September 8th 1989:

"Tom! Help!" A blonde woman shouted for her husband.
"Kathline, are you okay?" Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort asked.
"I am in labor, so no I am not alright." Kathline snapped irritably at the Dark Lord. "Call Lucius and get me to St. Mungo's" She ordered the flustered man. He pulled his wand out and activated the Dark Mark to summon Lucius.
"My Lor- Kathline, what is wrong?" Lucius asked completely forgetting that his lord and master was before him.
"I am in labor, Brother. I need to get to St. Mungo's, quickly. Seeing as Tom can't take me I want you to." Kathline pointed out pausing halfway through her statement for a contraction. "Lucius, if you don't hurry this baby will be born right here and you will have to help deliver it!" She snapped at her brother who was looking at her stupidly.
"Lucius, take her to the hospital and stay with her until she can come home." Voldemort ordered his brother-in-law. "I am trusting you with the safety of my family. Do not disappoint me." He warned.
"Yes, My Lord. Hold onto me sis, we will apperate to the hospital." Lucius told her softly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they apperated.

5 hours later:
"Lucius, how is the baby?" Kathline asked her brother as she woke to find her child wasn't beside her in the crib set up for it. "I want to see my child." She demanded of her brother. "Lucius?" She looked around the room and noticed that her brother wasn't in the room. "Nurse?" She called.
"Ms. Malfoy, how can I help you?" A young woman asked walking into the room with a smile.
"I want to see my baby."
"Oh, I'm sorry, but the father picked your daughter up an hour ago." The nurse stated confused.
"The father? I'm sorry but that isn't possible." Kathline answered. "What was the man's name?" She asked thinking maybe Lucius took the baby to see Tom.
"I don't know. That is strange, I can't remember his name." The nurse looked at Kathline confused. "All I know is that the father picked up the baby." Kathline gasped.
"Where is Lucius? The man I came in with?" Kathline asked.
The nurse's face cleared, he left to do something and said to tell you, 'Tom will fix it.'"
"Has there been any visitors aside from Lucius?" Kathline demanded sharply.
The nurse summoned the guest registry and looked under 'Kathline Malfoy', "The people who have visited you are as follows, Lucius Malfoy, Narissa Malfoy, and Albus Dumbledore." She listed reading the names off the parchment in front of her.
"What was her name?" Kathline asked distraught. The nurse looked at her in confusion. "The baby, I didn't name her, so what was the name she was given?"
"Oh... Hermione" The confused nurse answered. "It was written down by the father, her name is Hermione Jean. It also says that you were putting her up for adoption by muggles. I am sorry that is all the information I have for you." She turned and started to walk away.
"Wait one more question- Where is my wand?" Kathline asked as tears were running down her face.
"It is in the drawer beside you." With that the young nurse turned and walked away. Kathline reached out and after finding her wand she pulled it up and pressed it to her 'dark mark'. (Her mark is a rose with a green serpent wrapped around it specifying she is the Dark Lord's wife.) She then called for Narissa to come help her.
Narissa apperated into the lounge and walked into the room hosting Kathline. "I want out of here as soon as can be arranged." Kathline demanded of her twin's wife. Narissa nodded and walked out to fill out the paperwork for Kathline's release. Twenty minutes later they were on their way out of St. Mungo's. They apperated to Malfoy Mannor and Kathline immiedatly yelled for her husband.
"TOM!" She shouted. The Dark Lord came running to her side and seeing her pulled her gently into his arms. Kathline started crying against his chest. "I think I know who took her." She informed her husband when her tears subsided. "I asked for the names of the people who came to see me in the hospital and there was only three people, Lucius, Narissa, and one Albus Percival Wilfric Brian Dumbledore." She stated matter-of-factly.
"What make you think it was Dumbledore?" Voldemort asked curiously.
"The nurse said that the 'father' name OUR daughter Hermione Jean, and was putting her in a MUGGLE adoption agency. Who else would put a pureblood witch into a muggle home?" She snapped. "That bastard STOLE MY BABY AND IS PUTTING HER WITH MUGGLES." She shouted angrily.
"We will find her." Voldemort promised. "We will find her and we will kill anyone who dares get in our way."
"Good. I want to hold my baby, Tom." With that Kathline collapsed onto the floor, and before their very eyes, she bled to death, before anyone could save her.

