Just Another Day

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With regards to the punishment, it perhaps is indeed to harsh. However, the paragraph I had in mind was never intended to be long: it consists of four sentences, perhaps something that goes like this, as is sometimes seen in certain introductory or summary paragraphs:

[picture] Athelas (also Kingsfoil). It can be found all around Middle Earth. Grows on the ground. It is a common healing herb.

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Chapter 7: One last moment of indulgence

"You're in your bedroom now, Estel. You can stop pretending."

Estel's head snapped up immediately, his eyes devoid of any sleepiness.

"How did you know?"

"Because older elves like us are very good at spotting young children like you when they are pretending to fall asleep."

At these words, the light in Estel's eyes dimmed a little and his head became bowed partly in shame.

"I am sorry, 'Restor. But it was really boring."

Erestor gave a sigh. Why was Estel so good at manipulating even the older elves? He had wanted to give him a warning about doing such things, but seeing Estel looking so ashamed of himself… he really did not have the heart to blame the small child.

"It is alright, Estel. Just don't do this again, alright?"

Estel gave a small nod, his face changing immediately from the look of being genuinely sorry to pure happiness. The child, thought Erestor wryly, one day he will grow up and capture the hearts of many. He is only so young, and yet he is already able to control his expressions so well!

Just as Erestor was about to ask Estel what he would like to do before bedtime, Estel's door swung open and before long Estel himself was swung up high into the air by a person none other than Glorfindel.

Estel squealed happily. As Glorfindel put him down, Estel finally caught his breath and found his ability to talk again. "Glorfy! Where were you? I did many things today!"

Before Glorfindel could answer, however, two identical footsteps could be heard entering the room.

"I heard my little brother has been good," came Elladan's voice.

"And that there's a chocolate pudding for him," continued Elrohir, holding a tray that had a very generous size of chocolate pudding coated with thick chocolate sauce on it.

"Dan! Ro! Choc'late pudding!" At this, Estel ran off towards the twins and the huge chocolate pudding, not caring that his question was unanswered. Seeing all the energy Estel had in him, Erestor seriously doubted if giving him such a sugar loaded dessert at night was a good thing. He certainly did not want a certain small boy running around at night time disturbing anyone. Why oh why did he promise Estel a chocolate pudding?

Estel tugged at Elrohir's robes. "Ro, pudding please!" Estel's eyes was all on the pudding and did not even bother asking his brothers for stories of their adventures, something Estel demanded every time they went outside without him. Guess nothing was better than chocolate pudding to a small boy, though the twins wryly. The twins were, however, not going to let Estel off for 'neglecting' his brothers and devouring the irresistible dessert in front of them and soon, Estel found himself pinned down on the bed by one twin, being tickled mercilessly by the other.

As Estel's laughter filled the room, Erestor stood up and gave Glorfindel a nod and a short smile, mouthing the word "Miruvor" in the process.

Glorfindel sighed and nodded. Rather luckily for Glorfindel though, Erestor did not ask why Glorfindel was not at the table with the guests—if he did, he would have found that this Balrog Slayer, the Lord of the Golden Flower, had lied to skip the formal dinner. This secret of Glorfindel would have easily cost him another bottle of Miruvor.

As Erestor left the room to join his Lord back at the dining room, he heard cheerful sounds of laughter ensuing from the room and he felt glad, for to tell the truth, he had not hear Estel's cheerful laughter ever since Elrond left approximately a week ago. As he took one last look at the homely scene in the room, he caught Elladan's eye and gave him a rather hypocritical smile that made Elladan shiver on the inside. However, Estel's light laughter brought him back to the small child and his mood soon lifted again.

It was good to have the Estel they once knew back.

As the dinner came to an end, Erestor gave directions for the guests to be led to their respective bedrooms before retiring to his room. On his table, as promised, were two bottles of Miruvor. Suddenly feeling a little sorry for Glorfindel, he kept one bottle in his secret wine cupboard and left the other one on the table so that he could return it to Glorfindel tomorrow. However, just as he was about to enter the bathroom, he realized that Glorfindel, important as he is, had managed to skip the dinner without questions from Elrond, which meant… At this thought, Erestor gave a wry smile and kept the bottle he had initially set aside for Glorfindel.

After a short bath, he went to his secret wine cupboard and chose an older bottle of Miruvor (yes, one of the many he won from Glorfindel and even Elrond). Pouring a small glass for himself, he sat down on his work table and continued drafting the tender—the very tender he was working on before Glorfindel came to disturb him this morning.

It was going to be a long night.


-The End-

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