When will I forget you?

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'Nyan! I'm a neko' - thoughts

"Nyan! I'm a neko" - talking

"Nyan! I'm a neko" - talking on the phone

Chapter 1 : The farewell party

"Get into position everyone!"





And the group photo was taken.

(The positions in the photo: Naruto had his arms around Hinata who was blushing madly, Shikamaru looked half asleep while Temari's trying to wake him up, Sai was holding Ino's waist, while Neji had his hands in his pockets and Tenten was grinning, making a peace sign with her fingers).

This was the fourth time they were taking the group photo. Because Naruto was too much of a baka to even set the timer on. And now they are debating whether to keep the most recent photo or take another one, the group chose the former as everybody was too tired.

As Temari looked at the photo, she moved her gaze and glared at Shikamaru, punching him lightly.

"Oww! What was that for troublesome woman!"

"Ne, Shika-kun why are your eyes always droopy in each and every pic?" Temari asked putting her hands on her hips, with an eyebrow raised.

"Troublesome," Shikamaru mumbled which Temari heard. "What's so troublesome about smiling? The least you could have done was to…you know, opened your eyes!" Temari exaggerated . "Tch! Whatever." Shikamaru said in a bored tone.

Temari and Shikamaru made a cute couple, they were exact opposites; Shikamaru's a lazyass while Temari's a loud spunky chic, a match made in heaven.

Hinata and Naruto, they're exact opposites too… Now all that's left is for dumb ole' Naruto to realize Hinata's feelings towards him.

Sai and Ino also made a cute couple even though they've been in a relationship for as long as a month.

Sakura and Sasuke, well they're a different story. They were acting more and more like strangers ever since Sasuke announced that he was getting married to the president of his fanclub, Watanabe Karin.

Both (Karin and Sasuke) of their fathers own a company so something like that was bound to happen, one way or the other. Because of the fact that Sasuke's dad is the one of world's richest billionaires and Karin's father also happens to be in that list...so...it happened, they got engaged. Whether they liked it or not.

Everyone knew that Sakura has or had a crush on Sasuke. Sasuke, himself also knew about this. Sakura's confession to him, when they were in eighth grade made it all clear to him that she liked him. But during that time, he was in a relationship with Ami Watanabe, Karin's twin-sister. Sakura was rejected like the many other girls who confessed their love to Sasuke.

Since then, Sakura was too embarrassed to even talk to him. Although they sometimes talk like - 'Can you pass me that?' 'Here.'

Such words that you use while speaking or as you can say talking with a stranger or acquaintance. Though these days they don't even talk to each other anymore. Ever since Sasuke's announcement...

Put that topic aside, Neji and Tenten got engaged during the graduation party yesterday, which was totally unexpected for everyone.

So here they are now at the farewell party, hosted at the grand Hyuuga's... err… mansion.

Everyone from their school was present. If you go behind the mansion, you can see the greenhouse, which is illuminating due to the presence of the light (chandelier) inside it.

The smell of the flowers added a calm and a peaceful sensation to the place. You might be thinking why I am telling you this, well to answer your question, simply it's because this is the gang's usual meeting place.

So here they come - Naruto and Hinata. They were told to come to the main garden because Sasuke said that he had something important to tell them.

"Teme! Why did you call us here? I was about to try…" Naruto barged inside. "N-N-Naruto-kun, you shouldn't be ru-" Hinata spoke in her usual shy voice and stopped midway. Hinata turned towards the direction Naruto was looking at. Her eyes were as wide as saucers when she saw…

"WOW! They are kissing?" Ino asked as she came out of nowhere.

"I- Ino-chan. T-they are engaged so-" Hinata said trying to make Ino understand the situation at hand properly.

"I know. What I meant was why is Uchiha returning the red-head's kiss? Do you know what this means? He really is gonna get married to that red-haired-b****! Apocalypse!" Ino exclaimed sarcastically.

