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'Nyan! I'm a neko'- thoughts

"Nyan! I'm a neko"- talking

"Nyan! I'm a neko." - talking on the phone

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Sasuke, Mikoto and Fugaku were nowhere in sight. From the Uchiha's side, only Natsume and Itachi were left.

"It's a good thing that Daichi's at home," Natsume said.

"Where's Teme?"

"Family meeting," Itachi replied.

"Then why are you here?"

"It's a Sasuke related Family meeting," Natsume replied for her husband.

Chapter 26: The Storm

Some years later:

Naruto and Hinata got married, they were planning to add another person in the person. Sakura came to the wedding but she left early like she did at Ino and Sai's wedding.

Sasuke and Sakura never... met each other at parties and weddings, not even coincidently...nor did they ask for one another. Sakura would come, congratulate the bride and groom, give them the gifts and leave immediately.

Sakura was busy with her work as a teacher; and her job at home, that was to take care of the family. Her uncle passed away two day's after the messed up wedding, years ago.

Ino and Sai are expecting a baby soon.

Tenten and Neji has a son named Ren, who is two years old.

Temari and Shikamaru had twins; named Hana and Mizu, four years old.

Karin was getting treament in a mental hospital. She was better now but she miscarried and lost the baby, Suigetsu heard about her condition and went to her side.

Ami was still single, currently searching for a husband.

Natsume and Itachi had their third child. They have two boys and one girl. Daichi the eldest son, Nana their only daughter and the youngest, Shou.

Sasuke was busy with his work, he took over his father's company like everyone expected. He never searched for her, Sakura. As he still remembered her words... those strong words.

Maybe... who know's fate might bring them together...

Most importantly, Kyo Watanabe was charged for fraud, and for abusing his employees. He was put in prison for the number of crimes he committed. The Watanabe Mansion was sold off, to pay for the charges. The people who used to work in the household, left the household to search for other work whereas Miura-san retired from his job. Ami cut off ties with her father and took care of her sister.

"I'll be there."

Sasuke was on his way to his client's house for dinner, at Kyoto. He was in his car driving to the location, but he was somehow lost.

Thunder clouds were rolling in.

He knew that Sakura's in Kyoto, that's another thing. He's here for business not to search for her.

Wind was blowing, like there's gonna be a typhoon anytime soon. The trees, growing on the sides of the road were swaying in the wind. The rice fields were also swaying along with the trees.

He looked at his phone, there was no signal and his car engine was also not working. He walked out of his car and looked around. He found a waiting shed just a few metres away, he walked to the place and stood under it. But it couldn't block the wind.

"Excuse me."

Sasuke turned to the voice. He couldn't see her face as the umbrella - she was holding - blocked the view. But he ignored her.

"Uh, excuse me. I storm wouldn't die down any soon and it would be better to go back home. If you don't have an umbrella, we can share." The girl lifted the umbrella, so that Sasuke see her properly.

Sasuke was shocked, so was she. She had the same emerald eyes and the heart shaped face. She looked at him - shocked - in disbelief.

"Sakura." He reached for her cheek, his actions were out of his thoughts. The other person awoke from her thoughts.

"Excuse me, did you say something?"

The Uchiha halted himself from reaching her cheeks. He realized that she was different, Sakura had pink hair but the person standing in front of him was a brunette.


"I'll take that as a no. How can you be so hot? I'm in total disbelief that there's someone in this area...who's freaking hot! Why didn't I notice you before? I know all of the places of Kyoto and the guys that live around - it's not like I had a relationship with each and everyone of them - here. Are you new here? Oh my! Don't...don't...don't tell me that you did cosmetic surgery to your face?!" the girl slapped her - free - hand on her mouth.

The Uchiha on the otherhand had an annoyed look on his face.

"I'm not from here."

"China? Korea?"


"So you're from here. Now I know, why you're so fluent in Japanese. How old are you?" And yes she was straight forward.

"I'm from here but not from Kyoto." By here he meant Japan.

"Aren't you going to answer the last question? Okay, maybe not. You're too hot to be old. So you're not from... Kyoto. Wa- Aah! The storm getting stronger! I guess your car broke down, I can see your car parked over that. Follow me, you can stay over at my house." The girl was a total stranger and she was telling him to stay over at her house. And she did most of the talking for him.


The girl took a step forward, to leave but realized that the hot guy wasn't following.

"Hey, good looking. The storm might get stronger. And if you thought that I might rape you - if I get the chance then I would - then you're wrong as I live with my family members. We have guest rooms, in the house. It's an old japanese mansion, it can be a little bit creepy but don't worry as we use the latest technology! Do you wanna fly away with the wind or stay with my family?"

Sasuke never asked her anything neither did he ask her whether they use the latest technology. The first impression that this girl had on him was... dobe in Kyoto... The girl was like an exact Kyoto version of Naruto.

The Uchiha didn't even move an inch. He stood there, fixed on the place. The girl was loosing her patience, she pulled the Uchiha by the arm and dragged him to her so called house.

Sasuke could only grunt in annoyance.

