Author Notes: (9/19) I just reread the story and realized I had accidentally uploaded the wrong version.  There are not many major differences, so you don't need to read the chapter again.

Author Notes: I wrote this story because I am sick of 30 word chapters and I am sick with cliché storylines with no originally.  So I wrote this story, a parody of all that is bad in Megami Kouhosei.  If you're offended, I'm not sorry, because this should be a wake up call that you should try to do better.  There is no excuse for some of the crap that gets posted in MK's fandom.  I'm not saying that this is a work of art, or that I'm the next Kay Willow.  I wrote this in about a half hour and I have no illusions of greatness.  This is meant as a few laughs for those of you who have literary standards and it is meant as a wake up call for those of you who don't.  It should be a one-shot.

Just Another Day

By The Irritated Observer

One Saturday evening, a young twelve year old stayed up late and came upon a show called Pilot Candidate.  When Cartoon Network issued its standard and, admittedly, completely idiotic warning for those under eighteen, she blithely ignored it; except, perhaps, to turn down the volume a bit.

The young girl fell in love with the show, so the next day she rushed online to find more about it.  Her first stop was  She was disheartened to find no category listed under Pilot Candidate.  However, she decided to make the best of it and search elsewhere on the web.  So, the adolescent junior high school student went to Google and typed in her new, favorite show title.  When the results came up, she entered the first site on the list.   The young girl then realized that the show was also known as Megami Kouhosei.  When she checked back on, she was thrilled to find that there was already a category for the anime.  She was so excited that she exited the other site right away, without learning any information, and began to write her own fan fiction, pausing only to lie on the registration about her age.

And to think, it started as just another day.

The façade of an ordinary day lay upon GOA as well.  The simulation training had already been completed and there was another hour before classroom lessons began, all candidates and repairs had been left to their own devices until they were called upon again.

Ikhny walked down the metal hallway, mentally listing all she had done today and all that was left to do.  It was a repair's duty to support her candidate, and Ikhny would see that duty through--even if the candidate was someone like Hiead.

There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of 'think of someone and they will appear'.  Not willing to break the cliché, Hiead soon rounded the corner and blocked Ikhny's path.

Now, many a fan girl will point out Hiead's good locks as reason that he can't possibly be all bad.  While silver hair and crimson eyes may be captivating to those whose reading selection is limited to formula paperback romance novels, Ikhny can be the first to attest that demonic eyes are not at all appealing when they three inches away from your face and glowing in murderous rage.

"Hi...Hiead…" Ikhny's voice trembled hesitantly, the memory of being slammed into a cold, steel wall incapable of being erased. 

Hiead eyed his partner with distaste.  She was weak, unable to keep up with him.  Someday, he would be allowed to leave her behind.  Then, he would become the top pilot and show them all.  The image of his brown-haired rival came to mind.

They stood silently, locked in place for their own reasons.  He watched her in hopes of discovering some flaw that would allow him to dump her.  She stood still in hopes that she would get out of this without any injuries, physical or mental.

And then, something changed.  The air twanged and reality rearranged itself to fit a child's whims.

Hiead looked at his brown-haired partner, a new feeling welling up from inside of him.  How could he have been so cruel?  How could he have hurt his dear Ikhny so?  There had to be some way to make amends…

Ikhny sensed that something was wrong.  The air had just gone 'twang'.  Not in the onomatopoeia sense, but in the-air-actually-said-"twang" sense.  And there seemed to be something wrong with Hiead's eyes…

While Ikhny was trying to sort out what had happened, Hiead had come to the juvenile conclusion that there was only one way to right the past wrong doings: true love.  So, quite unexpectedly, he reached forwards and swept his repairer up in a passionate kiss.

Ikhny, jerked out of her musing, stiffened in shock when her mind fully comprehended what Hiead was doing.  Immediately, she began to try to pull away; however, she was not strong enough.

It was fortunate, therefore, that Hiead was able to regain control of his limbs at this point.  Jerking away, he threw Ikhny into the opposite wall out of a desire to be as far away from her as possible, rather than out of any spite or malice.  The result, however, was basically the same.

While Ikhny was desperately trying to regain some equilibrium, Hiead was desperately trying to figure out what had just happened.  A million theories and possibilities crossed his mind, but Hiead was able to sum up his feelings in one simple statement.

"What the hell just happened?!" 

Ikhny, still dazed, had managed to stand up and was about to say something that would hopefully soothe her partner's temper, when they both heard a loud, overdramatic sigh.  Hiead spun around quickly, while Ikhny slowly turned her head.  Both candidate and repairer noticed a young girl standing in the hallway.  She was dressed in archaic clothes, rather than the mandatory repairer uniform.  Ikhny opened her mouth to warn the girl, but Hiead beat her to the opening remark.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?"  The girl, oblivious to Hiead's anger and growing hate, oblivious even the mere fact that sweet, darling, misunderstood Hiead could even possess the emotion known as hate, merely shook her head at the partners.

"And you were doing so well too."  She seemed to be talking to herself as well as them.  "I thought after I made you two kiss, everything would just work out."  She continued to mumble, though the only words they could make out where things like "12 step plan for getting them together" and "Hiead and Ikhny are such an adorable couple". 

Reviewing the strange girl's first comments, knowledge slowly dawned on Hiead.  "You made us…" The final word was too repulsive for Hiead even to utter.  The girl stopped her random chatter to look up at Hiead in clueless innocence to any wrong doing.

"Of course. I saw one episode of Pilot Candidate, and I just knew you two were destined to be together forever."  She beamed at the two animated characters before her, but their reaction of the news was less than ideal.  Ikhny blanched at the idea of forever with Hiead, and slid back down the wall.  Hiead, on the other hand, grew even more furious.

"Forever?  Together?  With her?!"  With each word, Hiead took a step closer to the girl. Images of different torture techniques raced through his mind.  Whoever this girl was, she was going to pay.

Instincts of ancestors long past, who had survived long enough to have descendants by running away from everything scary and strong, urged the young girl that now would be an excellent time to leave the partners in peace.  With a hasty goodbye the girl quickly walked backwards far enough to rush around a nearby corner.  With a snarl of vengeance, Hiead quickly followed.

Ikhny sat alone in the sterile hallways, still unable to fully comprehend everything that had just happened.  There was something that was bugging her, something that was clamoring for her attention.  There was something about that girl's eyes…


So, the first part is done.  Yes, I did say that this was going to be a one-shot.  However, I don't want to work on this anymore right now and I wanted to post this as soon as possible.  Besides, I've worked more on this already than many authors have on their stories, which is actually quite pathetic (for them, not me).

If you found this story offending, I've found your story offending in the past; so, now we're even.