"Bella, can you get me a coffee before you get to work?" I heard the deep voice ask through the speaker of my brand, spanking, new iPhone. Edward had demanded that I have a smart phone to be able to keep up with the demands. I nodded to his question and then almost slapped myself on the forehead because I knew that he couldn't hear me.

"I've already got it Edward." I laughed. He had called me every morning before work to ask me to bring him a large, black coffee. It was even outlined in my handy-dandy book of cheats. The book was absolutely amazing. It was a collaboration of notes from every personal assistant that Edward Cullen has ever had. It had my general tasks, dress codes, phone numbers, and everything else that I could ever think about wanting.

"I'm glad you're on it Bella! I'll see you soon!" I sighed as he hung up. Working with Edward was pretty great to say the least. He was a great boss and almost everyone else that I worked with along with him was great. I felt very comfortable with him.

The past two weeks had been incredibly interesting. First, Reed had his first bout of chemotherapy. I literally broke my heart for them to stick so many needles in my baby boy but I knew it was the only way for him to get better. After finishing the therapy it was even worse. I had to pull over three times for Reed to puke before we actually made it home. He spent the rest of the day and the next in bed absolutely miserable. The doctor's told me that it would get better but it certainly didn't make me feel and better about it.

Then, I had to quit my job at Brandon's. I just couldn't be a PA and a waitress. I did, however, keep my job at Leg's. I didn't know how much money I would be making and I needed the security for whenever I had paid off the debt to Edward. Plus, once I paid that debt off I'd want to start classes and stripping to pay for college seemed kind of romantic to me. Maybe I was just kidding myself but you know what they say? Ignorance is bliss.

Alice had taken over for Angela on the babysitting end. Angie had started doing later rotations and met an orderly named Brian or Ben or something like that. They had apparently been spending a good bit of time together. She wanted more time with him and I understood. If I had a man I'd like to be spending more time with him too. As it was, I had Reed and Wyatt and I'd kill to have more time with them and Rose and Alice. Alice was much closer to Rose and me than Angela was. We had all taken our GED tests together and it just worked.

I nodded at the doorman and he smiled and I got in the elevator and made my way to the top floor. I had to stifle a laugh when Edward showed me. I really shouldn't had been surprised but little ole' me was not used to working on the top floor just outside of the corner office.

I stepped out of the elevator and headed to the large silver double doors that were right in front of me. I shuffled my purse, my hot chocolate, Edward's coffee, and the handy-dandy cheat sheet notebook to open them. Then I hurried to my desk which sat in the very middle of the room. I set everything down. To the right of my desk was the doorway to the CFO, Ben Cheney. Ben was a really sweet guy who was honestly, very shy. He could talk to Edward like nothing but when it came to talking to a woman I swear he just couldn't do it.

To the left of my desk was the doorway to the COO, Jared Cameron. Jared was also a really nice guy but he was quick to hit on me. I recognized him from the club the night that the Cullen boys had bought us out. Thankfully, I didn't serve him and he didn't remember me. Or, maybe he was just being polite by not bringing it up. Either way I was grateful.

I grabbed the coffee and knocked on the door that was behind my desk. I heard a 'come in,' and I pushed open the door to be greeted with three pair of eyes staring at me. I gave a hesitant smile to the Cullen boy's before I walked to Edward's desk and set his coffee down. He gave me and smile and a wink before I turned and walk back to the door and I heard Jasper and Emmett laughing behind me. It made me feel a wee bit self-conscious but hey, I'll live.

I made myself comfortable at my desk and did all my normal morning paper work. I handled the calls, I smiled and chatted with Jared and Ben when they came in, and I did everything else that a PA would need to do. I almost felt more like a secretary than a PA since I did a lot of work for Ben and Jared as well Edward. I didn't mind though. It made me feel intelligent and useful.

But, I had a very, very bad feeling.

Around five o'clock four men walked in. Three of them were tall and very muscular while the last one, who looked like the 'leader,' was shorter and leaner. He had long, dark hair and a creepy smile. Alarm bells were going off in my head but I maintained my cool, professional attitude.

"Hello, can I help you?" I smiled and addressed the group. Edward, Ben, and Jared rarely had visitors who didn't work at the company. I knew this was unusual. I even thought I heard one of the bigger guys mumble something about the ways that I could help him. I ignored it.

"Oh, aren't you a doll!" The creepy man exclaimed. "Edward did well to pick up a lovely little thing like you." He giggled. I mean really giggled. It sent shivers down my spine. Something was very, very wrong. "Could you be a dear and ask Edward to come out here to speak to me? It's very important." He flashed his creepy grin again.

