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She looked at Lavender and asked her to wait outside the Tower for Lucius and Narissa Malfoy to arrive and then lead them up to her. Lavender nodded and walked out to wait for the Malfoys. It took a total of four minutes for the Malfoys and Lupin to arrive, at a run.

(End of Recap)

"Hermione, what happened?" Lucius asked wrapping his arms around his hysterical niece. "Are you okay?" He followed up with seeing her covered in blood.

"I am fine uncle, it is Crookshanks that is dead. His head is missing." Hermione gasped out through her tears. "I found him like that. He was fine when I left him this morning." She sobbed her tears slowly dissipating due to the calming drought in her system. Narissa wrapped her arms around both Hermione and Lucius and tried to calm them both. She pulled back and looked around the room, causing her to gasp in shock. The blood covered Hermione's bed and the floor surrounding it.

"Oh Merlin's beard, this is terrible." She looked at the doorway and noticed most of Gryffindor house was standing there. "Someone get Professor McGonagall." She ordered in her professor voice.

"Yes Professor Malfoy." Harry said racing to the Gryffindor Head of House's rooms. "Professor!" He shouted pounding on her door. "Professor McGonagall there is trouble." He yelled hoping the woman wasn't a hard sleeper. "Prof-" He started again only to have both Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore open the door looking frazzled in their night robes.

"Mr. Potter, what is wrong. And why are you shouting, some people are sleeping." Minerva asked the Boy-Who-Lived.

"I am sorry if I woke you up Professor, but there is blood all over Hermione's bed and someone killed her familiar." He said in a rush. "Please, Professor Malfoy, Professor Snape, Mr. Malfoy and most of Gryffindor house is in her room." Upon hearing that two professors were already in the room Minerva rushed over to the dorm room and entered to see blood covering everything of Hermione's.

"Minerva, what is wrong?" Albus asked his wife.

"Harry wasn't joking, Albus look at this room." Minerva demanded of her husband. He walked in and froze, the room was a disaster. "Ms. Slytherin, would you please tell me everything?" She asked the young woman gently.

"This morning in Potions, Ron sabatoged my Wolfsbane potion, so I went to go make it after dinner, Professor Snape was with me and monitoring my work closely, after I finished the steps to bring it back up to where it should be, we started having a debate on the uses of certain plants in different potions. Lavender knocked on the Office door, interrupting our debate, and told me to come quick something had happened. I ran ahead of her and when I got to my room, Crookshanks was laying on my blood-covered bed, I picked him up only to find he was missing his head. I screamed and that is when Professor Snape entered the room, with Lavender, holding a calming drought. He gave it to me and I patronus called my Aunt and Uncle, knowing Uncle planed on staying tonight, to come up here. They came in and Aunt Cissy told Harry to get you, Professor." Hermione answered with tears running down her face.

"Minerva, I found this note on one of the canopy curtains." Severus said softly holding it out for the Head of Gryffindor to take. She read the note and after a second she sagged. "Ms. Brown told me I would need to follow Ms. Slytherin and give her a calming drought, the girl was insistent that I follow."

"Mr. Potter, fetch Mr. Weasley." Minerva ordered, handing the note to Lucius. Lucius allowed Narissa to see it and Hermione got a glance at it as well. Her hand shot out and grabbed the note taking it from her Uncle. She read the letter twice and then shouted.

"RONALD WEASLEY YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" Her voice carrying all the way down to Slytherin dorms. Ron walked in just in time for her to shout at him, and upon looking at the room he smirked.

"What do you need Professors?" He asked in a bland voice. He turned to Hermione and gave a full blown smile at how she looked.

"We need you, your parents, Ms. Slytherin, her father, and all of the professors in this room to go to the headmaster's office." Dumbledore informed the room. Hermione glared at the old man.

/Daddy./ She hissed to her father through the necklace. When she didn't get a reply she growled and looked at her Uncle. "Uncle, do you know where Father was suppose to be tonight?" Lucius shook his head negative. "He isn't answering the necklace so I need you to summon him for-" She stopped thinking. "Nevermind." She said with a small grin. She cleared her throat and spoke loudly with her power. "I, Hermione Jean Malfoy Slytherin, Heir of Slytherin, Summon Tom Morolvo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort, to me. Now." She claimed, there was a loud crack and her father appeared looking very worried. He was in a dressing gown and bare footed. "Daddy, I am-" Her father cut her off with a hug.

"Are you okay?" He asked seeing her covered in blood. "Whose blood is that?" He demanded. "Answer me." He ordered his daughter.

"No, Crookshanks, and I just did." She responded confusing most of the people in the room. "Sorry I summoned you like that, but we are needed in the Headmaster's office." She said struggling to stand. Her father lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the room reaching the Headmaster's office she touched the gargoyle and it moved so she could pass. He swept her up the stairs and put her on the floor in front of the fireplace. She grabbed the floo powder and called out, "Molly Weasley, The Burrow." Molly was shocked when she heard Hermione's voice coming out of her fireplace.

"Hermione?" The stout woman asked surprised.

