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Allen kept asking questions for a little while and Kanda answered, a bit grudgingly but he answered them none the less. So when Lavi came back Kanda heaved a small sigh of relief glad not to be answering more question from the younger boy.

"I got these from panda-jiji they should fit you Yu-chan, but I'm not so sure about little Al- I mean Red-chan." Kanda grabbed the clothes and quickly dressed. When Kanda turned back to Allen he noticed the little boy still stood there in the to large button up shirt.

"Do you need help Red-chan? Here let me help you." Lavi asked reaching out for the small boy, but he moved to hide behind Kanda. Lavi just stared at Kanda before his mouth widened into a sadistic smirk. Kanda knew Lavi was plotting something.

"Hey Kanda looks like you need to help him get dressed." Kanda froze at the statement. He had to help the object of his desires and undying love get dressed, granted Allen was in the body of his 3 year old self. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity considering that Allen most likely won't return his feelings let alone be gay in the first place.

So Kanda proceeded to help Allen into the little slacks that Lavi had grabbed. He then slowly started unbuttoning Allen shirt revealing more of the milky soft skin that had haunted his dreams for many weeks.

Kanda held back the desire to touch the almost translucent skin and helped Allen into the smaller dress shirt that was just a tad to large but fit better than his previous one. After they were both dressed Reever appeared saying that they should all head to Koumi's office.

On the way there Allen grabbed Kanda's hand which made his heart start to pound and his hands feel clammy but Allen didn't seem to notice. They all walked to Komui's office to see that he was sitting at his actually working. Lavi to say the least had a panic attack, Kanda was also shocked but he hid behind his wonderfully made facade.

Komui motioned for them to sit on the couch and they were heading over there when Lenalee, who they had not known was there, gave a fangirl like squeal and ran over taken Allen.

"Kyaa!~ Allen-kun your so cute!~" She practically choked the small boy and Allen had tears forming in his eyes whilst struggling to get away from the crazy girl hugging him. Kanda who wasn't first so shocked he couldn't move, growled under his breath decidedly having enough, and grabbed his Moyashi from Lenalee's fangirl death grip. She looked shocked and looked at Kanda for an explanation.

"Che your scaring the Moyashi." He held the crying Allen close and rubbed circles on his back and muttered hopefully soothing words to they young boy. Lenalee watched from the sidelines silently cackling to herself glad to see the 2 boys closer than ever.

She knew that Kanda had feelings for Allen since her self proclaimed "gaydar" had been going off around Kanda for last few months.

she also knew about Allen's feelings for the elder as he had confided in her more than she still felt guilty for scaring the young boy, she didn't think he would react so badly. Also according to Kanda's death glare, that he was currently directing at her over Allen's shoulders, she wouldn't be let near little Allen-chan anytime soon.

After a few minutes Allen's sobs had calmed down to a few sniffles here and there. Kanda pulled back to check the Moyashi his eyes were a little red and puffy, but other than that he seemed okay. So he let go of the sprout and started walking to the couch. But apparently the sprout had other ideas an gripped on to the back of Kanda's shirt.

He only let go of the shirt when he the elder climbed onto the couch. So when Kanda was situated Little Allen-chan climbed onto Kanda's lap and settled himself there, whilst distracting himself with Kanda's still long hair. Kanda just sighed and let the Moyashi do as he pleased, not wanting him to burst into tears again.

The rest of the group besides Lavi and Lenalee just watched the interaction with utter fascination. Then Kanda directed a signature death glare and they were brought back to the current topic at hand.

Lenalee ended up sitting on the far end of the couch away from Allen with Lavi in the middle and Kanda on the other end.

"So first off I would like to explain what happened." Koumi spoke to the group on the couch. Most of their eyes were on the Supervisor except for Allen who was still playing with Kanda's hair.

"It seems as though you guys got hit with potion X283ML7, it was supposed to de-age you by about 12 years. And you were supposed to have the same memories that you had at that age."

"Then why do I still have my memories?" Kanda asked confused.

"Well the thing is since your a second exorcist you didn't exist 12 years ago, In this form at least. So I guess it just reverted you back to your youngest form and you happened to retain your memories.

I do not have an antidote yet so you guys my be like this for a while until I can come up with one. Also you will have Lenalee and Lavi take care of you just in case."

"I don't need to be taken care of!" Kanda shouted angrily.

"Yes you do just in case someone decides to take advantage of your small form and you guys can't use your innocence either to protect yourselves. Also Al- I mean Red-chan will be staying in your room." Kanda didn't have a comeback for that since he knew it was true. He was extremely vulnerable like this. And the thought of him and Allen sharing a room wasn't so bad.

"You can caw me Awen instead of Wed if you wike." Allen spoke up from his lap. Shocked everyone turned to look at him.

"You seem to be having twouble with cawing me Wed since youw so used to cawing me Awen."

"Alright thank you Allen-chan~." Lavi spoke up breaking the silence.

"Now go away I have to work on an Stay away from perverted Octopi! Lenalee." Komui exclaimed.

They all were standing in the hallway after being kicked out of Komui's office not sure what to do with themselves.

"I'm hungwy."Allen said in a small voice.


"I am too, now that you mention it what about you Lenalee?" Lavi asked.

"I could go for some food." She answered. An with that they walked to the cafeteria.


When they got there Jerry was attempting to hug the life out of Allen. Which caused Allen to cower behind Kanda fearing for his life. So Kanda decided to order for him since he was afraid of the head Chef

As soon as Allen saw all the food laid out for him his manners flew out the window as he inhaled everything he could. Which disgusted everyone at the table and people from a few tables around them and made some people lose their appetites, but most just ignored it used to the behavior. It wasn't until he finished that they looked back at him to see he was poking the Matarashi Dango. He was looking at it questionably, and everyone else just stare at his weird behavior.

"Che Moyashi what are you doing?"

"I don't know what this is, it looks weird." Allen answer still wary of the Dango lying there innocently.

"it's Matarashi Dango, just eat it."

"But does it taste good?" he asked.

"Che how should I know, I've never eaten it before. Just eat it."

"Will you twy it with me Kanda?" Kanda was about to turn the sprout down, and say that there was no way in hell he would eat that crap. But then Kanda looked at his face, he had that biggest puppy dog eyes that was filling up with tears.

"Pwease?" Kanda gulped he couldn't look away. Lenalee and Lavi were just watching this scene with amusement in their eyes.

"Che." He said and Allen took it as a yes, so he grabbed a stick and waited for Kanda who was inspecting the sticky treat he decided to get it over with and popped one whole in his mouth. Allen just smiled brightly and popped one into his mouth as well chewing it with a bright smile on his face.

He ended up eating the rest of the Dango and the time he was done he looked about ready to fall asleep at the table. Kanda noticing this decided that it was time for a nap so he grabbed Allen, ignoring Lenalee and Lavi's questions as to where he was taking his Moyashi.

Allen was to tired to protest as he was being dragged to a room by Kanda and was to tired to undress himself so he just let Kanda do as he pleased. He ended up in only his dress shirt. He sat on the bed blushing whilst watching Kanda dress down to his pants. Kanda soon climbed on to the bed dragging Allen under the covers with him.

Allen just snuggled up to the warm body next to him curling into Kanda's chest falling asleep almost instantly. Kanda watched the boy sleep for a while before burying his face in the boy's redish-brown locks inhaling the calming scent and soon falling asleep hugging Allen tightly to his chest.

After they fell asleep Lenalee snuck into their room to take picture of the two for he Yoai fan club, giggling silently to herself. Oh the club was going to love the new pictures she had gotten.


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