Chapter 3

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Her feet hit the marble floor and a complimentary robe covers her damp body. Her first night in the foreign land was okay. Nothing bad happened considering she didn't explore. Bright side, she got to smash a car salesman's head in and get a free car out of it. To Giselle that sounds like a pretty good day.

She placed her hair into a ponytail, and walked into the main room. The news was blaring from the flat screen. Her outfit for the day, which was a white V-neck tee and boot cut jeans, were neatly laying across her made bed. She grabbed the champagne glass filled with orange juice and took a small sip. What was she gonna do for the day? Explore? She glanced at the beautiful view of the city.

Giselle placed the glass onto the small table, and noticed the small paper with an address on it. The man from the dealership gave it to her to have a drink with him.

"It's five o'clock somewhere." She mumbled.


She pulled into the driveway of the luxury suburban home. Four cars were in the driveway, a gardener mowing the lawn, and a house that's probably worth more than a million dollars.

"If I'm ever in need of a sugar daddy, I know who to come to." She removed her sunglasses from her face. The house seemed quiet and peaceful.

She walked up to the door; before her fist could hit the door, the same guy opened the door. The African American who was also there was behind him.

"Giselle?" He said with hesitance.

" I prefer Gigi." She replied.

"Come with us." He said, walking past her.

"Do I get a please?" She teased.

"Please?" He huffed. She smirked and hopped in the back of the convertible. "My name is Michael by the way."

"I'm Franklin."

"Nice to formally meet you guys." She said.

"So my son thought it'd be a bright idea to sell my boat, and now he needs my help."

"That shouldn't be hard." Franklin said with optimism.

"It shouldn't be but he's a dumb ass for it."

"Maybe he's trying to get your attention." GiGi commented, reminding them she's still there.

"Nope, he's a spoiled kid who doesn't do shit but sit there and play video games." Michael spat. As they were driving there was the boat flying down the highway. "That's my boat!"

"You sure?" Frank asked.

"Oh, I'm sure." The car began to speed down the road, tailgating the boat. "Frank, I'm gonna need you to get my son."

"You want me to jump onto the boat?" Mike nodded.

"I can do it." Giselle spoke.

"How's your aim, Frank?" He just answers with a shrug.

"I'll just go." He said, rising from his seat.

"Gi come to the front to shoot." She slowly made her way forward as did Franklin. Once her body was in the passenger's side, she pulls the hand gun from the back of pants. Michael glanced over with big eyes. "Were you planning on killing me?"

"If I wanted you dead, I would've done it a while ago." She clarifies. "It's a force of habit to carry a gun. Where I'm from it's normal because you just never know."

"Where are you from again?" He asked.

"Liberty City." Her finger pressed the trigger releasing rounds towards the guy holding Frank over the boat. The car swerved to the side a bit, Giselle grips to keep her balance. "Wanna keep the car still so I can have a clean shot?"

"Yeah, You're definitely from Liberty City." He said.

"Born and raised." The bullet went straight through the guy's skull, releasing frightened Franklin.

"Dad!" A voice yelled. It was from a guy who was in his late teens with brown hair. A piece of the boat launched out into the middle of traffic. Dangling was the overweight boy.

"Jimmy! Hold on!" Michael shouts. His foot slammed on the gas as Giselle hits the dashboard window frame. The car swerves and she grips the frame again as she tries to sit down.

"Dad, I'm slipping!" Jimmy yelled. The car was positioned under Jimmy, and he falls causing the car to shake.

"Franklin, Jump over!" She said, waving him back. He positioned himself and jumps into the backseat with Jimmy.

"Now let's get my boat." Michael said, slamming on the gas. As he does, it begins to stall.

"Sounds like you're not getting your boat." She comments.

"She's right." Frank agreed from the backseat.

"Dammit!" Michael's fist hits the steering wheel.

"I know a place we can take it to get fixed."

Giselle, Franklin, and Jimmy sit in the small waiting room. Jimmy sat next to Giselle, violating her personal space.

"So why's a beautiful shorty like yourself hanging with my old man?"

She doesn't remove her eyes from the magazine in her hand. "I thought maybe he can help me get some cash."

" Are you a prostitute or something? I mean you can sleep with me instead of him." Franklin glanced up from the floor to see her reaction.

"One; Please don't confuse me with your mother." She placed the magazine on her lap, closed with her finger marking the place. " Two; I'd rather play Russian roulette than sleep with a you."

"Wouldn't you die?" He questioned.

"That's the point." She stood up and pressed her forearm against his throat. "Three; Call me a prostitute again and I'll shove a cactus where the sun doesn't shine. " Her tone was scary calm, which made Frank's eyes go wide.

"Frank, Your car is ready." Giselle removed her forearm and walked outside towards the car.

"Damn." He said, amused.

"She totally wants me, Frank." Jimmy said, nudging Franklin.

"Sure, Whatever you say."


One they got back to Michael's house, Jimmy went inside leaving Giselle and Frank alone.

"See you soon." She said, walking towards her car.

"You're new to Los Santos, right?"

"Yeah, Why?" He shrugged.

"Let me take you to dinner or something." He said. Her light eyes looked him up and down. If he tried anything I could always shoot him. She thought.

"Alright, Let me drop off my car." She responded. Franklin smirked then got into his car.

"Liberty City just wasn't a good place." She said, leaning against the table. Franklin took her to a local diner

"I mean doesn't everybody say that about where they're from." He said, taking a swig of his dark beer. She smirked, and looked to her right at the father and daughter duo next to them.

"If you were apart of the life I was born into, you'd say the same." She said softly.

"We all have our back story." He said.

"Yeah, and there are days where I wish I could change it." Giselle mumbled taking a sip of water.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He said.

"Nothing." She said. "Let's just leave it as I didn't grow up like a normal kid."

"Well, You're in Los Santos now." He lifted his beer glass. "To new beginnings." She smiled, and raised her glass.