Adelayde woke so suddenly and so violently that her cold and stiff body lurched upright. She gasped for air, her silver eyes wide and nearly blinded by the medical lights. She could feel the needles under her skin, feel the bandages and machines hooked up to her. She gulped in the air that her lungs so desperately needed. This wasn't the first time she had died, and it sure wasn't going to be her last. She looked around the surgical room as the medical staff backed away from her. She growled angrily at them and they all flinched.

"What have you done to me?" she snarled, feeling her body change and shift as she became more and more alive.

"You were dead! How can someone who is dead come back to life?!" asked one of the medical staff, inching closer to her.

"I'm not human. And you shouldn't have tampered with my body," she growled, pulling tubes and wires from her body, feeling no pain due to the adrenaline that was coursing through her body.

"Your DNA is that of a cross species. Furyan, and something else. Something animal," the scientist said, looking up at her with awe.

Adelayde snarled and groaned when her top two very human incisor teeth feel from her mouth and were replaced with long, lethal fangs. The two incisors on the bottom did the same, as her jaw changed shape to accommodate her new teeth. She felt her fingernails lengthen and curve at the ends, making small but sharp claws. Her ears grew slightly longer, growing into two sonar like appendages that made her already heightened sense of hearing even better. She still had no sense of taste, but her sense of smell sharpened and she relished the scent of fear that the human mercs were giving off. She felt her muscles tighten and expand, growing larger and stronger. She let out an ungodly scream of pain as her bones shifted and grew, making everyone in the room flinch and clamp their hands over their ears.

"Put her down! She's getting too dangerous!" shouted one of the scientists.

Adelayde didn't want to die again. Every time she did part of her human soul died with her body. She had to stay alive. There was someone she had to stay alive for. She couldn't remember who, but she just knew she had to stay alive. Leaping from the table that she was sitting on, she clawed, scratched, bit and tore every scientist apart. She wouldn't allow them to live. Not after they had ruined her. She felt something wet roll down her cheeks and she raised a blood soaked hand to see what it was. Tears. She was crying, and yet she didn't know why.