Chapter 1

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"Please remove all jewelry and everything that will set off the metal detector." The woman removed every single piece of jewelry from her body. Necklace, earrings, nose stud..everything.

She walked down the small corridor to the visitation room and there was a guard outside of the door with his arms in front. He gave her a nod as he opened the door. She gives him a smirk in return before entering the room.

Once she sat down at the telephone, she placed her hans on the small counter. Ahead of her was a heavy-set woman with tannish skin and brown eyes. Her dark hair was in a ponytail out of her face.

They stare at each other for a bit before reaching for their phones.

"Glad you came, Giselle." She greeted, breaking the silence.

"How are you holding up, Liz?"

"Nothing I'm not use to but I didn't ask you to come down for small talk. I need you to do one last job." Liz responded.

"I'm listening." Giselle replied.

"Listen carefully." She began. "There's a shipment coming in this evening with a bunch of drugs that the Ancelotti's want to get their hands on. I want you to seal the shipment and bring it to my friend Javier. ONce you bring that to him, He'll give you a payment. I want you also to deposit that payment and take twelve percent as your cut. Lastly I want you to go to my place and to see if the money in my mattress is still there. The money you find, I want that also in the bank. Don't fuck this up GiGi!"

Giselle just looked at Liz, and nodded. Her feminine hand placed the phone back on the receiver and walked out of the prison.

A small boat pulled up at the docks with boxes on it. The men were loading the cargo into the trunk of a black cascade. Nearby was Giselle waiting to board so she can just take the car from their hands. When the men weren't paying attention, she hopped into the cascade. Her black attire made her blend in and unseen through the tinted windows. The car was already on, all she had to do was switch the gear and press on the gas.

BOOM! The sound of the trunk closing, signaled her foot to hit the gas and leave the scene.

"Taking candy from a baby." She chuckled to herself. She drove to the meeting point where a man was standing with a duffle bag. She turned off the headlights and put the machine to a halt. Her eris sneakers hit the ground, and walked towards him. "Javier?"

"You got the shipment?" Giselle walked towards the trunk and opened it. He stood next to her and glanced at the boxes. The leather bag was placed on the floor and he pulls out a small pocket knife.

"We good?" She asked. He popped open the box and there was the drugs. He took a small amount and sampled it. He shook his head and wiped his nose.

"Yeah." He handed her the leather bag and she opened it. Bundles of hundreds were in the bag. She smiled and closed the bag. The two went their separate ways. Next stop Elizabeta Torres's apartment.

She opens Elizabeta's apartment and the place a complete mess. Couches were over turned and papers were everywhere. Leave it to the LCPD to leave their mark on our society. All she could do was shake her head at the chaos.

GiGi headed straight for the bedroom which is where she needed to go. She stuck her head inside of the mattress and it felt something. It was hard but it was smooth. She reached into the drawer next to her and pulled out a knife. She cut a hole into the mattress to make it bigger for her to see. There in the springs were wads of cash. Her eyes light up and a smile even escapes her lips. She grabs the wads and puts them into the duffle bag. Today was her big pay day.


She looks at the cash that's spread out on her floor. She counted the wads from the bed and there was a lot. Fifty grand to be exact. She even counted the money from the bag, and that was a hundred grand on it's own. She was gonna take more than twelve percent. She was gonna take twenty-five and keep the money from the mattress. If Elizabeta found out she'd taken the money from her, She'd have her killed. Can't have her killed if she leaves.

She get up from the floor and heads to her bedroom. A huge duffle bag was thrown on her bed, and clothes were filling it fast. Once it was filled, she closed it and placed it into the living room. She put some cash into her backpack and last minute things. She grabbed a picture frame with a picture of her and a middle aged man. They shared a lot of the same features. Dark hair, tan skin and hazel-brown eyes. She placed it into her backpack and closed it. LC Airport was her next stop.

She walked up to the counter.

"Where would you like a ticket to?" The woman asked.

"One way to Los Santos, San Andreas." She answered, reaching in her bag to pull out her wallet.

"Why would you want to go there?" Giselle looked at her.

"New job." She handed her cash instead of her credit card. Moments later the woman handed her the ticket and smiled.

"Have a safe trip." She smiled and walked to her gate.

Once she sat in her seat on the plane, She turned off her cellphone.

"Los Santos, Here I come." She whispered to herself.