For irony-rocks, who requested: "magical realism"

"Oh man," Deeks panted as he pressed himself more firmly against the crate. The wooden, flammable crate. "Kensi is going to kill us."

"Us?" Callen shook his head, lowering himself down beside Deeks. "Uh uh. She is going to kill you."


"You're the one that pissed off the dragon. Plus?" Callen waved his hand in Deeks' general direction. "Hydro-mage. You should have doused it long before it reached the SRX."

"Ever heard of fighting fire with fire? You could toss some flames in his direction and keep the heat off us a little, you know."

"And risk scorching her car more? Fat chance of that. I'm keeping my pyrotechnics out of this particular encounter."

Deeks stuck his head out for a second, only to wrench it back in as another blast of firey breath bore down on them. "I find it hard to believe that me pelting him with water will do us any favors."

"So, we're agreed then."

"Looks like it. But you're going to have to ask her. I'm thinking she's going to refuse any requests that come from me."

"You made her port you from a bad date again, didn't you?"

"Hey, don't judge me. If you'd spent the evening with that witch, you would have wanted to vanish too."

Callen sighed. "You owe me a case of beers for this."


Callen pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial. "Hey, Eric. Is Nell there?"