2 weeks later:

"Here lies Kathline Selene Malfoy Riddle"
"Beloved Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother."
"May you Rest in Peace"

Tom watched as the various people who were attending his wife's funneral wept for the young woman, as she was beloved by many on both sides of the war. The leaders of both the Light and the Dark side agreed that there would be no fighting on this one day.
"I am truly sorry, Tom." Albus stated softly to the Dark Lord. "I never wanted her to die." With those words the entire Order of the Phinoex Apperated to headquarters. The followers of the Dark Lord remained to place flowers upon her grave in her memory.
"My Lord, I am sorry for your loss. We will not allow her death to be in vain, we will find your daughter, if for no other reason than for her memory." Bellatrix stated softly to the grief-stricken lord.
"My followers, we will double our efforts in finding My daugher and heir, we will not allow Kathline's death to stop us from crushing our enemies." Voldemort ordered his Death Eaters.
"For the Dark Lady, and Our Princess, we will fight on!" Barty Crouch Jr. shouted.
"Now go find my daughter!" Voldemort demanded, turning on his heel and apparating to Malfoy Mannor. He walked swiftly to his room and after changing into normal robes he ajourned to his throne room to sit and wait, thinking about the prophesy that would soon be fulfilled.
A month and ten days later Voldemort was 'defeated' by young Harry Potter, after killing Lily and James Potter.

15 years later:

