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Somewhere along the outskirts of Konoha

Walking through the forest in the rainy night was a young blonde hair boy, who appeared to be no more then five or six, wearing a white shirt with a red round swirl symbol on the front of his shirt, black pants and sandals while he had a blue backpack on. The only noticeable features were that he had black whisker marks on his cheeks and a sad look was showing in his blue eyes with barely restrained tears leaking out.

Just an hour or two ago young Naruto, with what little belongings he had, had been thrown out of the orphanage by the owner, an old lady who looked like she needed to be put into solitary confinement due to the multiple times she showed erratic anger (seriously, who puts someone like that in charge of a place that took in parentless children?) When that happened Naruto had contemplated of going to the large round tower, the Hokage Tower, where his jiji worked at and would most likely be or the very least the small ramen stand where the nice little family worked at.

However that plan had several problems: The first one was that it was nighttime and the roads looked different at night then in the morning. The second was that it was raining with bits of thunder, the latter scaring the poor young blonde and making him unable to navigate properly. And the last one was that somehow his force departure from the orphanage had spread quickly and several mobs of civilians and shinobi had been form and were hunting for him this instant. That one had forced Naruto to try several different paths to reach the Hokage tower and with all three of those things combine, the young blonde found himself in his current situation; cold, tired, hungry, confused and scared.

"What did I do to them anyway to be hated?" Naruto mumbled to himself weakly as he stopped walking to try and get a grasp of his surrounding. He had a feeling that he was no longer in Konoha's walls, which was in someway good considering the fact that mobs were looking for him. Having to avoid beatings since he was three, Naruto had developed a survival instinct that was rare for a boy his age too have. Though it was certainly helpful as it made him realize that he should find a place to get out of the rain and sleep too. He could find a way back into Konoha and to his jiji in the morning when there was light. 'If I could just find a shack or something.' Naruto wished.

As if answering his wish lightning flash briefly, startling Naruto. But at that brief moment Naruto spotted something that he hadn't seen before. It was some sort of manmade structure just a few distances before him and while the night had once again took over he could still make out its silhouette. Taking out a flashlight he 'borrowed' from the orphanage staff (He would've used it when looking for the Hokage but he was worried the light might attract the mob) Naruto shined the path before him and headed towards the structure, moving at a fast but careful pace.

When he arrived Naruto found out that the structure was actually an abandon temple. While it still looked like it was in good shape, the evidence of vines growing over it and the large amounts of dust and various areas of peeled paint was a sign that this place hasn't been used for a long time. What caught his interest however was that the temple was almost covered with the same swirling crests that Naruto had on his shirt and seen in many places within Konoha.

His curiosity however was overcome by Naruto's needs to get into shelter and out of the rain so without further ado he entered the temple. To his surprise the torches within the temple were still alit despite it being abandoned. Nevertheless he was grateful for the extra light, since all he had was a flashlight for light, and began to unpack and pulled out a blue blanket and some traveling rations, both of which he 'borrowed' from several areas. Naruto was grateful for the lit torches, as his blanket alone wouldn't have been enough to keep him warm. He had just pulled the blanket over him, laying his head on the backpack as a pillow and was seconds away from closing his eyes when a voice suddenly spoke, "Naruto…"

Surprised Naruto bolted upwards, sleep forgotten. He scanned the room wildly, worried that someone, maybe one of the mobs, had entered the temple and found him. But while he saw no person in sight, something did catch the young boy's attention. At the centre of the temple, a podium of some sort, were dozen of oni-masks hanging on it but unlike the rest of the temple, they all looked intact though dusty. In front of it were black flames that were still alit and looked to be almost protecting the masks kind of. The masks were also hanging beneath three connected symbols that Naruto had seen outside the temple too.

But what seem to draw Naruto's attention were the black flames for some reason. The way they moved around, almost dancing, entranced him as he walked closer towards the flames. When he was directly in front of them the voice he heard spoke again. "Can you hear me? Naruto Uzumaki…"

"Yes I can hear you." Naruto replied meekly, wondering if he wasn't going crazy.

"Then I can say that it is good to see you again…" The voice replied.

That caught Naruto by surprise. "Again? But I don't think I ever met talking black flames before."

"We have known each other a long time ago, where we fought together as well. Though back then you were someone else and with a different name too." The voice said. "If you want to remember then reach into the flames and you shall remember."

Okay, now Naruto was wondering if he was going crazy. Even if they were black, flames were flames and if he put his hand into it then it would be seriously burned. As if reading the young blonde's mind, the voice said, "You have nothing to fear Naruto Uzumaki. For these flames are but a fraction of my power. And my power is your power. Now reach in and awaken them!"

