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Prologue: Hogwarts, post final battle-

Hermione couldn't believe it. The idea that Professor Snape was completely faithful to the Order, and died thinking that everyone hated him for being a traitor was mind boggling to the young woman. She just could not seem to wrap her mind around the fact that Headmaster Dumbledore could force Professor Snape to not only kill his only friend, but then to live with every single person in the wizarding world hating him for having committed the murder. How could someone who was said to be a wonderful Light leader put Snape through that ordeal, thought Hermione. No matter how unbelievable it seemed, though Hermione knew it was true. She had seen the memories herself after the final battle was over. She now knew everything important about the intensively private Severus Snape's life, but none of it mattered because Hermione had witnessed, only a few hours previously, Snape's death at the hands of Voldemort. It's incredibly sad, thought Hermione, that he lived his entire life being hated, and when he finally gets recognized as a great man and an admirable fellow, that he is not alive to witness it for himself.

Thinking along those lines, Hermione began walking towards the Shrieking Shack, knowing that the least she could do for Professor Snape now was to make sure his body was given the respect it deserved by being placed alongside all the other fallen heroes in the Great Hall. Shedding a fear tears at the sight of the professor's limp body, Hermione leaned over him and whispered her last goodbye, "Thank you sir for protecting me, and the rest of the world, all of these years. We couldn't have defeated Voldemort without your assistance. I just wish you could be here now to see a world without Voldemort. If anyone deserves a chance to live free from his tyranny it would be you." With a weary sigh, Hermione stood up and levitated Snape's body out of the shack.

Lost in her thoughts, she never saw the sickly green beam of light heading towards her from the edge of the Forbidden Forest. As the young woman crumbled to the ground, Fate wept at how much the two humans fallen below had given up in order to fight injustice and evil in the world. Both had lived incredibly difficult childhoods and had selflessly given years of their time to fighting Voldemort. In the end, both had given their lives to the cause. In that moment, Fate knew that she had to give both Severus and Hermione a chance to live a peaceful life.

Unable to bear the gut wrenching sobs that emanated from the Great Hall with the discovery of Hermione's corpse, Fate turned away and began her preparations for giving both Hermione and Severus the lives that they deserved; lives that were untainted by the evil that masqueraded as Lord Voldemort.

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