Note- Hey it's October! You know what that means? It means it's a perfect time for a Mass Effect Christmas Story! This story is a direct sequel to my other story "Miranda and Jack's First Date" While it will not be completely needed to understand this story I highly recommend reading it to get the most out of this one. This will be a shorter series than some of my other stuff and updates won't be as frequent as I'm going out of town. Enjoy! And please feel free to review and give feedback. Oh and there is gonna be NSFW material here. Specifically some occasional lesbian sex.

Chapter 1


Jack collapsed next to Miranda. Sweat dripped from both of their naked bodies as they laid motionless in Lawson's bed. Both their chests heaved as they gasped for air.

"Fuck." Jack moaned as she removed the device strapped to her hips.

"My thoughts exactly." Miranda said. Lawson rolled out of bed. "Well that was fun as usual Jack. Now I need to take care of some buisness and make some calls."

Jack sat up. "You're just kicking me out?"

"I have to imagine the naked woman lying in my bed when I vidcomm Ori will raise suspicions."

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Jack got out of bed and began her weekly ritual of picking up her clothes from where they had been strewn about Miranda's apartment.

"Oh but before you go. Next week is Christmas."

"Is it?" Jack said As she pulled her panties up her legs.

"I understand our relashonship is purley physical but..."

"Get to the point cheerleader."

"I would like to spend the holiday with you. As friends. And I think maybe we should talk."

"What about?" Jack asked as she shrugged on her studded leather jacket.

"About us."

"Us? I thought we were done with all that figure this thing out bullshit."

"There's something we need to discuss." Miranda said as she put on a fresh pair of underwear.

"Okay fuck it. Discuss."

"Not now. I'll see you at work."

Next Week

Jack strolled through the Alliance headquarters with purpose. Only a month had passed since she and Miranda had begun their "arrangement" as the former Cerberus officer called it. Since that time Shepard had awoken from a six month coma and gone off to do god knows what on Thessia with that asari of hers. Grissom Academy had begun reconstruction under the supervision of Kahlee Sanders and Jack and Miranda had improved both their positions in the Systems Alliance Navy. And now it was Christmas and the smiling faces of her coworkers made her angrier than usual. But Jack's mind had been set on Miranda all week. What did the woman need to "discuss" with her. Something about it made her nervous.

She liked the woman. Cerberus or not Miranda had proven to be a good friend. Once, sometimes twice a week they met up after work to hang out and occasionally fuck. And unlike Jack's previous "Relationships" she didn't hate herself after. Sometimes she hated having to pretend to hate the woman's guts outside of their alone time but Miranda had been clear when they made their arrangement, nobody but them could know.

At first that rule had been hard to follow but sneaking around with the raven haired woman had become old-hat to Jack quickly enough. The Alliance offices were ablaze with activity that night. Holiday decorations were strewn about and several of her coworkers had donned cringeworthy holiday apparel. Not Jack. Jack had already changed out of her uniform and wore her usual studded leather jacket and revealing top. The noise from the Christmas party being thrown made Jack want to cover her ears. The cheery music and obnoxious laughter it was all so phony to her.

She shoved her hands in her pockets and made her way through the crowd towards the small office her superiors had given her. She hoped she wouldn't run into Miranda in all this mess at least not until she had retrieved her package from under her desk. One of the newer recruits, a fresh faced boy who had a painfully obvious crush on Jack stumbled out of the crowd. He was clearly already drunk when he came to a stop in front of her.

Jack sighed. "What do you want Simmons?"

Simmons chuckled. "Where you heading Jack? Figured maybe you'd want a drink." He shakily handed Jack a shot of whisky. The biotic snatched it from his hand and downed it.

She handed the shot glass back to the boy. "Thanks." She began to move past him before he stepped in front of her again.

"Hold on. There's a party going on! Don't you wanna hang out?"

"Yeah no shit there's a party going on. I got crap to do besides making an ass of myself. Clearly you don't. Enjoy your night Simmons."

Simmons shrugged. "Well at least I tried. Happy holidays Jack."

"Whatever." She muttered and made her way to her office.

She had no interest in the boy. In fact she hadn't had sex with a man since this started with Miranda, and she had no plans to change that. In reality she hadn't slept with anyone else since Miranda. Something Jack hadn't given much thought to. The specifics of seeing other people had never really been made.