'I can sense that something bad is going to happen,' Hinata thought. The Hyuuga heiress was confused, but just when she was about to ask Ino about what she actually meant. The red-head noticed them.

Karin smirked proudly when she saw them standing - more like gaping - there in the main entrance. "Oh, all of you are early," Karin said using the same tone as Ino.

Noticing the sarcastic tone, Ino returned a comment of her own. "If you don't want us to come then I don't mind leaving."

Ino was about to walk out of the place when a dark, monotone voice spoke up.

"Ino. Stop. I told all of you to come here. So that I could tell you all something. Not, to get caught in a cat fight," Sasuke said.

At the right timing Sai came, holding a glass of champagne. He was utterly confused when he saw a furious Ino, a smirking read-head, a blonde-idiot who looked like a lost sheep, an emotionless looking Uchiha with a hint of frustration on his face and a timid Hinata trying to stop Ino from doing something like a 'cat-fight'.

"Did I miss something?" Sai asked, dumbstrucked.

"Then why is she here? Care to explain?" Ino spat back at Sasuke, but her eyes were on Karin. Completely ignoring her boyfriend's innocent question. Sai thought it was better to calm his girlfriend down rather than to ask what happened before he came. "I guess I should stay back and do what Hinata is doing," Sai mumbled to himself.

Tenten, Temari, Shikamaru and Neji came right after Sai did, after a second. Sai told them what happened, some of the details he knew while Hinata told them the rest.

Tenten and Temari were also furious, they knew that Karin had a way of getting on everyone's nerves. Most importantly their worst nightmare was that - their best friend was really getting married to that slut.

At this situation they thought about keeping that aside for awhile as it looked like Ino was about to go on a killing spree, and it looked like Karin was the first one on her list.

If you noticed this, everyone was there except a certain pinkette.

Sai placed his hand on Ino's shoulder trying and barely calming the furious blonde down. Ino looked at him as she muttered a small, "I'm okay."

Barely enough for him to hear. She then returned her glared at Karin again, before turning towards Sasuke and looking at him straight in the eye. "Okay. Tell us. And this better be good."

"I am goi-" Sasuke was about to finish his sentence when Karin butted in. "We are going to London. So that we can settle down properly like normal couples do," She said with an evil smirk visible on her face.

"YOU! WHAT?!" Naruto yelled, finally snapping out of his confusion.

"What's with all the questions?" Karin spoke back trying to piss them off. Which nobody noticed, or paid attention to.

"Teme! Why are you only telling us this now!" Naruto was beyond furious. Neji was holding him down since Hinata wouldn't be able to control him. Even Shikamaru looked like he was about to punch the Uchiha.

"I was going to and it's only for a year. Yesterday when…"

"Be at the airport tomorrow morning. You all love Sasuke-kun, right?" Karin said with the same victory smirk on her face. 'Serves you all right! Tch!' Karin thought as her inner started dancing.

Tenten and Temari were on the edge of lashing out their anger at the red-head, the only thing in their mind was to kill Karin right on the spot. When they weren't able to control it any longer they walked towards Karin who was standing right beside Sasuke.


No one expected Ino would do something like slapping Karin straight on her face, immediately wiping the annoying smirk on her face. Karin lifted a hand to touch her cheek which immediately reddened and became swollen, a noticeable hand print glowed brightly for the world to see.

Ino and the girls were smiling, seeing Karin's shocked face, while the boys were smirking. "Wanna know why I slapped you?" Ino asked Karin, with a devilish grin.

"That's because you interrupted what that bastard was about to say. I know that you felt lonely since we didn't notice your horrible presence so you tried to seek everyone's attention by continuing Sasuke's sentence, am I correct?" Ino had a final victory smirk on her face.

Karin had nothing to do but to do what she did best and that is... "Sasuke-kun did you see what she just did?! She slapped me straight on my face because I continued what you said. What is there to slap about?! Right? I don't wanna look like this on our wedding day! If she's gonna be there it wo-"

If you guessed whining, then you my friend are correct.

