Eighteen years had passed since that Yule Ball where Severus had first kissed Hermione, and there wasn't a single day that had gone by since when Hermione didn't thank Fate for the new life that had been granted to her and Severus. She couldn't help but remember all the times, both good and bad, that had helped define her relationship with Severus over the last almost two decades.


There was the first day after the ball, thought Hermione fondly, when Sev shyly brought me an enchanted, pale cream rose and asked "Would you…I mean, could you possibly…um…what I mean to say, ask, is if you feel the same as I do. Um, I mean do you think you would wanna be my girlfriend?" He had asked with a flush on his cheeks and his gaze on the floor. He had looked so sweet that morning, and Hermione had felt so happy to have confirmation of Sev's feelings that instead of answering, Hermione simply lept at Severus and gave him a hug that would have put Molly Weasley's hugs to shame.

It was after that morning, thought Hermione with a grin, that the two of them had become even more inseparable. They still studied together, ate meals together, and hung out with their friends together, however, now they walked to classes holding hands and often took time away from their friends to walk around the lake together talking about their hopes and dreams and stealing little kisses every now and again.

February 9, 1974 was the first time the couple had gone on a date outside of Hogwarts. It was the annual Valentine's Day Hogsmeade visit and Severus had the perfect day planned for them. The morning started out with the standard trip to the stores to purchase the necessary quills and potions ingredients. Afterwards Sev led the two of them towards a small copse of trees just outside city limits where they had fun making snow angels and just walking through the trees talking about whatever popped into their minds. The afternoon ended with a Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks and a carriage ride back up to the school.

Not everything was perfect in their relationship though Hermione could admit to herself. There were the occasional fights about petty little things that occur when couples spend almost all of their time together and there was the 2 weeks in February of their sixth year when the couple had been forced apart thanks to Nikolas Waldot's potions mishap involving Amortentia.

It was the potions accident, however, that also helped move their relationship further along. After the antidote to the botched potion had been given to Hermione (which took Professor Slughorn two weeks to figure out much to Severus' displeasure), both Hermione and Severus realized that being separated from each other was something they didn't want to happen again. The first time they made love followed shortly after their reunion, and Hermione still didn't believe she had ever experienced a more magical night. The memory of that evening would forever remain one of her patronus memories. Simply remembering the look in Severus' eyes as he led her into the Room of Requirement that night was enough for Hermione to produce a patronus. The gentle way that Severus had handled her body, the emotion and passion behind his kisses, and the beach picnic underneath the star-filled sky were the bonuses included in the memory.

The spring of 1977, the group's seventh year, was difficult for Hermione and Severus' relationship. Severus was determined to become a Potions Master and was anxiously waiting for his chance to study in France with one of Europe's most prominent potions scholars. Hermione meanwhile was preparing to apprentice at St. Mungo's in order to pursue a career in healing. Neither one was looking forward to being so far apart from each other, and although each of them assured the other that their relationship would survive the distance and long hours put into their respective studies they both secretly wondered if the distance would prove too much for their relationship to endure. By Graduation day Severus had been desperate to make sure that their relationship would survive, and had set into motion his plan to hold onto Hermione at all costs.

Hermione could clearly remember that June day as she watched the train leave Hogwarts behind for the last time. Sitting in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express with Lily and James, Sirius and his then current flame Marlene, and Remus; Hermione was shocked when Severus suddenly interrupted the idle chit chat of the compartment's residents by taking a knee directly in front of her. The love shining behind Severus' eyes and the emotion that was obvious in his voice gave Hermione tears of joy as she listened to the amazing speech that Severus had prepared. "Hermione Granger, my life forever changed one day in this very compartment when Lily and I were fortunate enough to ask to sit down next to this bushy-haired girl reading a potions book. That girl lit up my soul with her smile that day and has filled my life with smiles, laughter, and love every day since. I think it only fitting that this compartment is where I ask if that beautiful girl would continue to make my life worth living every day for the rest of my life. Hermione, will you marry me?" Unable to speak through her tears of happiness, Hermione launched herself at Severus causing both of them to fall over in the cramped aisle between the seats.

A week later James and Lily had also gotten engaged and the two couples set about planning their double wedding which would take place on April 2, 1978. James, Lily, and Sirius all entered the Auror training program while Remus (thanks to a loan from the Potters) attended Muggle University studying the history of both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds with the goal of becoming a professor in the Muggle world. Severus left to France in order to study for his mastery, and after two lonely months in England, Hermione transferred her apprenticeship to the Paris branch of St. Mungo's in order to be near Severus. While In France their two daughters were born, Serafina Caeli Snape on August 3, 1980 and Ophelia Destinée Snape on January 25, 1983. After eight years in France, the small family moved back to London in order to be near the Potters, Sirius and his wife Amelia Bones, and Remus (who was still waiting for Mrs. Right).

Present day ( September 1, 1991):

The years had definitely been good to the Snape Family, thought Hermione, as she watched the Hogwarts Express leave King's Cross with Serafina Snape on board for the first time. Hermione had watched what had once been her spot in between Harry Potter and Ron Weasley become Serafina's spot, and Hermione could only hope that their childhood would be less dangerous than her own had been at Hogwarts in the 1990s. Fate knew what she was doing, thought Hermione as she turned to head toward home with Severus and Ophelia.

Turning to look once more at the now empty platform, Hermione gave a smile, and with watery eyes prayed that Fate could hear her whispered "thank you."

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In case you are interested: Serafina Caeli (Serafina is the italian version of the Seraphim angels and Caeli is French for "from heaven" so her name means angel from heaven) and Ophelia Destinee (Ophelia is from the Greek meaning "help" and Destinee is the French word for Destiny or Fate so her name means Fate's help)