Shinanai Paranoia
Giving Up

"I don't trust you. I doubt I ever will." Toshiro turned then and headed back to the small room that was now his bedroom. Closing the door he looked at the sign in the window, his shoulders hunching. "No one is ever going to see that. I'm never going to get out of here." The boy walked up to the window and pulled down the sign, crumpling it up before heading back over to the bed and flopping down. "Seriously... why did I even try escaping. He is stronger then me as well as smarter then me and that I know is saying something."

"Still... to give up like this..."

"So you finally agree with me that he's not to be trusted? There is no telling what he'll do to me. I mean, look at those pictures."

"Those pictures seem to be the same scene over and over again."

"Could we not talk about it." Toshiro pulled an arm over his eyes then let out a sigh. Sitting up after a few minutes he headed to the door and opened the door and slid into the room. Gin was busy preparing dinner. The child walked over to the stool on the other side. "I'm going to stop trying."

"What?" Gin looked up at him in surprise.

"I told you. I'm going to stop trying to escape."

"That isn't like you."

"So what! This whole thing is so that you could have a game manipulating things so that I would try to escape. Not going to happen."

"I told you Shiro-chan, you're safe here."

"Ichimaru... let me make it clear to you here that I do not feel safe nor do I trust you. I am however going to be compliant and a good little boy to make you happy so that you perhaps won't do something majorly nasty to me. Fact is I haven't a clue how to escape and the hope that someone would come and save me is gone for good." The boy looked at the ground, his fingers touching the cold counter top.

"Shiro-chan... you shouldn't say that no ones going to save you. I already have."

The boy froze, the man's words sinking in as his eyes widened in horror. Looking up at the man he watched as Gin went about cooking the evening meal without much thought. "You... you honestly think that you've saved me from something, don't you." Toshiro watched as Gin stopped what he was doing to look right at him without speaking a word. "This thing you've saved me from, it isn't what was drawn in those pictures you drew?"

The man remained silent then looked away. "I can't explain things in detail to you."

"Did you ever stop and think that you were the person who would put me in that situation by torturing me until I'm at that point? Don't you see why I have no choice but to be compliant with you on these things? No... Ichimaru. I'm never, ever going to trust you."

"I don't care if you do or not. I never have. I simply care that you are safe." The man went back to what he was doing, but then spoke again. "That also said... I do know who did those things in the picture and it wasn't me."

Toshiro stared at him, then looked away letting out a sign of irritation. "He's mental. He is completely mental." The boy stood up and headed to the couch. "Is it all right that I watch some television?"

"Go ahead. This is your chance to be a normal child."

Two teal eyes turned to look at the man as a frown twisted up onto the child's face. Shaking his head he turned around and turned on the television. The show that he turned on was something he had seen Karin and Yuzu watching and he zoned out until Gin told him that the food was ready. He turned off the television and looked up but didn't move from the spot. To his surprise the man brought the food over to him and sat down next to him and turned the television on.

Toshiro picked at the rice dish, moving the items around the plate. For some reason he didn't feel like eating. "Did I really have to give up like this or is the reason I'm giving up because I don't have any plan of action. I honestly don't know what to do around him." The spoon pushed at the rice and worked at separating the chicken from the rice and the vegetables from everything else.

"Are you afraid of me?"

"What?" A mouth full of food was in his mouth and he looked up at the man who had his eyes narrowed and his mouth twisted into a frown. The man's tone of voice in a way sounded kind of needy.

"Shinso says that you are afraid of me."

"You're zampaktuo said that?" Toshiro frowned, his Addam's apple bobbing down. "That is really weird. Actually... I think Ichimaru is insane, so I don't think that is interesting off."

"Perhaps he is in denial that you of all people would be afraid of him, much like you tend to be in denial about things."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Toshiro took a deep breath. "Exactly what does your zampaktuo mean by that."

"What else can it mean?"

The boy set the dish onto the table. "I'm full. I'm going back to my room."

Flopping onto the bed Toshiro looked at the window. "I wish I hadn't taken that paper down."

"Yes, well... the thing about that is... is you clearly told yourself that you were giving up on anyone rescuing you and that you would be complaint."

"There is compliant and there is me not wanting to do anything anymore."

"Just... go to sleep. Don't worry about this right now."

"Easier said then done. As I told Ichimaru, I can't trust him. Am I afraid of him?"