"Well guess what Karin? I don't care. Don't expect too much because I'm not coming. So don't worry, don't forget to apply extra foundation to your so called face. Or else you might end up like an elephant with a red wig and glasses. Oh wait, you already are, my bad. Until then Uchiha Sasuke. Farewell," Ino said as she turned around and walked away from where she was standing.

Everyone was really confused. This farewell party really turned out to be a farewell party for their gang, only because of one guy and his annoying red-head fiancée.

"Sai-kun can you please drop me at my place?" Ino said to Sai, as he followed her to the exit of the garden. "Sure," Sai replied back with a smile on his face to reassure her.

Tenten wasn't able to believe what was happening, same as Temari.

Hinata had tears in her eyes wishing for this terrible day to finish.

"Sasuke, If you are going to go tomorrow morning then why are you telling us today?" Naruto asked coming out from his daze as he looked at Sasuke, still ignoring Karin's presence.

"It was sudden. I had no choice. I have to do it for the company," Sasuke replied looking at the floor.

"I really wanna know when you're going to change! You know what... you can inherit that bullshit! I don't care but at least you could have told us you were leaving TOMORROW! If I remembered correctly you told us about your engagement after two months, and if this girl wasn't a blabber-mouth then we won't even know that you are engaged," Naruto said pointing his finger at Karin when he mentioned 'blabber-mouth'.

"Hey! Who are you calling a blabber-mouth?!" which was of course ignored again.

"You act more like a humble slave to your father rather than a son. You always follow his orders and you don't even think about yourself! Can you atleast try to think twice!" Naruto was about to punch Sasuke but controlled himself opting to turn around walking away.

Halfway through the greenhouse, he stopped in his tracks, "Congratulations Uchiha Sasuke on your engagement. Have fun with that."

He waved off and walked away. The rest of the gang followed him excluding the two, Karin and Sasuke.

Karin tangled her arm around Sasuke's but the young Uchiha's mind was too clouded to even notice Karin tangling her arms around him.

Karin took this chance to kiss him on the cheek. Sasuke was surprised at her actions and scowled at her and untangled Karin's arms from him then started walking towards the exit.

Karin pouted as she followed him like a lost puppy. As they reached the main gate of the Hyuga's mansion they saw their car coming to pick them up.

Karin was more than delighted to see the car as it came on time. Without Karin's notice Sasuke went inside the car while she was day-dreaming, when she snapped out of her trance, she followed suit and sat next to him, more like clung to him.

As the car drove Sasuke tried to ignore Karin by putting his gaze outside the window. He looked like he was in daze judging by his looks.

Karin was more than just annoyed, she was furious. 'This is all because of those stupid, annoying, worthless, cheap friends of his. Now Sasuke-kun won't even look at me. They are all worthless and they will corrupt my Sasuke-kun's mind with their worthless… UGH!' Karin thought.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun~ That's all in the past now you know. We can finally move on! Don't ya think Sasu-kun... Sasuke-kun are you listening?" she said rubbing her make-up ridden face on his arm.

"Just keep your mouth shut," Sasuke replied harshly.

"Sasuke -kun~ That's not a way to talk to your wife-to-be," She said seductively as she crawled on top of him which made the driver gag in disgust.

Sasuke didn't even give her as much as a glance, instead he pushed her off him. Which ended with a "Thud!" sound and she fell from the seat. They were in a Limo, so luck was with Karin while Sasuke was the unlucky one.

This time she pounced on him and kissed him straight on the lips but this time luck wasn't with her anymore as Sasuke pushed her with full force.

Blood was dripping from Karin's mouth, she could see the anger visible in Sasuke's eyes. She even had goosebumps all over her body so she sat a little bit farther than last time so that Sasuke could at least feel some pity for her.

Little does she know that she is dealing with an Uchiha, and Uchiha's don't give pity. Sasuke didn't even spare a glance at her. No one could find out what was running through the Uchiha's mind.

