Hello viewers/followers/favorites!

This is an update to let you all know, in case you missed it, that WoaD's continuation Flowers of Hope has it's first Chapter up! If you've already spotted it, good on ya and I applaud you for your active participation with this series if you even gifted me with a lovely review after reading it and squeeing excitedly (I'm excited too, I swear. It really is fun to write this story) :)

If you missed it by happenstance, then just go to my stories and you can find it through there...at least I hope you're still interested in the continuation...unless you're happy with Aster in a coma. If that's the case then c'est la vie.

Please feel free to go view that, leave me dem reviews and eagerly await for Chapter 2, which is almost done. I'm going to ship it soon-ish, but due to Thanksgiving Holiday I'm not going to be expecting it back for awhile.

If you've got the time too, go check out my editor, RueRajaram's The Power of a name. Is a good story and it's always nice to support the person who saved this story back at Chapter 17 ;)

Thank you all, have a nice Holiday (if you celebrate it) and hope to see my views escalate rather quickly on Flowers of Hope over the break.