For anon, who requested, "everyone wakes up genderflipped for some reason."

"Eric, if you don't get us out of this fucking freaky sci fi bullshit you're going to be really glad you don't have balls anymore."

Kensi raises her - his? - eyebrows and whispers to Deeks, "Wow, I don't think I've ever heard Sam cuss before."

Deeks doesn't look up from his boobs. "I think technically you still haven't."

Sam growls and says something under his breath that sounds a lot like "I hope you're on your period."

Callen clears his throat. It sounds like birds singing. "Okay, big guy." He looks at his partner and frowns. "Big girl? Nice girl? My special lady friend?"

Sam's not smiling. "I'm glad you all are having fun with this."

Deeks has started fondling his boobs. "I will have fun with this forever."

Kensi swats Deeks' hand away and accidentally brushes her hand against his chest. Something stirs in her pants and she's simultaniously horrified and excited.

"That's not fair, Fern - wait, why are you blushing?"

Kensi turns even redder and tries to surreptitiously clasp her hands in front of her.

"You know what we should do?" Deeks says, eyes bright and lashes luxurious. "We should kick Kensi in the balls so she can truly appreciate the sensation!"

Kensi snorts. "Yeah, sure, right after we put you in a lycra miniskirt and six inch heels and then make you jump a chain-link fence."

Deeks' face lights up even more. He's stunning. "Do you think Hetty has one of those?"

"Got it!" Eric says, manicured nails tapping rapidly across his keyboard. "This should -"

Deeks puts up his hands. "No, wait, I want to see these things in a push-up -"

There's a flash of white light and Kensi's pants loosen considerably.

"- bra."

"Oh, thank god."

Beside her, Deeks sighs. "Do you think Hetty will still let me wear the heels?"