"Didn't that kiss mean anything? You know the kiss that we had back there?" Sasuke was caught out of his thoughts at her question.

'She was the one who kissed first anyway. But why did I kiss back?' Sasuke thought. She was trying to kiss him again but this time he stopped her in time. 'She never gives up does she? Spoilt-stubborn-brat...' Sasuke thought as he let out a frustrated sigh.

Karin turned away with a fake pout trying to look cute which of course failed, epically. Sasuke looked out of the window for this was going to be the last time for him.

'Ino, Hinata, Temari, Tenten, Sai, Nara, Hyuuga, Naruto…Sakura…sayounara.'

Ino didn't actually went straight to her house instead she went to Sakura's because she thought something was wrong with her since she didn't come to the graduation party and the farewell party. Moreover the rosette wasn't answering to any of her calls.

Saying it worried Ino was an understatement, it scared the hell out of the blonde since Sakura wasn't replying to any of her calls and voice mails.

Ino stood in front of Sakura's apartment door with Sai for one hour, banging and calling out to her best-friend to open the door.

"Sakura! Are you alright?" Ino asked as she knocked on the door for the umpteenth time.

"It's been hours. What is wrong with her? She won't even answer back nor is she replying to my voice mails and text messages. Sakura! Can you at least open the damn freaking door!" Ino was beyond worried.

"Oi Ugly! Ino is really worried. Hurry up and open the door!" Sai cried at the top of his voice. "She is still not replying… Sai-kun it would be better if we break in. I don't know what is wrong with her. But she's my best friend and I got to help her."

Sai nodded and faced the face with determination, "Here I go!"

He broke the door in a matter of seconds. Without hesitation, Ino ran straight inside the house in a flash.

They were totally shocked when they entered. The usual clean house was now a total mess.

Sai followed and searched some rooms Ino suggested. He took the rooms located downstairs while Ino took upstairs. Ino went inside Sakura's room, all of her things were sprawled on the floor. She was totally confused.

"Where could she be?" she asked herself.

She saw some light coming from the bathroom. She ran towards that direction and saw Sakura lying next to the bathtub holding her stomach. She ran towards her and held Sakura's chin between her index and thumb.

Sakura opened her eyes, when she saw Ino she got up on her own and jumped onto Ino hugging her tightly. Ino was shocked at her actions. As soon as Ino returned the warm hug Sakura gave, Sakura started crying on Ino's shoulder which shocked the blonde since she didn't expect the pinkette to do that.

She rubbed Sakura's back to calm her down. She looked at the rosette and saw that her eyes were all red and she had bags under her eyes.

"Sakura is something wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Umm… I'm sorry I wasn't there with you…" Sakura mumbled. Ino caught some part of it though. "Sorry? Why? I am the one who should be saying sorry to you. I am the worst friend ever! I can't believe that I didn't ask you why you didn't come? Are you sick? Are you okay? And all those questions but instead I was too caught up with the prom and-" Ino stopped suddenly when she heard the door open, to reveal her boyfriend.

"Ino are you alright? Oh! You found her... Am I interrupting something?" Sai asked.

"Sai-kun can you please stay in the leaving room for awhile?"

"Sure. No problem," Sai replied back to Ino as she gave him a smile.

When he walked out of the room, Ino diverted her attention to Sakura again.

"I'm sorry for making you worried Pig."

"Ugh! That again come on Forehead. Enough with the formalities. Now answer my question, what were you doing sprawled on the floor, are you alright?" Ino asked.

Sakura's eyes widened, she knew that Ino was worried for her and she can't hide any secrets from her. Ino has been her childhood friend, best friend and a sister, she knew that she won't be able to hide anything from Ino, no matter how hard she tried.

"Sakura, tell me I'm here for you."


Sakura was silently thinking whether she should tell her or not. She was utterly confused.

After making her decision, she told Ino...

"I'm pregnant…"

The words that fell out of the Haruno's mouth shocked Ino. The young Yamanaka was out of words, for once.

