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Chapter Six – Happy Ever After

The weekend in New Zealand that had cemented them as a couple was just the beginning for Lucius and Hermione. They had gone back to England for a while after Severus' wedding, and they were in France now and it was the end of summer. This particular day it was twilight, and they had spent a lazy day and were lying together in the soft grass on a picnic blanket under an oak tree at twilight.

Life was blissful at this time of year. Lucius had been drawing Hermione; he turned from his drawing to look at her once more. It was getting too dark to draw now, of course he had hundreds of drawing already, and had memorised every feature, catalogued every expression.

She looked exquisite with her chestnut tresses spilling out around her head like a halo, just as he arranged them before he started his drawing. In short he had the startling realisation that they were everything to each other.

He had bought a ring the week before in England, and he had been carrying it around in his pocket, since then, knowing that the perfect moment would pop up soon or later. He realised this was it.

Hermione smiled softly as his face appeared above hers blocking out her view of the early evening sky. She raised her hands and caressed his face as was her habit, tucking his hair behind his ears. She had convinced him to keep it the length it had been for Severus and Amanda's wedding.

"I love you, Lucius," and she sighed, the backs of her hands following the lines of his face as he leant into her touch. "You mean everything to me; you have healed me, protected me, waited for me and loved me." She pulled his head down to bestow a kiss on him.

Her smile widened as his did. "I love you too," and his now familiar soft lips met hers once more, and they kissed deeply. Placing open mouthed kisses around to his ear, he whispered, "I wish to ask you something, my darling." Hermione bit her lip, making herself look even more delicious to him. "You have also healed me, and I love you deeply, Hermione, and I wish us to make that final step." Holding himself steady on one arm he reached into his pocket. "Will you be my wife?"

As Hermione nodded her head in answer, a nightingale started his nightly serenade somewhere close by. "Yes, oh yes, my darling." Without thinking she pulled him down on top of her, and hugged him close.

Lucius struggled to release her grip on him, thinking that she would realise what she had done and panic. That had happened a few times by accident in their time together, but this time she fought him. "No," she told him. "I trust you, and we will feel completely comfortable with each other."

He could see the start of panic in her eyes, and he admired her even more for trying to overcome it. Perhaps she never would, but at least she was trying, and he knew that he would never knowingly cause her discomfort. "Well at least let me get the ring on your finger," he groused.

"Oh," she giggled, "Sorry," and they sat up. Once the ring was securely in place and Hermione had watched it glinting in the now risen moonlight. She grinned and pushed Lucius onto his back quickly straddling his hips. Leaning forward so that her breasts were crushed against his chest, she bathed his face in kisses, rambling nonsensical words of love as she did so.

After some time she sat back against his straining manhood and smiled. Hermione had learned how to tease in the time since their first adventures, and knowing they were alone on the estate, she didn't hold back.

Lucius' heated gaze watched her hands dip between her legs momentarily and fan her dress out around her then sweep slowly up her body, fluttering over her breasts and up into her hair, where his own hands had just been moments before. His eyes took in her kiss swollen lips and playful fingers flicking over the buds of her nipples that he could see hardening through the dress.

Her eyes locked with his and her fingers found the buttons of her dress and released them one by one. It soon became apparent that she had only put her dress back on after their skinny dip at lunch time, and his hands rose to part the material revealing her to his gaze.

She threw her head back and ground herself on his cock, and this also pushed her breasts into his hands. His mouth literally watered to adore her breasts, and sitting himself up enough to reach her, his mouth arrived to do just that.

Shaking the now unbuttoned dress from her shoulders and whispering, "Divesto," her already slippery centre meet the heated flesh of his pelvic region, and she wove her hands into her hair and closing her eyes she ground down on him sighing as she did so. "Lay back, love," she commanded in a husky voice, pushing on his chest with one hand.

Lucius watched, shuddering in delight as he saw her rise up and engulf his aching member inside her, slowly sinking down on him as a hiss of air left her lips. "You are so beautiful," he told her.

She smiled, and bracing one hand on his chest she started to ride him. She was soon panting and little grunting noises were coming from her throat every time she landed.

Lucius watched in amazement, he never thought he would be in this situation, his love was many years younger than him, and she was everything he could ever want. Sensing how close to coming she was he started meeting her on every downward stroke. Life's good, he thought as he watched Hermione coming undone around him.


One month later found Lucius was standing nervously with Severus and Draco waiting for his bride to arrive. She was stunning, cascades of chestnut hair flowing freely merging with the froth of her veil. Her bright amber-flecked chocolate eyes danced, and her smile that was only for him was radiant as her eyes locked with his steadfast iron grey gaze.

Harry escorted her up the aisle of the small Malfoy chapel on their English estate and they were joined as husband and wife. The small party of guests danced til dawn that day in celebration of this extraordinary event.

Six months ago, Harry and Draco had adopted two unwanted werewolf children. They were both toddlers and victims of the cruel werewolf Greyback before his demise. Albert and Poppy acted as attendants, sprinkling rose petals on their way up the aisle with Draco calling them from his position next to Severus and Harry encouraging them forward from beside Hermione. So their family had grown again.

That was the only thing marring Hermione's perfect happiness, her wish for a child of her own, and it was the only thing that really haunted her now from her experience. These days Hermione realised that they had meant her to live by that curse. It had come out during the Death Eater trials that she had been a special victim. She had been tortured and they were planning to release her when her spirit was completely broken so she would be less than any use to Harry.

It would have worked too if Severus hadn't been a spy and Lucius hadn't rescued her, and in the process saving himself. However, it didn't stop her wanting motherhood, especially when she saw Harry and Draco playing with their children, and it bit very cruelly when Severus and Amanda's little girl was born.

Lucius always encouraged her, "Try not to think too much about it."

Strangely enough, it had been an overheard conversation that had finally provided the answer for the childless couple.

Severus and Amanda didn't often discuss their work with anyone else. They mostly thought that it wouldn't interest the others. However, Hermione was listening to the couple discussing what they were currently researching. It was a shield of a type that cocooned a delicate wizarding fruit used in Potions for transporting. It had always been very expensive because so many were damaged in transit.

Hermione innocently questioned whether their development could be used for any other reasons. They had both looked at her startled to begin with, but she soon saw understanding dawning on their faces.

"Oh, I honestly don't know," Severus told her, and he saw her face fall. He reached forward and covered her hand, "But we will certainly find out." The old Severus Snape had mellowed a lot with marriage and now fatherhood, he could still scare the pants off most people, but they were family.

As good as their word Severus and Amanda, backed by Lucius' pocket book found the answer to Hermione's dilemma. There had been much trial and error, but eventually they had succeeded and the shield they developed protected the infants from the curse damage while inside her uterus. It took some time to prefect, but finally Hermione Malfoy had a viable pregnancy with twins no less.

Once she started to show she was confined to bed, and Lucius grumbled about only being able to look and not touch, but she managed to take the pregnancy almost full term. Healer Del la Mont was very pleased with her.

Now, almost five years to the day after they'd been married and Hermione was in agony, but this time with a purpose. She squeezed Lucius' hand tightly in both of hers, screaming an oath as pushing with all her might, Lucinda Amanda Malfoy slipped into the world. The squalling infant was closely followed by the equally loud Augustus Severus Malfoy, the children's second names in honour of the couple who had found the cure and provided them with their longed for family.