I almost stuttered, "Uhm, name sir?"

He grinned again, "Aro Volturi, lovely girl." I quickly checked the computer to see if he had a meeting with Edward and he didn't.

"Sir, Mr. Cullen is a very busy man and you don't have an appointment. I can set one up for you if you'd like?" I gave him my best smile. I wanted him gone as soon as possible.

He slowly pulled his jacket back and then I saw it. It was a silver handle that was sticking out of obscure holster. From first impressions I believed it was a Beretta. I froze. I understood that this man meant business and having a dad as a cop helped put me through the motions. "I'm sure that he can make sometime for an old friend. Just call and check. For me baby doll."

I wanted to puke, scream, and cry at the same time. But, I didn't I picked up the phone and urged my fingers to steady so that I could dial Edward's extension. He answered after a beat. "Yes, Bella." I almost lost it then.

"Mr. Cullen, you have some visitors who want to know if you can come speak to them." I could even hear the shake in my voice and I'm pretty sure he could hear it too.

"Bella," his tone was no longer lighthearted. He had his business voice out. "Who is it?"

"Aro Volturi." I answered simply. More words would just complicate things for all of us. I heard him hiss.

"Okay Bella, I'll be out. Just stay calm and relax. They won't hurt you." Then I heard him say something to Jasper and Emmett before the line went dead and I smiled as politely as I could to Mr. Volturi.

"He will be out shortly. Can I get you guys anything?" One of the big guys grinned and stepped forward before placing his hands in front of me on my desk. Then he gave me a cocky grin.

"Baby, how about we step outside and get a little more acquainted. If you know what I'm saying." He sounded like a bad movie. I had to contain my laughs because if the creep was packing, I'm sure his three henchmen were.

"Demetri, quit tormenting my assistant." I didn't have to turn around to know that Edward was the one who spoke. The man named Demetri looked up to Edward and slowly backed away from me.

Demetri sneered over my head, "She'd gladly come home with me Eddie. Just you wait."

Edward laughed deeply and came to stand next to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I instantly relaxed and I felt someone else stand on my other side. I think it was Jasper but I was too nervous to look over at him. "Demetri, you should know when someone is out of your league."

Mr. Volturi interrupted. "Edward, Jasper, Emmett I think you know why we're here so let's just get on with it."

Emmett spoke next, "I think we can all honestly say that we don't have a clue what you're talking about Aro." This was the most serious that I have ever heard Emmett sound. I was getting more and more scared about this situation.

Then, I don't know who pulled first but there were guns drawn and safeties removed. This was when I noticed that Jared and Ben had come out here. I had to do a double-take when I saw little sweetheart Ben holding a Glock aimed at Mr. Volturi and his cronies. My adrenaline was so high at this point that I was kind of worried that I was going to have a heart attack.

"I want to know what happened to my shipment Emmett." Aro sounded dangerous and I was frightened. This was not how I imagined my day at work.

"Your shipment of what?" Jasper asked.

"My shipment of coke! You're cheating me out of my money Cullen. I don't like it. I want the product or I want my money!" He shouted and everyone else seemed frozen.

"Aro, we didn't take your shipment. You're barking up the wrong tree." Edward was calm. Too calm.

Aro moved and then his Beretta was staring me down. I was fucking terrified now. Screw being a cop's daughter. Nothing prepares you for this shit. Edward and Jasper each had a hand one my shoulder and they were tense.

"I'm going to ask you one more time. Where is my shipment?" The vein in the side of Aro's neck was huge and blue.

"Damn it Aro! We didn't take your fucking shipment! Leave the girl alone! This has nothing to do with her." Emmett practically exploded. I was shocked because I didn't believe that he had it in him. However, it seemed that Aro relaxed and lowered his gun. Everyone followed suit.

"Okay. I believe you boys. Give Carlisle and Esme my best!" He winked at me. "Bye doll face." And then he and his minions were out the door and gone.

"Man, that fucker is insane." Jasper groaned next to me. "Are you okay Bella?"

The four words just made me snap. I stood up and backed away from all five of them. "Am I okay? Am I okay?! What the fuck do you think?! Sure! I'm fucking dandy! I just had a mother fucking gun pointed in my face and thought that I was going to be fucking seeing Jesus tonight! No! I am not fucking okay! What the fuck just happened?!" All the men in the room looked sheepish.

"Bella, calm down for a minute and we can explain." Jasper tried to soothe me and then it hit me.

"You bastards are really apart of the mafia. Oh my God." I collapsed back in my chair. "I work for the fucking mafia."