"What?" Ino asked Sakura again making sure if she heard correctly.

"Yes, it's true. Please don't tell anyone. Can you promise me that?" Just seeing Sakura's innocent gesture.

Ino was sure that she found the right friend and of course she would keep that as a promise. "Forehead, have I spilled any of your secrets to anyone? No. So trust me. But you know... to keep this big secret we need at least someone to help us right? So can I tell Sai-kun, but I promise you I won't tell anyone and if Sai-kun does I will kill him with my own hands," Ino said as she showed her hand showing Sakura that she meant it.

Sakura giggled and they started laughing. "Of course you can. But why are we laughing?" Sakura asked still laughing and wasn't able to control it.

"I also don't know. I love you Forehead."

"I love you too Pig."

They engulfed each other again in a warm hug, the kind that two sisters would share. Though as the saying goes 'Curiosity killed the cat' but damn it Ino was curious, so unconsciously words fell from her mouth.

"But who?" Ino was surprised at her own question, as soon as she realized what she said, the blonde covered her mouth with her hand, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to ask you that."

Sakura offered Ino a small smile.

"It's alright Pig. The father's..."

Four years later…

"You know what?" Temari asked as she turned her head towards Shikamaru who was seated next to her.

"What?" Shikamaru asked. "Stop repeating!"

"I'm not," Shikamaru replied back lazily. The bickering couple was interrupted by someone, just as Temari was about to reply.

"Yo, minna!" The couple turned towards the direction of the person who just called out to them.

The spotted the blonde loud-mouth-idiot along with Hinata. A lot of people, sometimes thought that Hinata had a bad taste in guys. Neji agreed with that statement, a hundred percent.

"Konnichiwa minna." Hinata came trailing behind her boyfriend.

"Konnichiwa Hinata," Temari replied as she went over to hug the dark-haired girl.

"Aa," Shikamaru said to Hinata. Hinata was confused thinking, what he meant. Temari noticed this and decided to be the translator. "That was Shikamaru's way of saying, 'hi'."

"Oh. Arigatou, Temari-san." Hinata thanked her which was returned with a smile from Temari.

"Hey Shika. Isn't white eyes here yet?" Naruto asked out of the blue.

"Shut up Baka!"

"Oh! Hi there Neji. We were just talking about you."

"Well I heard it."

"Neji nii-san. I-I-I didn't see you there," Hinata said.

"Am I invisible or something?" Neji asked them.

Naruto wasn't able to control it anymore, so he ended up laughing his ass off. "See! Even Hinata-chan didn't see you!" His laughing came to a stop as he received a punch right in the gut, courtesy of Neji himself.

"So you already met." They turned all their head and saw Tenten who came out of nowhere, she hugged Hinata and Temari while the guys talked to each other.

So let me get this straight - Hinata and Naruto are engaged; Tenten and Neji are already a married couple they got married when they were twenty-one even though they got engaged at eight-teen they thought they were too young to get married; Temari and Shikamaru also got married, some months back. They are twenty-two now and they are at…

"I can't believe we came to this stupid engagement party," Naruto complained.

"This is the least we can do for him. At least he came to apologize, which was shocking, but it counts!"

"Hmm… Come to think of it… I forgot that I came here because he apologized." Naruto placed his hand on his chin which made him look like he was thinking deeply. "Meh, Teme will always remain as a Teme and nothing can change it."

Everyone sweatdropped anime style. 'That was what he was thinking?' Neji thought.

"This reminds me of our old school days… Man I'm already missing it…" Tenten said. No one was brave enough to bring up that topic. It was a total taboo subject around them.

"I agree… I have been missing them a lot this days… They weren't even at my wedding," Temari said as she hung her head down. Shikamaru placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm okay."


"I'm sure."

Everyone glared at Tenten at the same time. "What? What did I do?" Tenten said surrendering her hands. "I was thinking about a little get together party. What do guys think about it? Only our gang."