"Mrs. Weasley, you and your Husband are needed to come to the Headmaster's office right away." Hermione called ending the call there. She rose and walked over and sat beside her father just as the others caught up to them. "I firecalled the Weasleys." She informed the group walking into the office. Severus, Lucius, Narissa, and Remus all stood against a wall, while McGonagall and Albus stood together. The Weasleys soon joined the group from the fireplace.

"Molly, Arthur, welcome." Albus said upon their arrival. Molly gasped seeing Hermione covered in blood.

"Hermione, why are you covered in blood?" She asked drawing Arthur's attention as well. Hermione straightened and spoke clearly to her former friend's parents.

"I am covered in blood because according to a note written in Ron's handwriting he killed my cat by cutting his head off and he took the head with him. Crookshanks is dead and I found his headless body." She snarled at the redheaded adults. Arthur looked down in shame at the thought of one of his sons doing such a hideous thing. Molly looked like she was both upset and amused at her youngest son's actions. Hermione smirked at a thought and turned to her father.

/Now, now everyone, just calm down. Now, Lemon Drop anyone?/ She asked her dad, causing him to look at her confused.

"Now, now everyone just calm down. Now would anyone like a lemon drop?" Albus asked offering the sweet to the group. Both Hermione and Voldemort started laughing at his words.

"Perfectly called, Princess." Voldemort said looking at his daughter with amusement.

"May I ask what is so funny, My Lord, Princess?" Snape asked wearily.

"Hermione basically just called almost verbatim what Albus said before he said it." Voldemort explained with a grin. His followers smirked at that thought and McGonagall giggled at it as well. "Essentially, you are predictable Albus." He finished with an evil smirk.

"Can we please get back to the matter at hand?" Hermione asked impatiently. "We have a note written in Ron's handwriting proclaiming that he killed my familiar and that if he could get to my familiar, what is to stop him from getting to me." She brought things back into perspective quickly. The smiles around the room faded as she was speaking.

"May I see this note?" Arthur asked politely. Hermione handed it to him without a thought. He read it aloud to the room causing his wife to blanch at his actions. "What actions do you wish to enact on him for this offense?" He asked Hermione.

"He already has detention for the rest of the school year, for causing a reaction in Potions that could have killed at least 5 people if we hadn't contained it." She answered looking at the teachers. "what do you think professors?" She asked wanting to have an unbiased opinion on what happened to the Gryffindor. They all through out ideas like, detentions with each professor, suspension, expulsion, and transfiguring him into an animal for a week. She shook her head then got an evil glint in her eyes that scared the Light loving family in the room. "I got it. We shall have him clean with Mr. Filch everyday for a month. He will learn how to work, be too worn out to harm anyone, and Mr. Filch will have a helping hand for the things he normally can't do." Hermione said. Even his parents were happy with this arrangement. "This does mean that no further actions will be taken for this act against me. Although just be warned that if he does anything else to harm me or mine, I will ensure he never forgets my wrath." She warned, her red eyes glowing in anger. All the Weasleys in the room shuttered to think of what she would do if pushed to it. "Professor Dumbledore, I request to leave the school tonight instead of leaving on the train tomorrow." Hermione stated knowing that he would deny her the right to do so.

"I am sorry, Ms. Slytherin, but you must adhere to the school rules just as much as anyone else." Albus decided with a nod of dismissal.

"Very well, I will see my father off, and then head to bed." She answered looking at her father. She led the way out of the room and practically dragged her family and Snape down to the second floor girls bathroom. She turned up and looked at the ghost inhabitting the room and made a shooing motion that made the ghost shake her head no. "OUT MYRTLE!" Hermione ordered verbally. The ghost of a girl sighed and flew out of the room, wailing at the top of her lungs. Hermione then turned to the waiting people, only her father knew what was happening, and saw Snape raise an eyebrow.

"Is there a reason we are in a girl's bathroom instead of a classroom or office?" He asked and his eyes widened when Hermione turned to the sink and hissed.

/Open/ The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets opened up and when her father jumped in she smiled. "Professor, Aunt Cissy, Uncle Lucius, if you would follow Father, you will see where we are going. I will be behind all of you." Hermione assured them. Lucius and Narissa jumped down and gasped in shock Severus following after getting a small smile of encouragement from Hermione. Hermione jumped down following after everyone. Once she landed she noticed her father was nowhere to be found and the three adults were standing there looking lost. Hermione rolled her eyes and motioned for them to follow her. "Stay close." She warned them leading them to the Chamber. She reached the second door and found it open already. She motioned for them to enter after her and once they were all there she turned to them as they were looking around in shock.

"I think we shocked them." Her father called out to his daughter with a grin. "I made us seats." He added looking at the Malfoys with amusement.
"Welcome to the Chamber of Secrets." Hermione said to the group. "This is the one place free from any chance of Dumbledore getting into." She added with a grin. "Daddy, Professor Snape and I have some good news for you." She taunted her father.

"What is your news, Princess?" Her father asked with a small smile.

"We finished it." She answered looking at him expectantly. He gave her a blank look of confusion. "Your potion. We finished it." She said again getting a look of shock from her father.

