A/N: It only occurred to me after I already started this that Eren sleeps in the basement of the fort. Whoops. It became more and more AU then onwards.I apologize if they're too OOC, i wrote this before i got completely caught up with the anime c:

Warnings: Just a bit of language

The rustling of sheets and a soft groan were the only things heard in the wide stone walled room. Eren cracked an eye open and lifted his heavy head from his pillow, the object enticing him to go back to sleep with quiet whispers of plush feathery comfort. The pale arm lazily draped over his torso wasn't motivating him to move much either.

He glanced up at a high window and smiled. He could still sleep a little longer- it was barely sunrise.


"The hell?" The forest eyed brunette reluctantly peered over towards the source of the noise and sighed. His cat, Mikasa, had torn a long hole right through the thick red curtains that blocked out most of the dim sunlight streaming in from the patio. "Fuck…Levi's gonna skin me alive," he muttered and attempted to pull out of the bed without rousing his counterpart.

Unlucky for Eren, his counterpart happened to be a captain in the royal guard. The grip on his stomach tightened as soon as he inched his left foot towards the floor. "Where're you going, brat?" a muffled and gruff voice came up from under the pristine, white sheets. Levi would do a number of terrible things to Eren if the round eyed boy ever told anyone, but Levi was a hardcore cuddler in bed.

He loved building a makeshift pillow fort around him and his lover where they would fall asleep peacefully after their earlier actions of the night. Eren snickered about it the first few times they slept together, duly getting a smack upside the head when Levi heard him. Only later did Eren notice that the only real down time the hard-working captain got was the time they spent together and even then the man had to be on guard for any threat opposing the sole heir to the Rose throne.

"Mikasa's getting into something again. I was gonna go clean it up so you wouldn't have to worry about it later," he covered his mouth to yawn, getting the final traces of sleep out of his system.

"Damn cat," a faint hissing could be heard over by the curtains," I can fix it later. Not like you'd do a decent job anyways," Levi huffed and pulled Eren closer, resting his chin in the crevice between his head and shoulder.

"Back to sleep it is then?" Eren chuckled to himself and settled back into the sheets, finally accepting the pillow's offer for a decent half hours' sleep.


"Eren, the pets sleep outside the room from now on," Levi muttered, glaring daggers aimed at Eren's excitable, and now wide awake, golden retriever, Armin.