'Why does she always have to bring that up? Ugh! Tenten!' Shikamaru thought.

Everyone was silent. "Hmm… That is a good idea. I think," Temari said and looked at everyone. " Except. The gang wouldn't be complete without Sakura and Ino." They were still in touch with Sai and he told them everything is going fine. But whenever they asked about Sakura he would always change the topic. The least information they got was - Ino's a famous fashion-designer (the magazines said it all) and Sakura became a doctr like she wanted.

Temari suddenly grinned and looked at Shikamaru. "Don't drag me into this troublesome woman."

"Come on Shika-kun." Shikamaru was trying to run away but stopped when Neji spoke up.

"Hey! What are you guys talking about? Would you mind sharing it?" Neji interfered their so called secret-code-conversation.

"Okay Tenten! Here's the plan. We'll call Sai first and tell him that you and Neji are having a baby. Then Sai will tell Ino. Ino being Ino, wouldn't wanna miss seeing her nephew or niece. Ino will tell Sakura because you know Ino she never leaves out a single thing to Sakura."

"Wait! How come me and Neji are the main characters of your 'fake story'?" Tenten complained with a bright red face while Neji had a small tinge of pink dusting his cheeks.

"Because it's my plan. And you started it," Temari spat at Tenten, with an evil smirk visible on her face.

Tenten thought it was better not to talk back because everyone knew that talking back to Temari is the biggest mistake ever. So they decided to stick to the plan.

"T-temari-san, a-are you sure?" Hinata who was silent the whole time, asked. "Of course sweetie. I'm a hundred percent sure! Don't worry everything will be fine. Yes everything will be fine…" Temari laughed evilly after what she said as she rubbed both of her palms together, even a dark aura started surrounding her.

Neji and Shikamaru sweatdropped while Hinata, Naruto and Tenten had tears in their eyes and were whimpering as they hugged each other tightly.


The gang snapped out of their little show as they all turned towards the voice.

"Oh! TEME! You should at least be happy that we're here. Do we look like we want to?!"

Naruto will never change, would he? No, I don't think so.

"Baka shut up! There's no need to shout." Instead Neji shouted back at him.

"You shut up Pony-haired-Hyuuga!" Naruto's attention was diverted to Neji.

Everyone thought it was better to let them be. While the two were fighting the others turned towards Sasuke.

Just as Sasuke was about to talk, when his red-headed-pain-in-the-ass-fiancée interrupted. By kissing him on the cheek and holding onto his arms tightly as if showing them he was her property and her's only. Temari and Tenten felt sick when they saw her.

"Sasuke we were thinking about having a small get together for our gang ONLY!" Temari told Sasuke because she was about to die, seeing Karin's actions.

Sasuke untangled Karin from his arm and of course Karin threw him a pout which was ignored.

'Poor Sasuke. Got stuck with an annoying red-head,' Temari thought.

"Everyone is going to be there. It's gonna be like old time when we used to have those sleep-overs..."

"We guys weren't included because you said so yourself that it will only be a girls' night." Neji corrected her causing Temari to shoot daggers at him. "Neji you aren't helping."


"So. Sasuke you coming? We are going to have it at Neji's mansion by the way," Temari said as she placed her hands on her hips and raised one eyebrow at him. "You know our house right? Wait... Temari at our house?" Tenten asked him trying to help Temari, when she suddenly realized that it was also her house."Got a problem with that Tenten?"

"No! NO! Of course not! I am okay with it and-"

"That's enough Tennie."

"Hai," said Tenten as she started laughing nervously.

'What is she up to? I shouldn't have brought it up,' Tenten thought as she mentally face-palmed herself. Then she looked at Neji and saw him throwing daggers behind Temari's back. Shikamaru was in his own dreamland. Hinata was trying to stop Naruto, who was about to pull Neji's hair. "Sasuke-kun wouldn't be going anywhere without me around. Don't even thi-"

"I'll come."

