Game of Thrones: Anything for Her

First chapter of a new Arya/Gendry story; hope you enjoy it. Just a note, Arya is 16 and Gendry is 22.

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Arya groaned and fidgeted; things weren't looking very good for her right now. Following her father's death, her only hope of safety lay in Yoren, a Night's Watch recruiter. He had taken her away from the city, cutting her hair short and having her pretend to be a boy and Night's Watch recruit. He planned to bring her to either Winterfell, or to her half-brother Jon at the Wall. Her disguise was necessary since the Lannister's those who murdered her father and now ruled from the Iron Throne, were after her. The criminals who were also recruits would gladly turn her over to them for a royal pardon for their crimes. There was only one person, other than Yoren who knew her secret, a young man named Gendry; an armourer's apprentice who was, for an unknown reason, being hunted by the Gold Cloaks. He kept her secret, even when the Lannister's arrived and killed Yoren, taking everyone else hostage. They were now being marched towards Harrenhal, which the Lannisters were using as their base during the war that was currently being waged. Initially she was able to blend in easily; but now she faced a problem. Due to her being a girl and trying to hide it, she always went off into the woods to answer the call of nature, but now, she wasn't really being given that choice; not all chained up with the others and at the mercy of their captors. But she really needed to do so, which would mean exposing what she really was.

She fidgeted and danced from foot to foot; gritting her teeth, praying fervently that they would arrive at their destination or something would happen. She knew if she kept holding it she would risk embarrassing herself as well as likely having her secret revealed. It was then Gendry approached her, along with their friend Hot Pie, who still did not know she was a girl.

"Arry, what's wrong?" Gendry asked, using the name she had been using as part of her disguise. "You keep dancing about."

She looked around; aware they could be overheard and yet answered honestly, changing her wording to suit her persona.

"I gotta take a piss." She mumbled.

Hot Pie looked confused. "So just do so." He said; unaware of the implications. He also noted to himself that he had never seen Arry answer the call of nature like the other guys.

Arry had always, instead of simply going behind a tree, gone deep into the woods; he could never work out why.

Gendry however bit his lip, knowing why Hot Pie's suggestion wouldn't work and wracked his brains, trying to find a way to help.

Finally he turned to the solider near them who had clearly overheard and seemed amused. "He's very shy, sir." Gendry explained, knowing it was a weak excuse, but truly it was the best he could come up with.

The solider simply shook his head. "Small cock huh, tough, he's doing it here, or he can piss himself; not having him sneak off into the woods and escape."

With that the soldier made them continue to walk.

Arya groaned; she felt like her bladder was about to burst; she realized that she truly had no choice; either she did it right here, in front of all these men and revealed herself; or she wet herself. Finally she couldn't take it anymore; she stepped slightly to the side; so she wouldn't be in anyone's way. Praying nobody was really paying attention she pulled her breeches down and squatted. She managed to finish and had just pulled her breeches back up when suddenly strong arms grabbed her and she heard the man shouting.

"She lied to us boys, this one's a girl!"

There was sudden clamour; shock from those who had travelled with her, particularly Hot Pie. The men were shocked to, then angry and then starting making suggestive comments to each other. It was then she heard the words she was dreading.

"Well, since she's already showed her cunt to us, what do you say boys?" One soldier commented. "Let's fuck the bitch."

She froze, despite everything she had been taught by Syrio about fear; it still seeped into her at that thought. They were going to rape her and likely leave her for dead. However one of them, a higher ranked soldier seemed to feel she hadn't been humiliated enough.

"Hold on, I've got a better idea; She needs more humiliation before being fucked. Get rid of her clothes; she walks naked to Harrenhal."

Arya gasped and before she could protest the soldier holding her pulled out his knife. She struggled but it was futile, she heard the ripping and her clothes were soon nothing but rags at her feet.

The cold air bit into her bare skin as she was exposed. They had removed her chains and chained her up again, this time with her hands behind her back, so she couldn't cover herself. She was totally exposed and could feel every eye on her. Her face burned with shame as they made her walk. She did so; trying hard not to listen to what was being said, but she heard snippets of talk; all of it worried her.

"Check her teats; not too big, not too small; just perfect." One solder said.

"Her legs are pretty fit; imagine them around your waist." Another replied.

She grit her teeth and walked; constantly aware of the staring; she heard more comments about her breasts and legs, some about her ass and some about her cunt too. But they all had one thing in mind; something she was dreading; once they arrived at Harrenhal; every one of them planned to rape her. She finally found friendly eyes amongst the crowd in Gendry and Hot Pie however; yet Hot Pie was glaring and she could see the look of betrayal in his eyes; he was hurt that they hadn't trusted them; Gendry looked upset, and seemed to be thinking, trying to help her in some way. She just prayed that he succeeded; she knew even if she fought; unless something happened she was going to be raped soon.

Gendry was in turmoil; he was trying hard to not look at Arya; but it didn't help she was so beautiful; her breasts were bigger than he thought under her tunic; this was the first time he had seen her naked, except in dreams. The reality was even better than his dreams had ever been. He shook his head; he shouldn't be thinking like that and blamed it on his bastard blood. He instead turned his thoughts elsewhere; he couldn't let her be raped; he tried desperately to think, there had to be something he could do to save her from them, but what? He knew he had to act fast as he saw Harrenhal looming up on the not so distant horizon; time was running out before Arya became the personal whore of just about every man present.

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