Just another day

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Chapter 1: The task

It might still be dark and it might be cold, but it wasn't going to stop our dear chief advisor (and part-time butler to Elrond's household, though he refuses to admit it) from climbing out of bed and starting work. Willingly. As willing as he always is for the past…well, forever.

In case you are wondering why he would do such a thing, you are forgetting one very important fact. He is Erestor, which also happens to be the synonym for "Responsibility" in the Last Homely House, so anything which he feels responsible for, he will do it willingly.

Unfortunately for him, he also happens to be the synonym for many other things, such as "Victim (of pranks)" and "Back up plan".

So on this very typical day, after our chief advisor had his very typical meal, he sat down on his desk and began work long before the sun even came out to work.

The first document he started drafting was on a certain goods exchange tender with a human town. As much as Erestor was a professional at doing and submitting these tenders, he was still a very careful elf and so preferred to draft things out first. Yet as he was drafting out the first paragraph, a soft knock came from his door.

Knock. Ignored.

Knock knock. Ignored.

The knocking was still persistent, but Erestor had no intention of opening the door. Anyway, Erestor already knew which elf was responsible for this nuisance and so, what the elf needed of him.

He had no time for his request. He secretly hoped that the elf would go away. He smiled satisfactorily as he finished his draft and began to write the letter.

However, just as he was neatly finishing up the last line of the second paragraph, the knocking had become so persistent that he was getting a headache from it. Having no other choice, he sighed, left the chair and opened the door.

"Breakfast!" chimed the golden haired elf at the door, positively brimming with happiness despite having stood outside for a very long time. Erestor gave him a look, sighed and took the tray from him.

"Really Glorfindel, there's no need to bring breakfast. I had breakfast. I hope you will stop bringing me breakfast whenever you have a request, actually. Just ask. This is disruptive to my work!"

"I thought you haven't had it yet! But yes you guessed right, I do have a request…".

Erestor nodded and waved him in. Once he closed the door, he eyed Glorfindel suspiciously and gave another sigh.

"Erestor, you sigh too much. You look like we have been mistreating you…"

Erestor raised his eyebrows. Glorfindel stopped immediately.

"Alright, let me guess. Who is it—the twins or Estel?"

"How did you—"

"I'm Erestor."

Glorfindel sighed and shook his head. It was not good when the only elf you could ask for help happens to be an elf who could read your mind.

"Estel. We were supposed to go down to a small pool I just found yesterday, but the twins are going hunting, so…" trailed off Glorfindel rather guiltily.

"Okay," Erestor accepted, "but I have a condition."

Glorfindel, having suddenly felt a burden lifting from his mind, beamed and nodded, "I'll agree to anything!"

Erestor smiled craftily. "Two bottles of Miruvor."

"What?! No way…how do you know I just received them… I hid them so well I don't think even Elrond realized…" Glorfindel said, a little downcast at the thought of having to lose two bottles of Miruvor over a small child.

"You are talking to the person partly in charge of the trading path in Rivendell. Two bottles or nothing." Erestor said smugly. There was no room for bargain, and either way, Glorfindel was on the losing end.

Glorfindel sighed. "Alright, two bottles…"

-To be continued-

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