Everyone was shocked because the Uchiha was a workaholic as he is the C.E.O. of his dad's company. Even Karin was shocked which was later replaced by anger and jealousy. But then she came up with another plan which involved... "WHAT?! Iget it…you are going to take me with you aren't you Sasuke-kun? You almost gave me a heart-attack."

Yes, whining.

"I said ONLY OUR GANG!" Temari cleared out.

"Karin you are not coming." The gang almost let out a laugh as the bitch failed, totally failed.

"Sasuke-kun you can't do that to me I am your freakin' fiancé!"

"Oh my! So you do know that you are a freak! Thank goodness I thought you were dumb!" Temari said sarcastically. "I don't want to repeat myself."

At this Karin threw the wine-glasses which were on the table next to her, and walked off.

"Well done Sasuke! I knew that I could count on you," Temari said as she patted on his shoulder.

"Teme you are finally back!" Naruto said more like shouted as he engulfed him in a tight hug.

"Welcome back Uchiha," Neji said.

"Welcome back Sasuke."

"Sa-Sa-Sasuke-san, w-welcome back."

"Sasuke. You are finally back to the gang." Everyone greeted Sasuke with their warm welcomes and group hug while a certain red-head was burning with jealousy, she wasn't far from them even though she walked away. She was looking at the scene from her window and of course she was using binoculars.

Sasuke finally smirked and when Karin saw this she threw the binoculars away. He had never, not even once smiled nor smirked for her, he was always emotionless around her.

'Only three remaining. Forget three only two remaining. Ino and Sakura, both of you will be joining us soon,' Temari thought with an evil smirk and an evil aura surrounding her again.

Tenten, Naruto and Hinata almost had tears in their eyes this time again when they saw Temari. While the remaining Sasuke, Neji and Shikamaru sweatdropped in a more manly way, I guess.

"Oh, and Sasuke. Congrats," Temari said sarcastically.


"Have fun living with a whore," Tenten added. These two girls sure do love messing with Sasuke.

Everyone had a smile etched on their faces excluding Sasuke and Neji of course. The old gang is going to be reunited again...

The next day (at Temari's house)


Temari greeted as soon as the person on the other line picked up the phone.

"Hey Sai! How are ya?" there was silence for some time then he answered, "Temari-san is something wrong."

"No! NO! Everything is okay! Ummm…" Tenten and Hinata knew that Temari was not good in talking on the phone.

So Tenten snatched the phone from Temari's hand.

"HEY!" Temari yelled at her.

"Sai, is Ino there?" Tenten asked, she sounded like a cop to him.

"No she isn't she went to the grocery store. Why?"

"Okay then can you please do a favor?"

"Sure. What is it about?"


Tenten placed her palm on the speaker of the phone and turned towards Hinata and Temari while giving them a 'should-I-tell-him' look. Then Temari glared at her and she knew it, that was a yes.

"Wearethrowingasmallgetogetherpartyforourgang!" Tenten spoke all at once. Which made it harder for Sai to understand because after hearing what she said there was silence on the other side.

"What? Say it slowly."

"We are throwing a small get together party for our gang," Tenten explained as she finally calmed down. "So what do you want me to do?" "Can you please tell Ino and Sakura about that?" Tenten, Temari and Hinata started sweating like crazy because they weren't too sure about their own plan.

"But they wouldn't agree that easily," Sai replied without hesitation.

Then it was Temari's turn to snatch the phone from Tenten. 'When did Temari get over her fright of talking on the phone?' Tenten thought.

"Well we also have that all planned out. Sai, all you have to do is tell Ino that Neji and Tenten are going to have a baby. Ino wouldn't dare, miss seeing her first niece and nephew. Would she?" Temari started biting on her nails while Hinata stopped her from doing so because she said that it was bad manners.

"I'll do it. Temari-san you know what? You are just like Shikamaru, smart. Never, not even once did I think, that you could come up with a plan like that."