"I am so proud of you, Princess. Thank you Severus." He said overjoyed at the thought of being whole once more.

"The only problem is that you will have to take it as many times as you split your soul." She told him, causing him to grimace.

"What's in it?" He asked wondering if it was going to taste nasty, like most potions do.

"General healing herbs, poison counters, and that sort of thing." Hermione hedged not wanting to admit to having a phoenix form or using Phoenix Tears in the potions.

"Good good, that sounds wonderful, can I take them now?" He asked slightly impatiently. Hermione pursed her lips and looked as if she were thinking about it for a second. She then grinned and summoned the cauldron, and vials to her. She handed the first one to him and he downed it like it was nothing. Hummm, not a bad taste. He thought taking the second one, one after another he took seven vials of the potion and when he began to glow he felt whole once more. He wrapped his arms around his daughter in delight, happier than he had been since the day he married her mother.

Unnoticed by the group, a young serpent moved up to the group and picking a target struck, digging it's deadly fangs into it's chosen target, and releasing it's venom into his bloodstream. Severus shouted in shocked pain, causing the rest of the group to turn and look at him in confusion. Hermione was the first to notice the snake.

/LET HIM GO!/ She demanded of the serpent, causing it to recoil from her tone in it's language.

/Sorry speaker, I was just defending my home from them, I didn't know you were speakers./ The young viper hissed lowering itself in a snake like bow.

/My daughter and I are speakers, the others are her family. My mate was the light-haired males nestmate, and that is his wife and the one you have bitten is one of my followers./ Voldemort hissed gently to the scared snake.

/Please, are you venomous? I need to know, so he won't die./ Hermione asked desperately.

/I am, and I injected enough venom to kill a winged-horse./ It answered submissively. Hermione cried out in shock and instantly changed into her Phoenix Form, and began crying into the wound, healing the man she was in love with, leaving no scar to form. She returned to human form when the wound closed and pulled him close still crying.

"Severus, please be okay. Don't you dare die on me." She whispered brokenly. "I have already lost one important life today, don't let it be two." Her family was watching in shock as the young woman they were still getting to know, showed a side of herself that few ever saw.

"I don't intend to die yet, but if you keep crying you may very well drown me." Snape whispered lightly to Hermione.

"Oh, sweet Salazar, thank the Gods, you are alright." Hermione said fervently. She forgot that her Father and Uncle were in the room, she forgot everything that was happening and leaned down and kissed him for all she was worth. "Severus, please, don't do that to me again." She said in a small voice that spoke of abandonment. He responded by pulling her back down and kissing her senseless. Voldemort cleared his throat, causing both Hermione and Severus to jump in shock. "Daddy! I am sorry I kind of forgot you were here." Hermione said gaining a chuckle from her Uncle.

"I could tell." He answered dryly. "Your animagus form is a Phoenix?" He asked trying to forget the sight of his daughter and potion's master making out.

"Ummm. Yes, I have a phoenix animagus form. I also have a Shadow panther." She answered looking at him wearily. "Do you wish to see it?" She asked causiously, hoping to draw attention from her kissing Snape. Voldemort nodded, not trusting his voice to not shout at her for kissing Severus. Hermione grinned and changed into a dark panther that seemed to exist in shadows only. She walked over to her father and nuzzled him gently, the swatted the ground with her front paws playfully. Her antics broke the tension and when she changed back, most of the room was back to normal. She turned to the serpent. /What is your name, and species?/ She asked it gently.

/I don't have a name, and I am a newly hatched basilisk./ It answered raising it's head and looking at the group.

/Then why are none of us dead? I have met your eyes at least once, so why do we still live?/

/You live because my eyes have a second lid, to keep them from killing anyone without trying./ The young basilisk hissed to the girl.

"Why don't you take this snake to be your familiar?" Lucius asked, looking at the pure-white serpent.

"It is a basilisk." Hermione answered. "Do you really think that Dumbledore would allow me to have a deadly snake as a familiar?" She said snidely.

"You are the Heir of Salazar Slytherin, and therefore you can bypass the rules of familiars." Snape retorted. "It's not like you can't control it, more so than a normal witch or wizard that is." He added when they all looked at him in shock.

/How would you like to be my new familiar?/ Hermione asked the snake in question. /As long as you don't hurt anyone you will not be harmed./ She promised.

/I will do it./ The snake answered without hesitation. /What name will you give me?/ It asked tilting its head slightly.

/Your name shall be Sieara./ Hermione hissed at her new familiar.

"Princess, what gender is it? I wish to provide you with the supplies required for your new familiar." Narissa stated gently to her niece.

"Sieara is a female, Narissa." Voldemort answered looking between his daughter and Snape. "All speakers can tell the gender of the serpent they speak to." He informed his in-laws. "We will speak about your intentions towards my daughter tomorrow." He said to Severus. "Just because Hermione can turn into a panther doesn't get you out of this conversation." He commented dryly. "Nice try though, Princess." He added looking at his blushing daughter.

"Yes, My Lord."
"Okay Daddy." They replied in unison, Snape bowing to his master and Hermione giving a mock salute.