"How did you get a handsome boyfriend in the storm?" The older woman asked, she looked like she was in her thirties.

Sasuke and the girl from earlier - the Kyoto version of dobe - were in the living room of the house. The girl had a huge grin on her face, so did the older one.

"He came down falling with the rain. Doesn't he look like a Greek God, Katsumi."

"Really? That sounds so romantic! And yes, he is." The older woman clasped her hands.

Sasuke didn't even bother to say anything, it wasn't worth his time.

"I'm Katsumi Yoshida and this crazy youngster is my cousin, she's turning twenty seven. What's your name?" The older woman asked with a smile.

"Hey! Don't tell him my age, what about you? You're turning thirty four this year!"

Katsumi ignored her whereas Sasuke couldn't deny that the other girl was a Kyoto version of dobe.

"Your name is...?"

"Sasuke Uchiha."

"I've heard that name before. But I can't seem to recall it."

"Oh. I remember. I haven't introduced myself, I'm Ai Yoshida." The girl, Ai pulled out her hand.

Sasuke ignored the poor girl.

The door opened, revealing a furious looking woman in her fifties.

"Okaa-chan." Ai started hyperventilating.

"Were have you been?"

"Boyfriend hunting," Katsumi replied instead.

"When are you going to settle down, young lady?"

"When I want to...?"

"Ba-chan, forget the dimwit. Look who we have here, isn't he good looking?"

"Oh my..."

"I knew that you'll say that! He's good looking isn't he!"

"I said 'oh my' because look at the poor boy he's soaked. He'll catch a fever, if you leave him like that. I just can't trust you two, when you're together."

Ai's mother took Sasuke to the guest room, leaving the two; Ai and Katsumi, dumbfounded.

"Here are some fresh clothes, these are my husband's, I hope they fit you. And I prepared the water for your bath," she placed the clothes beside him, "I'll send one of the kids to collect your clothes, leave it beside the door and as for dinner, I'll send up someone. Make yourself at home. I need to give those girls a scolding, they are in their marriageble age. I don't know what to do with them. I'll be going now," Ai's mother stood up to leave.

"Aa. Thank you..."

"Shizuko Yoshida, you can call me Shizuko-san."

Shizuko gave him a smile and exited the room.

After Sasuke took a shower, he tried on the clothes. It fitted him perfectly, it was an old Yukata, similar to his dad's. He waited for someone to pick up the wet clothes but after minutes of waiting no one came.

An hour later, he heard kids running down the hallway, they were coming towards his room. The door flung open, revealing a five year old boy and an eight year old girl.

He wasn't so sure about their age, but judging by their height and looks he could make out their age. The girl had the same hair colour as Sasuke and the boy had brown hair just like Ai. They were beathing heavily as they came running all the way to his room.

"Sorry about the intrusion," the eight year old bowed. She nudged the other boy, telling him to bow. Then they both bowed low.

"Ojii-chan, where are the clothes?"

"Here." Sasuke handed them the clothes. The girl walked up to him. She caught his attention, those green eyes. For the second time...emerald eyes... Maybe she's Ai's daughter, but he remembered Shizuko muttering that Katsumi and Ai were in their marriageble age, that means they are not married.

The girl looked similar to a four year old that he used to know.

"Thank you. Uff! Wet clothes are heavy. Help me out baka, instead of standing there!"

"Me?" The boy pointed to himself.

"Yes, you, baka!"

"Okay, baka-nee-chan!" The boy took some of the clothes in his arms.

"You go first. I'll follow you behind."

Sasuke didn't even bother them, he was looking at the weather outside.

"Okay, granny!"

"Don't call me a granny, you, baka!"

The younger one stuck out his tongue and ran away from her. The older pouted.

Before she exited the room, she turned around with a smile on her face, "O-Ojii-chan, you l-l-look like a p-prince." She ran away with a blush on her face.

Sasuke was taken aback - not because she told him that he looked like a prince - by their similarity. Their, refers to Yui and the eight year old who just left the room.

'She can't be Yui,' Sasuke thought o himself.

The storm was getting stronger as every hour passed by. He checked his phone's signal, but it was still the same. Sasuke took a nap as he had nothing more to do.

Sasuke couldn't sleep comfortably, he had his back towards the door. He checked his watch. It was eight and the storm looked like it wouldn't die down any soon. He was too busy obersving the dark night sky that he didn't notice the door to his room slide open.

"The hotty is sleeping," Ai said in a disappointed tone.

Sasuke pretended, like he didn't hear.

'She's annoying.'

"Stop calling the guest a hotty, Ai-chan."

That voice...

"I'll wake him up." Ai walked to bedside and shook him slightly.

"Mr. Good-looking, wake up, dinner's here."

He could hear the other woman sigh.

"I'm awake." Sasuke rested his back against the board, not bothering to look at the other person. As Ai was blocking the view between the two people.

"You look hot in our otou-san's..."

"Ai-chan, will you please stop botherin-"

When Ai turned around to glare at her cousin, she was dumbfounded...her cousin and the hot guy were in a deep staring contest.


"Do you guys know each other?"

"What are you doing here?"