"I think I will take that as a compliment." "So when should I start executing the plan?" Sai asked.

"What plan?" They heard a voice of a woman talking on the other side of the phone and they knew exactly who it was, Ino.

They haven't heard her voice since like five or four freakin' years and they didn't even know where she lived because Sai refused to tell them their location even if they pressured or asked him, he wouldn't tell them.

The girls smiled at each other just hearing their best friend's voice was enough for them.

When the voice was heard Sai hung up. They knew that he would do that because Ino didn't know that Sai was still in contact with the gang. 'Finally everyone is going to be back together. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself again.' the girls thought.

With Ino, Sai and Sakura.

"What plan?" Sai turned around and saw Ino standing in the doorway of the living-room. He hung up and walked towards her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "Sai-kun, what plan?"

"Oh! About that we were planning about shifting our office's location because the place is too crowded." Sai replied, he was even confused thinking where in the world did it come from.

"I thought so too. When was the last time I came to your office? I remember! When I was let's see...Twenty one I guess. The place was too suffocating. To...you know? Breath! How do you even survive in there?" Ino said as she placed the grocery bag on the dining table.

'She thought my office is suffocating…' Sai thought and sweatdropped anime style.

He was cut off from his thoughts when he heard the main door open. There he saw Sakura with someone accompanying her.

Seeing the familiar figure Sai made it out to be Yui, Sakura's daughter.

Ino ran up to Sakura and gave her a tight hug and kissed Yui on the cheek. Sai followed her and gave Sakura a hug and ruffled her hair.

Yui looked up at Sai with her big emerald eyes as if asking him to pick her up. He did and walked towards the living room with Yui in his arms.

The two women looked at the direction they went. Then they turned towards each other, Ino could see the tiredness in Sakura's eyes.

"You could have atleast knocked. Well forget that, something wrong?" Ino asked placing her hand on Sakura's shoulder.

"She keeps on asking me where her daddy is." "Again?" "Yeah again. It all started when their pre-school teacher asked them to draw a family portrait, as their summer project." Ino again gave her a tight hug.

Her eyes were glossy while Sakura's face was...empty. "Sorry if I'm wasting your time Pig. Making you looking after Yui-chan." "Pff! Are you serious? She is like my own daughter Forehead and I love spending time with Yu-chan even Sai-kun enjoys spending time with her. She doesn't even act like those spoiled brats. Come on Forehead. We are more than just besties we are sisters!"

"I'm tired of hearing that same dialogue over and over again. But I knew that I could always count on you Pig." "Yes! That's the Forehead I know!" "Are you two going to stand there forever?" Sai shouted from the living while watching Doraemon with Yui.

"Of course! We're coming," Ino replied back as they started walking towards the kitchen so that she and Sakura can prepare dinner together.

Five hours later:

They were setting up the dinner table and the dinner wares.

Sakura and Yui were also staying for the night because it was raining heavily outside so, Ino suggested that they should stay or else they may fall sick.

Sai thought, it was a great opportunity to execute his plan right away.

As they sat down to start eating, "Ino have you got news?" Sai asked her.

"Eh! I don't read newspapers nor do I watch the news nor the weather report. You know that." Ino asked as she raised an eyebrow.

'Something's fishy...' Ino thought.

"Yes I do know that you hate those things. It's not that kind of new it's. Okay! let's cut the explaining and get straight to the point. Tenten is pregnant and they are going to have a baby very soon right about next month or something like that… I think. They told me to inform you guys, some minutes ago." Sai thought he had given enough information so he stopped eating at looked at the two women in front of him.

Sakura's eyes were as wide as saucers, Ino suddenly dropped her spoon and Yui was poking at her vegetables.

Sai knew he was in deep trouble and something bad was about to happen. Little did he know that he was about to go through something he never expected. Ino placed her hands on the dining table. Sai had goosebumps and was about to choke on his saliva.

Sakura was taken by surprise at Ino's action and Yui was confused about the scene in front of her.

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