With a sudden adrenaline of courage surging through his veins Naruto shot his hand forward into the flames. And as the voice said, the flames did not hurt. Actually the moment he stuck his entire hand in he felt something solid hidden within the flames. Getting a firm grip on it Naruto began to pull it but it only moved a few inches, like it was testing him or something. Annoyed Naruto put his left hand into the flames and now with both hands gripping it he pulled once more, except harder.

He was rewarded with the object, or objects, finally coming out of the flames. The objects turned out to be dual katana, one in each hand, with clean silver blades with similar round black guards and grey wrapped handles. But before Naruto could admire them any further the black flames, almost as if missing the swords, jumped out and surrounded Naruto entirely in a dome of black flames, cutting the boy off from the outside world in a dome of darkness. But for some reason, Naruto did not feel afraid by the black flames around him. In fact he seemed to be relaxed, as if the flames, or what made them, were familiar too him. And soon the voice spoke again, "We are together again Naruto Uzumaki, descendant of Ichigo Kurosaki, the last King of Souls and most powerful Shinigami! Now raise your blades and say my name! Say the name of your Zanpakuto and receive your birthright!"

As if knowing what the voice was saying, Naruto immediately raised both swords above his head. And then once making them cross each other like an X he said loudly, "Shout Loudly and Shine Brightly…" And the blades began radiating black energy with the black flames being absorbed into them as Naruto said one final word, "Zangetsu!"

Hokage Tower

An ANBU Captain, who was delivering a report about having round up another mob, took a brief glance at the Sandaime Hokage, the man he was reporting too, before leaving. Though the aged Hokage didn't show it the feeling he was radiating off was all but clear to the ANBU and anyone else with brain cells: The Hokage was angry.

As the ANBU left Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage reflected on the current situation. When he first got word of the several mobs moving around the village he knew that they were looking for Naruto, the current Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, the son of the deceased Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki and who had become a surrogate grandson to the old Hokage. Immediately Hiruzen sent one of his most trusted ANBU, Weasel, to head towards the orphanage and bring Naruto to the mansion, where he would be safe until the Hokage could calm all the madness.

However when Weasel, or to be more precise a shadow clone of Weasel, and reported that Naruto had been forcefully kicked out by the matron of the orphanage, the Hokage was not please, not pleased at all. After listening to the bias and stupid reason from the woman, whom the Hokage noticed wasn't running on all pistons, Hiruzen had her taken away for some time with Ibiki and Anko and then send her to a retirement home. He would find a new person to be put in charge of the orphanage later. Right now he was focus on having his ANBU and Jonins calm down the mobs and arresting them for disturbing the peace, rebelling against his shinobi and trying to kill an innocent boy that they stupidly thought was the Kyuubi.

And that was when Hiruzen felt it; a massive burst of…well he wasn't sure if it was chakra but it felt similar to it and it was powerful. He looked out the window in his office was not only surprise too see that the rain had stopped, but there wasn't even a single cloud or star in the sky just pitch black darkness. Outside his office everyone else in the village, shinobi and civilians alike, part or not part of the mobs, had stopped what they were doing and looked up in fear at the sky while at the same time felt the massive surge of power that was apparently coming from the sky.

And just as it had begun, the massive pressure disappeared, including the pitch-black sky. In fact it look like, what Hiruzen could think of, black energy was sucked downwards from the sky, once more revealing the stars, the clouds and now a full moon, glowing brightly then ever before. The Hokage was about to summon an ANBU team to check out the source of the pressure when a familiar voice spoke from behind.

"Hi Jiji!" Naruto's voice shouted. Hiruzen spun around in surprise upon seeing his surrogate grandson; he hadn't detected the young blonde at all! Him, the Sandaime Hokage, known as the Professor and God of Shinobi who survived three shinobi wars couldn't detect the presence of a five-year old boy with no shinobi training whatsoever! He didn't know whether to be happy that Naruto was alive and okay or confused of how the child got into his office.

Naruto noticed his jiji's stunned look and asked with child curiosity, "Uh, jiji are you okay?"

That seemed to snap the Hokage out of his stupor. But that's when he noticed that Naruto had a backpack being held in his right hand while strapped to his back were two identical swords. "Um Naruto-kun where did you get those swords?" Hiruzen asked, sort of worried that his five-year old grandson had weapons on him that could hurt him.

Naruto looked to his side to take a look at his swords before turning back to the old Hokage. "This is my Zanpakuto Zangetsu. And you won't believe what happened to me!"

And with that a new legend of a long lost power was born that day.

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