Ai's question was being ignored. She huffed and folded her arms.

"Business," he replied coldly, but they never left each other's eyes. Ai on the otherhand was feeling left out.

Sakura walked to Ai's side and place the dinner on the bedside table. And the next thing that happen...was unexpected. Sakura hugged him tightly and placed her head on his chest... Sasuke was really surprised.

'Why is Sakura clinging on a stranger?' Ami asked herself.

"I haven't even hugged him yet! And I found him first!" Ai whined.

Mebuki came inside the room, without their notice as the door was wide open.

When she heard that their guest's name is Uchiha Sasuke. She realized and was sure that there's only one Uchiha Sasuke that she knew and she was sure that it was him.

Mebuki was standing behind the dumbstrucked Ai, but Sasuke and Sakura didn't notice her presence.

Ai noticed her aunt's presence, she turned around to complain but Mebuki slapped her hands on her niece's mouth when she saw her daughter with the Uchiha.

"Shh! And follow me quietly Ai-chan. I'll tell you the reason."

Mebuki dragged Ai away from the room and closed the door behind, quietly.

Sasuke didn't move from his earlier position so did Sakura, she was weeping holding him tightly. She didn't want to be so weak in front of everyone but she couldn't hold in her feelings the moment she saw him. They haven't seen each other for ages.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm sorry. Please...please...please forgive me. Forget the words that I said that day. They're just empty words, that went out of anger. I regret everything that happened that day. I acted like I knew everything. The moment that you left I thought that, I should have left with you like you suggested and at the same time I thought it was wrong. I was being selfish, I always thought about myself."

Sakura looked like she'll break any second, she continued, "t-t-the day when I heard about what happened at your wedding... I was - strangely - happy on the day my ojii-san died. It was on the day he passed away, Ino told me what happened," she smiled and hugged him tighter, "I saw you at Ino's wedding b-but I couldn't face you and the same thing happened on Hinata's wedding. I thought I... I... I'll apologize to you but I couldn't..."

Sakura was crying and talking at the same time but...she still hugged him tightly. She didn't want him to leave like he did when they had their fight. She didn't want him to look coldly at her, she didn't want him to yell at her... butshe wanted him to return the hug.

Sakura looked up at his face. Emerald and onyx clashed...he wasn't returning the hug but instead he was listening to her speech.

"Were you bored of my speech? Was it that long?"

"Aa," he replied monotonously.

Sakura blushed. She placed her head on his chest.

"Don't tell me that you have someone already. Don't tell me that you love another girl. Don't tell me that you never loved me. Don't you ever ever ever dare tell me that you hate me. I never hated you, those words that I said back then are just plain empty words...rather...I'll always love you whether you're married, have another kid or a girlfriend. My feeling won't change," Sakura said, she had her face buried in his yukata. She didn't want him to see her weak side.

She looked up at him with her glossy emerald eyes, the tears didn't stop. Sakura had her hands on his yukata, which was soaked from her tears.

Sasuke didn't return the hug instead both of them leaned towards each other. Sakura closed her eyes and felt his cold lips over her's. She had a blush on her face.

It was a sweet, short and meaningful kiss.

Sasuke stroked her hair, with his chin on top on her head.

"Your cousin is annoying."

"She can be sometimes."

One year and some months later:

"Otou-chan, Haru-chan poured his baby food over my breakfast!" Yui complained, pouting her lips.

It's been a year and seven months that Sasuke and Sakura got married. The eight year old girl back then - the one who resembled Yui - turned out to be Yui, herself. Yui started calling Sasuke 'otou-chan' some months before their marriage.

Haruma was three months old, he's a symbol of Sasuke and Sakura's love, and Yui's cute liltle brother. Yui and Haruma have an age difference of nine years. But none of it mattered as Yui was really happy that she has a baby brother. She would sometimes pamper him, and complain at the same time. Haruma was an exact replica of Sasuke. Same hair colour and eyes. Sakura always teased them for having the same exact features.

"Is it important?" Sasuke asked.

"It is, I have to submit it today. It's slime ball's fault." Yui pointed at the innocent looking boy beside her, who was playing with his food.

Sakura came into the scene, placed their breakfast on the table.

"Don't call your brother a slime ball, sweetie. And you, little guy, don't play with your food." Sakura wiped Haruma's face with her apron.

This scene happened eveyday. Like, every single day.

Sasuke could only sigh as he took a sip of his tea.

"Sasuke-kun, stop sighing. It feels like as if you're getting old." Sakura kissed her husband on the lips. The Uchiha kissed her back.

"Eww~ Otou-chan, okaa-chan that's gross," Yui whined with her right hand covering her eyes and her left hand covering her brother's eyes.

Sakura giggled when she saw them whereas Sasuke smirked.

"You guys look so cute!" Sakura clasped her hands, "Photo time!"

"Okaa-chan! Haru-chan, bit my hand!"

Sasuke sighed for the umpteenth time that morning

Maybe fate does exists. No matter how cruel and harsh your journey is, you have to have to endure it. There are a lot of twists and turns in life but remember this 'everything happens for the best'.
The End

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