Got another Idea this will be my third fanfic

Hope you guys like it

Its genderbend

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One day in highschool

Other students are in a hurry to go to their own classes and others just got enter the gate

When a certain some one just enter one rooms of the building

Its like that his an invisible or something

This some one is Luke Heartfilla

Since the first day he always got bullied by the students because of his looks

His classmates or even school mates bully him calling him names like nerd , dork , bookworm , loser , etc..

Luke has a weird blonde hair ( look like bowl putting to much gel ) , big round glasses : Dork glasses always wear a sweater and always stick his nose on a book

Even if he's like this he has a secret that when the school finish he became like some one new

He has a friend who always save him from being bully but not everytime cause its not nice that a girl is always saving him

What is his secret? Lets find out shall we? ^-^

Chappy 1

One fine day just like and ordinary day for Luke

"Hey guys check it out whos here " Sophie said

Sophie the leader of the group and cheerleader team

"It's the geek " Sam said

"Why is he even here?" Lil said

"Come on guys let's have some fun " Sophie said

With that her lackeys went to Luke

"hey loser" She said

Luke didn't answer

"Hey she's talking to you , answer him idiot" With that Bill ( Sophie's toy for the week ) push Luke to the wall

" I don't want a fight " Luke whisper

But Sophie heard it

"Don't want a fight ( laugh )" Sophie laugh and repeat it so many times between her laughs

Her lackeys also laugh

"Well to bad for you cause we want to" with that she motion Bill to punch Luke

Bill crack his knuckles as he dash to punch Luke

And as his punch near to Luke's face , it stopped when they heard some one yelled "STOP"

They look to the person and saw a long raven hair

"Stop it , its not prohibited to fight in the school it can make you all bully to drop out " the girl said

" tch here comes the stripper to the rescue " Sophie said

"Come on guys lets leave this two losers "

And with that they walk but Sophie stop and said to Luke " We're not over yet Sick-boy "

And continue to walk off

The girl went to Luke and help him

"Are you alright Luke?"

"Yeah Im alright Grace thanks for the help "

" Its alright were friends right (?) and also why you didn't fight back?" Grace ask

"You know I hate to fight right"

"Yeah but at least try defend your self"

"Its ok and also if I fight back they will just bully me more "

"But isn't it the same if you don't fight back"

Luke just shrug

"Thanks again I really really love you"

With that said Grace stop walking and look at Luke whith some tinted pink on cheeks

"W-what are you saying all of the sudden?"

"What? Its true I love you cause you're the bestest of bestest friends in whole wide world"

Grace felt hurt best friends huh friend zone Grace thought

"Come on stop blubbling well going to be late" and with that Grace walk faster and left Luke behind

"Hey wait for me"

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Luke –Lucy

Grace –Gray