now presented a new problem, although it was the resolution to an awkward one as well.

On the 5th of June 1980, Narcissa finally gave him a living son and heir. There had been four miscarriages and two stillbirths, at least now he could finally quit her unwelcome bed, permanently. This fulfilment of duty made him almost heady with pleasure, having resolved an issue for him.

Of course, the new problem was that he now had a son, and he didn't want him to be victim to the same circumstances as he had been. He was grateful that Narcissa withdrew and centred all her hopes and dreams on her new baby. He left her to it, feeling relieved that at least his son would know a mother's love. He watched from a distance, also gaining a little sustenance from her love for Draco.

All hope of giving his son a truly different path in life than his own, sailed quickly out the window though when the blond wizard realised that if he did not teach his boy how to protect himself, his life would be miserable. Lucius was determined that he would try to do it kindly though, not as his father had been with him.


During this dark period in their lives, Lucius had managed to retain Severus as a friend and confidant; he was now also Draco's godfather. Surprisingly, he was someone everyone approved of, ironically, partly because of his dark nature.

Lucius knew that his dark friend still held a flame high. He had never stopped loving Lily Evans, and this also gave them a common bond, for there was a corresponding spark of hope buried deeply with Severus as well.

It was this spark of hope that simultaneously made the tangled web became stickier, but also proved to be a release for both of them in a way. Severus had been sent, by Voldemort, to acquire the position of Potions professor at Hogwarts, so the dark wizard could spy for the Death Eaters. As he approached his interview, he overheard a Prophecy.

Always having scoffed at Divination, not thinking it a proper art, when he returned the raven-haired wizard joked about the ridiculousness of what he'd heard. Unfortunately they had all underestimated Riddle's paranoia, and he ordered the Prophesy investigated.

For Snape, what he found upon investigation tore at his well-guarded flickering heart like the pointed and twisted steely silver blade of a ritual sacrifice knife. It simultaneously opened his eyes to his own descent into darkness and tore his world apart. The raven-haired wizard had had no idea that it would concern the one woman who had always lived in his heart.

Draco was a little over sixteen months old when Lily Potter saved her son by sacrificing her own life and appeared to destroy the evil wizard who threatened to become a bigger monster than he already was. In his heart Lucius Malfoy momentarily rejoiced, but it was a double edged sword. He was unable to be openly happy, for several reasons, but one very big one. The death of the woman, Lily, had all but shattered his best friend.

This concerned him greatly. Severus Snape was a loyal and good friend, and had been, for as long as Lucius had known him. Lily Potter had deserted him but that had not stopped him loving her, and now she was dead. Severus was devastated, blaming himself for having caused it by realising too late what the Prophecy meant, they both had. Worse still, the measures Severus had taken to save her had failed, and he was now chained to a madman some thought to be more insane than the dark wizard whose rise had been stopped, albeit temporarily by a toddler.


After the initial relief of Voldemort's apparent demise had worn off, the thing that tormented Lucius and Severus most was that deep down they knew he was not gone, and this was only the eye of the storm so to speak. It was only when they were alone that they could express what was in their minds on the subject; the rest of the time they had to wear their public armour as wizarding misfits, and this outer hull seemed to become thicker with every passing year.

Surprisingly, over the intervening years, they both learned to forget. Lucius had Draco, but they both felt for the Potter child, now an orphan. Lucius knew that initially, Severus had fought with Dumbledore over the placement of the child. The raven-haired wizard had wanted to raise the boy himself, a legacy to his lost love, and had he been allowed to, it may have eased some of the bitterness he felt over Lily's death. He knew Petunia could never bring a wizard up correctly, because he had known Petunia Evans—now Dursley—and as sweet as her sister Lily was, her sister Petunia was filled with envy and hate for all things magical.

Holding onto Severus' friendship had been difficult in those first years of Draco's life. As much as the blond wizard was horrified for both his friend's suffering and the poor Potter child growing up parentless, he couldn't show it, as in their circles there were few who could be trusted.

Lucius threw himself into his own fatherhood experience, having a desire to do the best for his own son, especially now they had a Voldemort free interlude. He realised Narcissa had spoilt the boy terribly, and she resented his sudden interest in what, up until this point had been all hers.

He rejoiced further when his cruel father contracted Dragon Pox and died. Now maybe his son would not to end up as he had done, but even as life appeared to approach normality, there was still rumour and innuendo.

Life was not too bad in these intervening years between megalomaniac and true monster, all erstwhile death eaters who had been caught in the deadly game could pretend everything was fine, while the truly dangerous followers were safely in Azkaban away from them.


It was during the summer break before Draco's second year at Hogwarts that Lucius had a puzzling encounter in Flourish and Blotts. They had been unfortunate enough to enter the shop on the day of a book signing by that fop Lockhart. The shop had been very crowded and he'd lost Draco in the squash. He knew the boy would be there somewhere; he would not have just disappeared. Finally he spotted the boy, observing his father's search from the balcony above.

Lucius had turned to mount the stairs, intent on giving the little sod a piece of his mind, when he heard a soft well mannered voice beside him. "Excuse me, sir." He looked around and was met with a pair of intelligent amber-flecked eyes. She was holding out a book to him. "I'm sorry to trouble you, but I believe you dropped this." He had been carrying all Draco's text books at the time.

"Why, thank you, young lady." For some reason he tilted the corner of his lips into a half smile. It wasn't until he saw the Potter boy and the obvious Weasley that he realised who she was. Then seeing Arthur Weasley approaching, he pursed his lips and assumed the character he had to play.

Lucius had thought about that little encounter often since that day. Severus had of course told him of the brilliance of the girl; why at the end of the preceding year he had enthused for a full hour on the difficulty of the logic puzzle he had set and how she had just solved it as if it were nothing. He was very upset that he had to favour the Slytherins and she had been sorted into Gryffindor. Had she been in Ravenclaw he may have been able to encourage her as he wished to, but he was all too aware that he must stay in character for when that awful day was upon them once more.

Something had touched Lucius the day of his encounter with Miss Granger. She was a Muggle-born, and he had always been told they were all barbarians, yet she had been courteous and thoughtful; her parents appeared the same. From that day onward, he often enquired after her from Severus. He was a little miffed with her in their third year, when she attacked Draco, even if Severus had told him Draco had been being a spoilt little brat at the time. His estimation of the girl plummeted until he heard the full circumstances, quite by accident from the odious Parkinson girl.


Then fourteen years after his initial fall, the night they had all been dreading arrived, a Death Eater they all thought dead surfaced. This was the same night Severus thought he had captured Sirius Black after his escape from Azkaban, but thanks to the meddling of Potter, the rat had escaped, and they had all almost been eaten by Lupin as it was the full moon and he had forgotten his Wolfsbane Potion. Severus had come to the Manor that night livid that Pettigrew had escaped, because they all knew he would stop at nothing to bring Voldemort back.


Notes:- (1) I've taken my description of Lucius at this point from the image of the wonderful Jason Isaacs as Lucius, looking back before fleeing, in the last movie.