"Hermione! Get up." Victoria Granger called up the stairs to her daughter. "You are going to be late for the train back to school." She yelled. Hermione groaned and rising to her feet she slowly got out of bed and put on the cloths she had lain out the night before when she packed her trunk for the second half of her 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
"Comming Mum." She called down as she lifted her trunk and the pet carrier holding Crookshanks and brought them down the stairs. She loaded her stuff into the boot of her parents car and climbed into the backseat.
"Hermione?" Jason Granger called looking outside towards the car for the brown haired girl.
"In the car Dad." She called back to him. "Come on were going to be late." She stated worriedly.
"Victoria, she is already in the car." Jason informed his wife. "We are now waiting on you, dear." He stated as she walked out the door and sat down in the car. He followed her and slid into the driver's seat, getting ready for the 20 minute drive to King's Cross Station.
Little did they know that several Death Eaters were going to be there as well, trying to see if the long-lost heir would be arriving for the train ride back to school. Upon arriving Hermione grabbed a trolly and once she had loaded it up with her trunk and other effects she pushed it towards the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. Her parents grapping ahold of her to access the wizarding platform 9 3/4.
"Hermione!" Harry called for his friend, waiving at her to get her attention. Little did he know that Voldemort was there in disguise, looking not for the boy-who-lived but for his daughter. His head turned at the name Hermione, and he looked at her through the crowd, he noticed that this Hermione looked nothing like either he nor his beloved Kathline and turned back to watch the crowd.
Not looking closely at the people around her she bumped into the disguised Voldemort, and swiftly backed up and walked around him. Unfortunatly for her, Hermione's mother noticed and called her on it. "HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER! Apologise for running into that man." Victoria demanded sharply. Many eyes turned to the 5th year in question, most of them Death Eaters. "Now young lady."
"I am sorry for running into you sir, I wasn't paying attention to the people around me as I was trying to reach my friends. Please forgive my rudeness." She stated clearly, bowing her head in appology to the stranger.
"What is it you muggles say? 'No harm no foul?'" Voldemort answered gently. "You are forgiven young one, may I inquire your name?" Hermione raised her head to look at him.
"Hermione Granger, 5th year, Muggle-born." She answered promptly. "Please excuse me, I need to get on that train before it leaves." He nodded and she moved past him and joined Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George in a compartment.
Voldemort raised his eyes and nodded to Lucius and a few other Death Eaters, signaling for them to apprehend the Grangers before they left the station. He then watched the train leave the station holding his daughter as she sped away towards Hogwarts.
Once he could no longer see the train he apparated back to Malfoy Mannor. Soon the pops of apparation could be heard as his followers returned quickly, bringing the Grangers with them.
"What are we doing here?" Jason Granger demanded loudly as he was brought before Voldemort, his wife struggling behind him.
"Silence Muggle filth." Bellatrix snapped at him swiftly striking him with her open hand.
"Bella, do not attack them." Voldemort repremanded gruffly.
"Yes, My Lord."
"YOU? Aren't you the one who Hermione bumped into?" Victoria shrieked angrily. "What do you want? As you can see we aren't magical, so we can't help you with anything unless you need a dental appointment."
Voldemort blinked and began to laugh, "This muggle has spirit." He commented. "What has your daughter told you about the leader of the Dark side?" He inquired suddenly.
"Just that he killed her best friend's parents and quite a few others, he is evil and will stop at nothing to get what he wants." Jason answered.
"She also stated that many wizards fear to speak his name, calling him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and You-Know-Who. She also told us his real name and the anagram that he uses." Victoria answered. "Those names were V-"
"I am well aware of my names, Muggle." Voldemort snapped. "Is she adopted?" He demanded.
"Yes, we adopted her when she was 3 weeks old." Jason answered. "She is unaware of this fact though."
"Do you know anything about her biological family?" Lucius asked.
"We were told they were all dead." Victoria stated softly. "Why are you asking all these questions?"
"They want to know all about the best friend of Harry Potter. Why else would they ask?" Jason snapped at his wife.
Voldemort was shocked to hear all of this information and motioned for the Malfoy's to take over the questioning. Narissa spoke up, "Her family is alive, well all but her mother, she passed the day the baby was born."
"Do you know who her family is?" Jason asked in fear. Victoria's eyes widened as she realised what wasn't being said.
"She is a pureblood isn't she?" Victoria guessed. "One of the 'dark' side families, by the way you are all acting."
"Her mother was my twin sister." Lucius answered looking down remembering her smile and laugh.
"I am going to regret asking this but who is her father?" Victoria asked gently. No one answered as all the Death Eaters winced at the question. After a few moments one voice spoke up.
"I am." The Grangers looked at the father of their little girl and feared for their lives. "Did she have a good childhood?"
"We gave her the best money could buy without spoiling her rotten." Jason answered. "She always did good in school, she had top marks all the way up till she went into Hogwarts."
"And in Hogwarts?" Voldemort prompted.
"O's in almost ever class, except Defense Against the Dark Arts, but we think that is mostly because of the changes in teachers every year, and all the troubles she gets into." Victoria answered.
"What is that suppose to mean?" Bellatrix demanded.
"In her words, First year the DADA teacher was possessed by You-Know-Who and I was trying to keep the stone out of his hands, Second year I was petrified by a bassilisk, Third year I was time traveling all over the place and saving Sirius Black, Fourth I was fighting off Rita Skeeter, helping Harry, and trying to keep the peace, and This year so far she has been fighting against 'Toad Face-I mean Professor Umbridge."
While everyone was digesting that information, she added, "What are you going to do with us? With Hermione?"
"We will be watching you, and how you interact with my daughter." Voldemort answered swiftly. "If you speak of this encounter with anyone, we will kill you." He informed them. "Lucius, escort your niece's adopted parents back to King's Cross and ensure their silence."
"As you wish My Lord." With that Lucius grabbed both of the Grangers by the arms and apparated them to the parking lot holding their car.
"You know your son taunts her right?" Victoria stated as she climbed into the car. Lucius nodded that he heard and apparated away. He reported the departure of the Grangers and the last-minute information he gained adding that he would be writing Draco and informing him to leave Granger alone.
"Leave me." Voldemort commanded, ordering his followers out of the room. Once the room was empty he put his head in his hands and spoke softly, "Kathline, I miss you. Hopefully our daughter will be home with me soon." After thinking for a few minutes he rose and after calling for Nagini he left the room.