"No, Bella, you work for a one hundred percent legitimate company. Nothing illegal touches this company. You work for me. You would never get in trouble for anything that the mob would get in trouble for. I would never do that to you Bella. You've got to believe that." Edward's tone of voice and his eyes pleaded with me. I groaned.

"You know? I should have fucking known. I can be an absolute idiot sometimes but the mob? Is this some kind of joke? Some kind of strange office initiation?" I looked at their blank faces. "Okay then, this is obviously not a joke. So, how often will I have to deal with shit like that?" I motioned towards the now closed door.

The guy's mouths were hanging open.

"What?" I protested. "Is there like something on my face?"

Jared recovered first. "No, Bella. It's just, well, none of the PA's have ever handled that bit of news well. Something similar to this happened to the last PA and she had her stuff packed and was gone by the end of the work day. You just seem, I don't know? Okay with it or something?" He rubbed the back of his head with his hand and his jacket was open and you could see the gun and holster peeking out of it.

"Honey, I don't have much of a choice. Besides, my dad was a police chief and I live a colorful life. Not much surprises me anymore." I shrugged.

Edward looked sad. "Bella, if you don't feel comfortable with this it's alright. Don't let your pride get in the way here."

I looked him dead in the eye. "Edward, I like it here. I like this job and I'm prideful. Today wasn't the first time I've had a gun pointed at my head."

All eyes and the room snapped to me, "What?!" Edward exclaimed.

"I've been mugged before. It's Chicago, I live in a shadier part of town, I'm a stripper, and I used to be a prostitute. It was an occupational hazard."

"Bella, you were a prostitute?" Edward looked like he was breaking apart. It kind of made my heart hurt but I wasn't sure why.

"Yep. Back in the day. After my grandmother got really sick and Rose and I had just gotten our GED's. We moved out into the apartment that we live in now. We were both waitresses and working for Newton but we were so new that we were hardly making enough to cover rent let alone buy food for Reed and Wyatt. Those were dark times. Rose and I hardly ever ate and we lost a lot of weight. I knew that I had to do something so I turned to street corners." I looked Edward deep in the eye. "I made great money and Rose and I had food to eat again. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I needed too." I then turned to Emmett. "Don't you dare tell Rose that either."

Edward and Emmett's mouths fell open. "Rosalie doesn't know?!" Emmett almost yelled.

"No and if I get my way she will never know. Rose already blames herself for just about every bad thing that had happened in my life thus far. She doesn't need something else on her shoulders."

Emmett scoffed. "Rosie is a bit overdramatic, what does she think she did?"

I hesitated. This was a big deal but I guess fussing up to my prostitution days.

"Rose thinks that it's her fault that we were raped." I was straight and to the point. The men almost gasped. It was almost comical.

"You and Rose were raped?" Edward's hands were clenched so tightly I thought that he might lose feeling in them.

I laughed. It was a dry, sad, broken laugh. "Why do you think we have six-year-old sons? Why do you think that I'm severely unattached, living with my best friend, and am caring for my son without virtually any help. If Reed's father was in the picture, I would have brought him to the meeting with you. Even if we weren't together anymore."

Emmett actually did gasp and tried to do the math in his head.

"We were fifteen." I interrupted him.

"What… what happened Bella?" Edward asked gently. He was looking at me in a completely different light. It was probably a good idea. No man wanted a girl who was used and thrown away.

"Rose and I went to this party and met up with our boyfriends. Rose's boyfriend had been pressuring her for sex and she said no and we went to the bathroom. We came back and drank our drinks. The next thing I remember is being drug out to the woods and blacking out. We woke up the next morning and didn't tell a soul. Cleaned everything up and just tried to act like it didn't happen. Two months later we found out we were pregnant. After we refused to have abortions our parents shipped us out to live with my grandmother." My face softened. "I love Reed and Wyatt more than anything. You've never seen them but I'm pretty sure that they are brothers. I've been waiting for the day to come that they figure it out or the day they want to meet their dad."

I was swept up in Edward's arms and he held me tightly. I closed my eyes and just relaxed; it was comfortable.

Emmett looked at me and I could almost see the tears in his eyes. "Bella, you and Rosie are the toughest women that I have ever met. You're amazing." Then he pulled me into a hug. Pretty soon even Jasper, Ben, and Jared hugged me. I laughed and I felt loved. It was a nice feeling.

That night Edward drove me home and walked me to my apartment. It was kind of embarrassing because Edward was used to class and honestly, I lived in trash.

"Bella," His green eyes looked like they were staring into my soul. "I promise to always be here for you. No matter what." He hugged me again and then kissed my cheek before turning on his heel and walked down the stairs.

I smiled faintly and touched my cheek.

I could see that change was coming.

I just hoped I was ready.

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