#Something about eight o'clock#

She was renting the studio up on the second floor.

"Hi! I guess you're the newbies, huh?"

He suspected nothing and expected nothing—much less aware of what consequences ahead.

"I mean, we haven't had a new renter ever since—well, me, at least. Everyone moved away—but I've got school, so I'll be here long!"

Nobody's ever been so forward to him before, let alone approached to him in such a way.

"So, if you rented—obviously, this's a pretty high-class condominium, with guards and all—where're you from?"

Normally, he'd brush people who dare conceitedly talk to him away.

But her intentions were clear and sincere. He doubted he would have minded even if she kidnapped and put him in a sack of rice for interrogation.

Not with that face.

"That's a pretty long way home, Man… I'm only just two cities away! Not saying you should stop by or something—" She had looked like she was on the verge of swearing in her failure. Instead, she had wisely chosen to abruptly change the topic. "Do you study in the high school three blocks away?"

It was his mother's choice, and it wasn't like she ever visited, anyway.

…He loved his mother, but at such times when absolutely unnecessary things were done, he'd rather just melt at the spot and writhe in the embers of embarrassment.

He finally had a good life in school—friends—at the very least someone whom he was comfortable talking to—grades, a faithful if clingy girlfriend—whose relationship with him only just started out of mere texting and, as far as he could tell, was nothing more he would want to escalate. He would always wonder why his mother would prefer him to move at such the wrong time.

"You do? Oh God—that's where I go to!" She paused at first, looking at her feet. "Um, well, I've gotta go. Hope you're enjoying your stay!"

She turned her back on him after waving, and ran up the stairs. He stared after her, leaving him stunned at her sudden leave. He stepped out of the threshold of his flat to look at where she disappeared to, but stayed on where he was: He wouldn't risk going up the second floor. Not on his first day here.

Thinking about how he wasn't ever going to make many friends in this stupid place, he slipped on his headphones and went back in his flat, where his brother was asking if he had an extra pen, to which he replied a no.

He dropped himself on the couch, listening to the melody and beat of his music.

He didn't even know her, and she didn't know him.

He couldn't help but wonder, though…

What could be her name?

It was the first day of school, and he was very late.

Sluggish as he was, he only woke up so early, however couldn't pull off taking a shower in less than thirty minutes. (His brother had already commented on his pitchy singing in the bathroom and complained about stopping it. He only shrugged and forced a smile.) He fell asleep in front of the television again and who else but his brother could wake him up?

"C'mon, you slowpoke!"

He was looting a few candies when his brother dragged him outside to the condominium's parking lot.

"We've gotta go, we're gonna be late for school!"

Idly nodding, he zipped up his bag close and followed the younger sibling.

"Just hold on," he said, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "In a second."

They were past the guardhouse and were now in front of the gate, waiting for the bus to get them to school.

His brother was staring thoughtfully at the sky. "Y'know, I was wondering who our classmates might be. It'd be pretty awkward if they are weeabos."

He added, thinking as though a joke must be supplied, "Or Wapanese. How about we just put them in one place—and then they'd have the biggest population ever."

The brothers slammed their knuckles, chuckling.

Suddenly, the large gate opened: A car came into view, being driven out of the parking lot.

The guard, who was a plump, middle-aged man with a balding head, called to the brothers from the guardhouse, stopping at writing his police log (or the like.) "Better get out of the way, boys."

They did, and just when the car was about to head into the empty street, its window was being paned down, slowly revealing a familiar girl.

"Hey!" It was that girl from the other day. She was sitting at the back seat of the car, hanging out from the window as she talked to the two confused—and pleasantly surprised—brothers. "This your brother? Well, c'mon in!"

He couldn't believe this. She actually thinks…?

"For real?" he said, eyes widening. His brother cast him a sidelong glance which was screaming with worry and utter puzzlement, pleading for an enlightening he didn't bother giving. "We just—"

He looked in her eyes and he just knew that he had to think what he was about to say through.

It'd be very rude to say that they just met. Then again, so's not introducing yourself. He figured…

"…I didn't get your name."

The girl's eyes bulged, and she apologised. "I'm so sorry! I just forgot—Rin!"

"Er, gesundheit," his brother lamely butted in. He shot him an appalled look.

Then he turned to the girl. "What?"

"Kagamine—Rin, that is. Rin Kagamine." Before scooting a few feet away, she unlocked the door to let the two come inside. The brothers exchanged different looks—sheepish and tentative. "Tell me yours once you get in."

"You sure? We're not intruding your privacy—anything?" His brother really needed to shut up.

"He's Oliver." He reached out his hand to her, clambering up the back seat. "And I'm Len Makoto. Nice meeting you, Rin."

Black Heart

YES! Ideas are rolling in! XD It's that time of the month, yes (When I'm NOT on my period.) This's kinda based on Harvest Moon's "heart events," which I thought to be pretty cool at first until it came with the "rivals" -.- I was thinking about using the "Social Links" thing in Persona, but meh. "Makoto" was Persona 3's movie's protagonist's first name, and I used it as Len's surname xD Yeah man! Please leave reviews or such. The title was, I've to admit, RANDOM… It's pretty catchy, so whatever. More RinxLen in later chapters! And it'll be totes sweeter.