Time Jump to the end of the school year, Fight at the Ministry Of Magic:

"If any of you do any lasting damage to my daughter I will kill you myself." Voldemort warned his death eaters when he sent them to collect the prophesy.
He stayed in the shadows and silently protected her, shielding the more powerful harmful spells away from her. While he wasn't paying full attention he noticed her scream of pain as a bolt of light hit Hermione, slicing deeply into her body, a hex sent by Antonin Dolohov. The death eater went pale when his hex hit, he had been aiming for a pillar behind her.
He watched as Hermione was 'captured' by Bellatrix and released by the Order. He raced after Bella after she killed Sirius Black and Harry followed her as she taunted him. "I killed Sirius Black." She called over her shoulder repeatedly. He watched as Harry used the Cruiartus curse for the first time.
He stepped in when he saw Bella starting to flag for help. "Harry, you have to mean it when you use a Unforgiveable." He informed the Boy-Who-Lived. He took the chance to kill his enemy shouting. "Avada Kadava" at the same time Harry cast, "Expeliarms"
Their wands connected and the only thing that happend was a pretty lightshow. He then heard a feminine gasp. Voldemort chanced a look over and say his daughter holding her side in pain as she watched her friend about to die. "Harry!" Hermione shouted.
"You shouldn't have come here tonight, Tom." Albus stated showing up late as usual. The fight ended abruptly when Voldemort tried to 'possess' Harry. Honestly he just wanted to see his daughter's life for a minute. After a few moments he allowed Harry to push him out and he was seen by Fudge. 'opps.'
While the students were sent back to school Voldemort sent a letter to the Grangers informing them that he would be there to pick up his daughter 3 days after she gets back from Hogwarts.

End of Hermione's Second day home:

"Mum, Dad, what is wrong?" She asked looking at her parents in confusion as they were jumpy and flinching at every sound.
"Sweety, we need to tell you something and you aren't going to like it." Victoria stated.
"What is it, Mum?"
"We adopted you when you were 3 weeks old." She answered. "We were told that your name was Hermione Jean and we could add our own last name to that but we must keep that name."
"We recieved word from your biological father that he would be coming to pick you up tomorrow. Hunny, we were told that he would kill us if we told you sooner. He will be arriving around lunch time tomorrow." Her dad added.
"So let me get this straight, I'm adopted and my biological father is taking me back tomorrow?" Hermione summed up. Her parents nodded. "That is why you didn't want me to unpack yet." She realized. "Who is he?"
"We can't tell you, but you will have a big adjustment to make when he takes you." Jason stated. "We just wanted you to know so that tomorrow doesn't come as a complete surprise to you."
"Thank you for letting me know. You should have told me this years ago though." Hermione answered. "However I understand why you didn't. Anymore surprises?" Her parents shook their heads in the negative. "Good I am going to bed."
"Night dear."
"Sweet dreams."
Her parents woke her up around 8 the next morning so that they could all pack her room up for the move. Packing the room took 2 1/2 hours and by the time they were done it was almost lunch time. Hermione walked into the bathroom and gathered up her stuff, and packed Crookshanks's stuff as well.
When noon rolled around, Hermione was pulling lunch out of the oven when she heard a knock at the door. She pulled the pan out and walked to the door and upon opening it she opened her mouth to scream.
"Shut your mouth Granger, and let us in." Draco Malfoy snapped. Hermione ushered the 4 people into her parents house and after shaking her head to clear it, she spoke.
"This way, I just pulled lunch out of the oven." She then led the way to the sitting room and motioned for them to sit down. "MUM, DAD, the guests are here!" She called up the stairs. She then entered the kitchen and gathered the plates and silverware.
She then entered the dinning room and set the table, she quickly gathered the food and placed it on the table as well. She made her way back into the sitting room and offered muggle drinks, after collecting the orders, she finished up and ushered them all into the dinning room.
Seeing her parents still weren't with the group she called up the stairs, "SOUPS UP!" hearing footsteps on the stairs she walked back into the room to see everyone stairing at her. "What?" She asked worried she did something wrong.
"Soup's up?" Draco asked for the adults knowing none of them understood what she was saying.
"It is a muggle saying, meaning to come to the table and eat." Hermione explained.
"May I enquire as to what it is we will be consuming?" Narissa asked politely.
"Mexican Chicken Casserole." Hermione answered. "I made it myself."
"Yes,yes, but what is it, Granger?" Draco asked with a huff.
"Chicken, Cheese, Doritos, and spices." She answered raising an eyebrow, rising and serving everyone. "I will give you a little to try and if you like it you can always add more, that way we don't waste food." The Malfoy's and guest nodded.
"So, may I enquire as to why you are all here?" She asked as she dished up.
"We are here to pick you up." Lucius answered swiftly.
"I already know that, Mr. Malfoy, however I was under the impression that I would be meeting my biological father." She retorted. "Or are you informing me that you are my father?" She questioned.
"Not me. I am your mother's twin though." Lucius stated. "Your father is..." He trailed off as he notice she was looking at Voldemort's concealed form.
"Sir, do you have a snake under your cloak?" She asked having heard a hiss from under the hood.
"Yes. And I am your father." The covered man stated simply. "Shall we eat?"
"Of course. Dig in." Hermione stated sitting in her place and beginning to eat quickly and efficiently.
"Granger, this is delicious." Draco stated after the first bite, his parents echoing his statement.
"Might as well call me Hermione." She answered. "And thank you for the compliment."
"Seeing as we are cousins, you may call me Draco." He informed her.
"Very well, Draco." She smiled and began to giggle.
"What is so funny?" Lucius asked.
"Well, Professor Dumbledore is so set on house unity he would be delighted to see a Slytherin and a Gryffindor getting along so well." Her words caused Narissa to laugh as well, while her father noticed that she had her mother's smile and laugh.
"Let's not talk about him please." Voldemort asked nicely.
"If that is your wish." Hermione stated softly, unsure of how to speak to her father.
"Thank you, child. This is truly delightful, both the meal and being able to see you." He stated.
"Thank you for the compliment."
"Hermione, leave the dishes I will do them later."
"Yes, Mum. Shall we adjourn to the sitting room?"
"Good idea." Jason stated. "I will help your mother with the dishes."
"Very well I will see you later then." Hermione stated.
She suddenly whirled hearing the hiss of a snake and Crookshanks hissing back. "Crookshanks no! Leave the snake alone." She told her familiar.
*Nagini leave the cat alone* Voldemort ordered.
"You're a parseltongue?" She asked narrowing down in her mind the bloodlines that could speak to serpents. Voldemort nodded. "That means that you are either Harry in disguise or Voldemort, and seeing as Harry is stuck with the Dursleys, I doubt it is him."
