Hey Guys. This is my crossover between the game Kid Icarus Uprising and Heroes of Olympus. Enjoy!

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Pandora, the fiery demon, lieutenant of Medusa, lay upon the ground, in the heart of her Labyrinth of Deceit. Standing above her almost broken form was none other than Pit, servant of the goddess Palutena and leader of her personal guard. Her labyrinth had failed to deceive Pit and her guards all annihilated, failing at their task to keep their mistress safe. This angel had destroyed everything she had worked so hard for. "The angel who cannot fly…" sneered Pandora through her bleeding blue lips.

The brown haired angel raised his staff readying it for the plunge. "And yet, you're the one defenseless on the ground, about to pay for you horrific deeds. Give me the Mirror of Truth and maybe I will consider sparing you." He said, his deep brown eyes boring into the bemons cold blue ones.
"Never." spat Pandora.

Pit swept his staff across Pandora's 'face' with great force, and another stream of golden blood began to trickle down falling to the ground. "What was that?".

Pandora coughed up blood, dribbling it out of her mouth before replying weakly. "Okay, okay. I'll give you what you came for"

A shining silver-edged, intricately designed mirror appeared a few feet behind the body of Pandora, floating in midair.

"Here it is" Pandora said, her voice slowly regaining strength, "The Mirror of Truth."
"That's it, Pit." the sweet, worried voice of the Goddess of Light boomed down from the heavens, "That mirror is what is being used to create copies of the Underworld monsters. You have to destroy that mirror!"

Pit jumped over Pandora and ran towards the mirror at full speed before jumping up and kicking into the mirror. As he flew through the air with his leg outstretched, in that split second, Pit noticed that the mirror reflected nothing but his body. No background, only him. His reflection glinted once within the mirror, before it shattered as Pit flew through the flimsy glass. Pit landed among the shattered glass and turned around to see a lookalike of himself, except darker, standing behind the empty frame of the mirror. This version of Pit had black hair instead of Pit's chocolate brown, and dark purplish eyes almost black compared to Pit's warm brown eyes. His robe was black and gold, instead of the pure white robes of Pit, along with his cuffs and sandals. And his face was a pale, almost white pigment, rather than Pit's tan, golden complexion. The most shocking thing however, was that instead of pure white wings, this Pit doppelganger had wings black as night.

"What the-" Pit exclaimed, surprised.

The dark angel turned backwards to face Pit, and addressed him in a voice devoid of emotion.


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