Disclaimers: Kingdom Hearts is in no way mine and truly, the only thing mine about the whole thing is the actual story. 1,500 words written in roughly thirty minutes.

I suppose I need an explanation. I love urban legends and quite possibly, this might be the beginning of a series of legends that I'll be making up... Please read and review!

Part 1: The Ribbon

My best friend is part of a strange legend on the island.

It hadn't always been that way, sadly. The story itself didn't start being told until we were six years old and our other friend, Riku, was seven. You see, that was the year that Sora disappeared. I guess I should start with that, since it's important to the urban legend. You always need a beginning, I suppose...

Back then, there was a man who fell in love with my best friend, Sora. Sora was only six years old but he knew better than to follow strangers home. But the man was insistent and tried to get Sora to go somewhere with him. The old man said that he was a beautiful little boy and wouldn't Sora follow him home so he could put him in his pocket and keep him safe. He swore to Sora up and down that he would keep him safe, as long as he came with him right now.

You see, the old man had been crying when he was saying all this to my friend. He had been crying and grabbing Sora around the shoulders to keep him from leaving. All the while, he kept stroking Sora's hair and trying to pull it out, like he was frightened for it. He kept calling him Terra. Even to this day, no one has any idea who Terra is. There's a theory that Terra was the man's son, since he also kept calling Sora 'son' and 'my child' while talking to him.

Getting scared, Sora ran away and found a police officer and told him everything that happened. He showed him the bruises that the stranger had given him and repeated what he said. Within a couple minutes, they picked up the man and took him to the station. Sora was asked to identify him.

You know how the line-up room has a sheet of plated glass, one that you're not supposed to be able to see through from the inside? It looks like a mirror from that side. It's either a one way glass or a two way glass, I can never remember the difference but I do know that the reflection doesn't let you look to the other side of the window. But somehow the man still knew Sora was there on the other side and he began talking to him. He said only said one thing before they put him in one of the cells, though:

"Who do you want your ribbon to go to, Terra? Remember, son, it has to go to someone special. It has to be someone you love. I wouldn't want it any other way. Remember, son, you have to give it to someone special! It is for someone special! For someone you love!"

He was crying the whole time he was talking, like he didn't want to keep saying it.

No one knows why Sora answered him, not even him. I remember him telling me that he had to answer the question and that he felt like he needed to answer the question. That something bad would happen if he didn't say something. He didn't know why he said what he said but he had said the first name that had come to mind. Before anyone could stop him, Sora grabbed the microphone and said a name.

He said that he wanted his ribbon to go to Kairi. Me.

After he had said my name, the old man just smiled and nodded at Sora before becoming completely quiet. He didn't say anything after that, even went peacefully with the officers that took him away. The officer that had been with Sora asked him what the ribbon was supposed to mean. Sora didn't know. He had no idea what the ribbon was or why the old man was so insistent on giving one to me.

Four days later, Sora went missing while he was walking from school to go home for something he had forgotten. He had always been forgetful and this time he had forgotten a math book that we were using in class. The teacher cried and cried when she realized that by yelling at him and telling him to go get it, it was her fault that he was gone.

At the same time, the old man disappeared from inside of his cell. Everyone claimed that the old man had waited his time until no one suspected him and simply left to pick Sora up. There's more than a few rumors running around the island to what happened to him: he was dead, the old man was keeping him hostage in another part of the island, that the man's son Terra might have been replaced by him...

All I really know is that I haven't seen Sora since. It's been almost ten years since he's disappeared... but there's something that happened that makes me believe that Sora wasn't just taken away.

A day after Sora vanished, I found a red ribbon on my windowsill. It was one of those little thin ribbons that everyone uses for Christmas presents or for tying Valentine's Day chocolates up with. When I picked it up, I discovered it was covered in a dark red sticky liquid that smelled really strange. It stained my clothes when I brought it inside.

I don't know what made me wash it. Like Sora in the line up room, I felt compelled to take it inside and to bring it to the bathroom to clean. I used up three bars of soap getting the red stuff of it. But when I was done, I noticed something funny about the ribbon, something even stranger than the metallic smell of the thing. It was dark brown and was soft like velvet. There was a blue patch at the end of it that was almost leathery and that bit of it dangled off of the end like a lucky charm. It was sewn up like a triangle, like someone had cut up something bigger and folded it up into that tiny shape.

No one believed me when I said it was the exact color of Sora's hair or that the blue part was the same color as Sora's eyes.

But now there's a legend surrounding my friend and whenever I wear the ribbon, I can almost believe it. The legend goes that if you're walking alone on a road one morning, you'll see a little boy begin to follow you. There's two ways that the legend goes: if you don't stop and you keep going, the little boy will follow you the entire way until you reach your destination. When you turn back to look at him, he won't look at you but he'll grab your sleeve and say that you're a good runner. After this interaction, you'll never see him again but you will find a bright red handprint on your shirt, like he dipped his hand in paint before touching you.

They say that you should never throw away the shirt he ruined, as the little boy will protect you from dark spirits in the night. It's supposed to be good luck and some kids pay a lot of money to get one of these lucky shirts for some reason, though the charm isn't supposed to work if you give the shirt away.

If you stop and talk to him, the boy will frown at you and ask if you'd like a present. He'll always be reluctant and give you chances to say no. He'll keep asking if you're sure or if you want to reconsider. He'll give you reasons why you shouldn't take the present, like you shouldn't talk to strangers and what if your mom saw you talking to him. You'll get in trouble. If you insist, the little boy will start saying things to you, things that no one except you is supposed to know in order to discourage you. He'll tell you your worst nightmares in order to get you to stop. Everyone agrees that he wants to keep the present for himself. That it's something better than the lucky handprint. But if you keep agreeing and ask for it, he'll say that you have to give it to someone you love, someone special, and that he won't have it any other way. He'll ask you for a name and promise to deliver the present for you.

Within four days, you'll disappear and no one will ever see you again. But the day after you go away, the person you love will find a little boy standing under the window with a ribbon in his hand...