Voldemort removed his hood alowing her to see him as he looked back when he was married to her mother. "I recently took a potion that returned me to my original body." He explained when she looked at him in shock.
"I was so not expecting that." She looked at the group in front of her. "I need to sit down." She mumbled as her legs gave out on her.
"Hermione? Are you okay?" Voldemort asked catching her easily. She swallowed and nodded.
"Just need to sit down." She answered.
"You have a glamor on." Voldemort stated sensing it when he touched her. After he sat her down on the couch he pulled his wand out and aimed it at her. "Finite Incantartum." He cast on her. He then conjured up a mirror as her entire looks changed.
"You look like Kathline." Narissa stated softly.
"Doesn't that mean I look like Mr. Malfoy?" Hermione asked.
"Uncle Lucius, and yes." Lucius answered. Hermione looked into the mirror and began to play with her long blonde hair, efficiently braiding it down her back and pulling a hairband from her wrist she tied it off.
"You have my eyes, though." Voldemort stated looking into her red eyes, so like his own. "Dumbledore mustn't find out you know about me being your father. However you will be staying at Malfoy Mannor."
"If we are trying to keep this from Dumbledore, then shouldn't I stay here?" She asked confused, "what happens if he sends someone to pick me up and I am not here?"
"We have a library." Draco teased.
"Okay, I'll stay with you." Hermione answered quickly, making the adults all smile/smirk.
"I knew the mention of books would get you on board." Draco said laughing.
"So how are we going to hide the fact that I am no longer living here?" Hermione asked curiously.
"As you know, Lucius works at the Ministry so I had him push a new law through, stating that all muggleborns must live with a pureblood for one summer during their 7 years at Hogwarts. As an example you are to live with the Malfoy family, ensuring that you as the 'brains' of the Golden trio, aren't exempt from this law." Voldemort responded with a chuckle.
"So with me staying with Uncle Lucius, Aunt Narissa, and Draco, is covered, however what about the fact that I stay with the Weasley's for several weeks every year?" She questioned.
"Naturally, it is well-known that the Malfoy's are on the 'dark side' so having you stay with us is all apart of a diabolical plan to turn you against Potter and Dumbledore." Draco scoffed.
"Professor Dumbledore, Draco." Hermione snapped. "You may not like him but he is still headmaster."
"Yes, ma'am." Draco answered back instantly, making his parents laugh.
"How did you do that? We can't get him to back down without a huge fight." Narissa asked.
"Well it worked on Grawp, so I thought it would work on Draco." She answered with a shrug.
"Who is Grawp?" Lucius asked curiously.
"He is Hagrid's half-brother, and a full giant. They have the same mother. I was asked last year to help take care of him if Hagrid was sacked. Between Grawp and the centaurs, Old Toad Face didn't stand a chance." Hermione smirked remembering how she gave Professor Umbridge the slip.
"Old Toad Face?" Voldemort asked raising an eyebrow at his daughter.
"That is what the DA called Professor Dolores Jane Umbride, Senior UnderSecretary to the Minister of Magic." She answered with a growl. Her expression lightened when she remembered how she stopped Umbridge's attempt to Crucio Harry.
"What is that expression for?" Lucius asked.
"Did Draco ever tell you what happened when he pissed me off in third year?" She asked dodging the question, for now.
"No." Draco's face went pale. "I never told them."
"What happened?" Narissa asked.
"Well on the day that Buckbeak was supposed to die; Harry, Ron, and I caught Draco, Crabbe and Goyle watching for when the hippogriff was suppose to be beheaded. He made a rather nasty remark about the hippogriff and I pulled my wand on him. Ron stopped me from hexing Draco, and after stowing my wand away I..."
"Please don't finish that statement." Draco asked his complexion paler than ever.
"Shut up Draco, Hermione finish your tale." Voldemort snapped.
"Well my fist met his nose, hard." She shrugged. "Don't piss me off or you will get hurt." She added. "That was nothing compared to what I did to Toad Face."
"Now I really want to know what happened to the old bat." Draco stated with a smirk.
"I ran her into the Forbidden Forest, telling her that Dumbledore's secret weapon was hidden deep inside. I led her to the tree Grawp was tied up to and when he picked her up she insulted all with creature blood, just in time for the centaurs to hear her and carry her off. Haven't seen or heard from her since."
"Then what happened?" Voldemort asked unaware of the following results.
"Harry, Ron, Ginny, Nevile Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and I took Threshalls to the Ministry to 'save Sirius', and everyone knows how that turned out." The Death Eaters flinched at her insinuation. "How long were you there?" She asked her father.
"I was waiting in the shadows the entire time." Voldemort answered. "Just incase my plans didn't work out. We should be off to Malfoy Mannor." He recomended softly.

"May I please say good bye to my adopted family?" Hermione asked shyly. Voldemort nodded his allowance. "Thank you." Hermione left the room quickly and returned in a few minutes, tears held back. She nodded to her magical family and didn't protest when Voldemort wrapped his arms around her and they apparated out of the Granger home into Malfoy Mannor.