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Summery: Twenty years sense they graduated high school, now the class of 1999 is having their 20th high school reunion. Buffy hasn't staked a vampire in over 8 years, she has 2 daughters one 15, and one 3, what will happen at the reunion, will Angel be there?

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We are at the Summers' home in Fallbrook, California, Buffy's eldest daughter, Katie walks in with the mail.

"Hi Katie, how was school?" Buffy yelled from the living room.

"Good Mom, got the mail," Katie replied.

"Anything for me?" a tiny voice said, it was Buffy's second daughter, Melissa.

"No Mel, there is no mail for you, but Mom you got a letter from Sunny Dale High and The Watchers Council," Katie said.

"Mom what's a Watchers Council?" Melissa asked.

"Nothing honey, Katie can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Buffy said sternly.

"Ok," Katie said.

We are in the kitchen.

"You know I don't want your sister know about that stuff," Buffy said.

"Sooner or later she is going to need to know where she is from, and I'm not talking about the sex talk, Mom I know and I fine," Katie said.

"You were ten when it happened, your sister wasn't even a week old, when..." Buffy said.

"When our parents are turned into vampires, Mom, Buffy, we are not sisters, and I am not your kid, and you are The Slayer, you should be out slaying, or at least go to your high school reunion," Katie argued.

"I haven't slayed anything in over 8 years, and you expect me to visit the Hellmouth," Buffy said trying not to raise her voice so Melissa wouldn't hear.

"Come on Buffy it is not like they know you are The Slayer," Katie argued.

"Did I ever tell you about Graduation Day?" Buffy asked.

"No," Katie said interested.

"Well it is a story that you will never hear, and with me not having killed anything in the past few years I'm not in shape if any vampires or demons want to take me," Buffy said thinking that she had won.

"Mom, you teach private self-defense and ancient weapons usage lessons!" Katie argued and to finish it off, "And I want to see Willow and Xander and Anya and Aunt Dawn and Giles."

"Giles is in England," Buffy said.

"He's coming for the reunion, that's what he told me a week ago," Katie said.

"Fine, but the minute someone mentions Vampires ext. we are going," Buffy said.

"Fine it is in 2 days," Katie said.

"2 DAYS!" Buffy yelled as she grabbed the paper out of Katie's hands to see that is was 2 days, "Help your sister pack."

After Katie let to get Melissa and her-self pack, Buffy sighed and said "God, I hope I don't run into Spike."

In L.A. Cordy walking into Angel Investigations with the Sunny Dale High Reunion letter.

"Hi, you guys, Angel, do you want to come to Sunny Dale with me?" Cordy asked.

"Why, what's wrong?" Angel asked worried, the he and Cordy thing didn't workout, but they were still friends.

"Nothing, it is the Sunny Dale High 20th High School Reunion, wana come?" Cordy asked.

"Will Buffy be there?" Angel asked half hoping yes, but half hoping no.

"I don't know she hasn't stepped a foot in Sunny Dale in over 10 years, frankly I don't even know if she is alive," Cordy said.

"Why not, but if Xander calls me Dead-Boy I will kill him, soul or no soul," Angel said half joking.

"Fine with me, so I guess we are off to the Hellmouth," Cordy said.

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