A portly man with a right arm that ended at his wrist, a teenage girl lying unconscious on the floor next to him, and an angry looking man with a heavy shadow on his face sat quietly in an apartment bedroom. There is intermittent thunder under the lull of rain. The wind taps the rain against the window and the sky follows with a distant flash. The night is watching them and it knows what they are doing.

"Percy." The angry looking man leans forward in a chair and studies the portly man's face.

"It's not fair," Percy whimpered.

"It's not fair, I'm not fair, and you're not fair. Ethics… doesn't really belong with us in this room. Ethics took the cab home and it's not calling back." The man leaned closer. "Ethics left this conversation when society convicted you of raping a child. You don't deserve ethical treatment Percy."

"I did my time! Why are you doing this?"

"Now morality, that's an even better question. Are you still immoral? Is this, what I'm about to do to you, immoral? And if morality can show humanity then we have none to give."

Percy looked at the girl lying on her back. The angry man grabbed a video camera from a nearby nightstand and turned it on. Percy watched for a red light.

"I'm not like that anymore, Jigsaw-"

"I know Percy. Now let's begin."


"I know we have all day but I'm the impatient sort and if you don't do what I say then I'm going to cut the other hand off."

"Oh god…" Percy began sobbing and shook his head in denial.

From the shadows a six inch blade appeared on the nightstand. It shined like glass as lightning tore through the sky once again. Percy sniffled and turned away from the camera. A small red light had just come on.

One week later

There is darkness and pitiful whimpering. Chains are rattling and its haunting noises are setting a beat that is followed by dripping and steam. Percy opens and eye and looks up. The chains his arms are handcuffed to lead upwards into an oculus of light. He is bathed in that light but the rainwater flowing from it is blinding him and he turns away. His arms are stretched upwards and he looks like bait. He is standing on a platform and he eventually realizes how familiar the place is. Then lets out a scream. There is a cry for him which soon returns to more sobbing.

"It wasn't my fault. I changed. It wasn't my fault!"

A loudspeaker hidden somewhere in the darkness suddenly comes to life.

"Hello Percy."

Percy screams even louder this time and fights against the chains with all the strength his shoulders could give.

"It wasn't my fault, it wasn't my fault…"

"Fool me once shame on me-"

"I followed the rules. I learned my lesson. I swore, I swore!"

"You won't fool me again. Recent events have shown your rebellion to redemption. I've given you a second chance and it was squandered. Do you really value your life? I'll let you hang on that thought for a moment."

The loudspeaker goes silent.

Percy screams for help but a hand on his mouth cuts him short. His eyes are nearly bulging out of their sockets. Behind him a darkly dressed man appears with gloved hands and a ski mask. A six inch knife is holstered in his side. The stranger removes his hand from Percy's mouth and tilts his head to the side.

"Thank you Percy, I couldn't have found this place without your help. You followed my instructions and now you get to keep your other hand."

The stranger looks up at the chains around his arms and smiles. "Interesting. I have a feeling Jigsaw enjoys irony." He pats Percy on the cheek and walks backwards into the darkness.

"N-no, where are you going?" Percy shrieked.

"I'm going to kill Jigsaw."

Chapter Two coming soon.