Jack paused for a moment to inspect the large Christmas tree some of the officers had dragged into the office. Ornaments were hung on each branch and upon close inspection Jack found a tiny Commander Shepard hanging from the tree. The biotic smirked. She wondered what Shepard would make of being made into a Christmas decoration. She hadn't seen her former commander since Shepard woke from her coma, but hardly a day passed where she didn't hear her name around the office.

As Jack set back on her path she was approached by what she assumed was one of her coworkers but the man wore a bright red coat and a painfully obvious fake beard. All of this was topped off with a ridiculous red hat that looked like the man was wearing a sock on his head. "Merry Christmas Jack!"

Jack scrunched up her face in disgust. "What the hell is this? What's happening?"

"Why don't you tell me what you want for Christmas!" The man said in a ridiculously jolly voice.

"I want you to get the fuck out of my way." Jack spat and shoved past the man.

The holidays were something she really didn't understand. She never celebrated them before. Not that she ever had a choice in that. But she had survived this long without them so why start now? Still she understood the appeal of spending time with people she cared about. And while a month of working here hadn't exactly made her a people person she was still close to Miranda and hell she even had been known to grab some drinks with Alenko. Kaidan had begun to grow quite close with Miranda. For reasons she didn't understand that worried Jack. Deep down Jack was terrified Alenko's relationship was the subject of Miranda's "Discussion" that she had been dreading all week.

She closed her office door behind her and went to retrieve her package from under her desk. Her wrapping job was laughable but there was no way she was asking for help wrapping up the gift she got for Miranda. She put the large package under her arm and went back out into the fray. She thankfully was able to get out of the party and in to the office hallways on her trip to her skycar.

"And where are you heading?" A familiar male voice called after her.

Jack sighed and turned around. "What's it to you Kaidan?"

Kaidan cradled a highball glass and he smiled at the tattooed woman. "It's Christmas Jack, and you're running off?"

"I'm not really in the Christmas spirit."

Alenko chuckled. "Well that's surprising. Come on Jack, just try and have fun with us."

"I gotta take care of this." She said as she pointed to the package under her arm.

"Yeah, what is that? Who the hell are you getting a gift for?"

" aunt."

"Your aunt? Didn't know you had family."

"Well I do. So shut the hell up and go enjoy your party." Jack turned to leave but Kaidan called after her again.

"Hey listen, I'm meeting Miranda for drinks later. I know you're not her biggest fan but you're more than welcome to join us. I'm buying."

Jack arched an eyebrow. "Fine."

Kaidan smiled. "Really?"

"Yeah whatever. Send me the details I'll be there."

Jack didn't wait around for a reply and got to her car. She stuffed the present in the back seat. Then she heard the clap of high heeled shoes approaching.

"Good evening Jack." Miranda said.

Jack straightened her posture. "What do you want Cheerleader?"

"Kaiden just told me you'll be joining us." Miranda didn't sound too pleased.

"That a problem?"

"I just don't want to risk anything about our arrangement coming to light."

Jack rolled her eyes and stepped closer to the woman. "Fuck Miranda, we've been at this for a month in a week. If I was gonna spill the beans that on occasion we like to fuck I think I would have done it by now."

Miranda arched an eyebrow. "A week?"

The biotic shrugged. "Yeah in a week it will be a month since this started. Why?"

"I'm just surprised you would take notice of something like that. Are you feeling alright Jack? You seem a little hostile. Well more than usual."

"I just don't like all this holiday shit. Everybody's prancing around without a care in the world. You'd never guess that half a year ago we thought it was the fucking apocalypse."

"Not a Christmas person I take it. Can't say i'm very surprised. Never did see the point in holidays much myself. Are you sure that's all that's bothering you?"

"What are you my fucking shrink?"

Miranda shook her head. "No I'm not. If you want to be difficult so be it."

"Shit, I'm sorry." Jack massaged her temples with her fingers. "Today has been a pain in the ass. I don't mean to be a bitch to you. I uh...actually got you a little something."

Miranda smiled. "Did you?"

"Yeah, that's what people do right? I was hoping maybe we could meet up at your place tonight after we meet up with Kaidan."

Miranda glanced around to confirm that they were alone. "I'd like that Jack. In fact I have a gift for you as well. I'll see you later." Miranda stepped away from Jack and made a point to sway her hips as she left the woman alone in the car park.

Jack sighed. Miranda didn't mention whatever they needed to discuss. Maybe she forgot. Jack hoped she forgot.