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Hokage's Office

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, rubbed his temples for the twentieth before taking another large gulp of sake. A lot had happened last night, since it was now the morning, and it all had to do with the six-year old blonde hair boy sleeping on the couch with his dual swords, or Zanpakuto as they were called, leaning against the same couch. Right now it was only Hiruzen and Naruto in the room as he had dismissed his ANBU guard and placed privacy seals within the room. He put the ANBU in charge to regain order while having the ANBU commander inform Shikaku Nara, the Jonin Commander of the events last night. Right now the small amount of info he got from Naruto, along with the large energy felt last night, which was revealed to have come from Naruto, were more important.

As he put his sake cup back down he took another glance at the two swords that had changed over the night when Naruto entered his office. Now, while they still identical to one another, the swords had taken on the appearance of what appeared to be two large black Khyber Knife blades with the edges being a dark red. The handles were longer, looking like either one or two hands could hold them, were black with the swords having no cross guards whatsoever. The last bit was the extending from the bottom of each handle were black chains that wrapped around each of Naruto's arms respectively with the end having what appear to be red fur. And no matter what he tried, the Hokage couldn't seem to be able to untangle the chains from Naruto's arm, or like they couldn't come off.

(A/N: Try and imagine the blades being similar to the larger sword of Ichigo's new dual Zanpakuto, except without the hollow part like the smaller sword of the pair. And the handle looking like the one for Yhwach's sword and the chains wrapped around his arms like with Kratos from Gods of War)

Also Hiruzen recalled the words that Naruto had said before collapsing in exhaustion. Apparently whatever had happened completely exhausted the boy though he managed to reveal everything that had happened; him finding the Uzumaki Temple, gaining his Zanpakuto that belonged to his ancestor and now he was a Shinigami or something with abilities similar to the Death God. But the last part was that Zangetsu, the boy's Zanpakuto, would be speaking with Hiruzen while Naruto recovered.

"The only problem is how am I supposed to speak with a sword?" Hiruzen asked himself as he kept studying the swords.

As if answering his question, the room became darker much to Hiruzen's surprise since the ceiling lamp was still on though the light bulb seemed to be letting off a different shade of light, red to be exact. Remaining calm thanks to his shinobi experience, Hiruzen checked to make sure Naruto was still in the room. But when he turned too look at the sleeping blonde he saw to his surprise that someone was standing between the Hokage and the boy.

It was a man by the looks of it and a tall one too, around the same size as his student Jiraiya and the Akimichi Clan Head Choza or maybe slightly taller then those two. However unlike them this man was more lean-built and had the features of a middle-age man. His skin was pale, had high cheekbones, a stubble and long ragged black hair with brown highlights that went down to his neck but for some reason was blowing towards the left by some invisible breeze. The man's attire consisted of what appeared to be a tattered white dress shirt with an upturned collar and cuffs, which was underneath a long amorphous black overcoat with a burgundy highlight that appeared to flare into ragged ends. He also had black pants, low-heeled boots and wore brown-tinted, semi-transparent wraparound sunglasses over his eyes, which were currently closed.

However despite his appearance, Hiruzen could feel the power radiating off of him even if it was a bit foreign. Retaining his composure while thinking of how to handle this man if he turned out to be an enemy, Hiruzen spoke first. "Who are you and how did you get here?" The man asked in a tone that showed why he was picked to become the Sandaime Hokage.

The man said nothing at first but after a few seconds of silence he opened eyes, revealing them to be brown. "My name is Zangetsu, and I was once the Zanpakuto of Ichigo Kurosaki and now the Zanpakuto of Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo's descendants. And we have much too talk about Hiruzen Sarutobi."

Hiruzen suddenly understood what Naruto meant that his Zanpakuto would be speaking with him. But still this was something that Hiruzen had a hard time understanding. "How is this even possible?" The Professor asked in utter awe and confusion.

"I would appreciate if you did not compare us Zanpakuto to other weapons Hiruzen Sarutobi." Zangetsu said with a bit of annoyance in his voice. "We have our own souls along with unique shapes and powers based off our Shinigami's soul. Along with having our own soul we possess a true form within our Shinigami's inner world, where we are right now; within Naruto's inner world."

Hiruzen's eyes widened upon being told that he was inside Naruto's mind but Zangetsu had continued speaking, "Normally for anyone else to even come in here they need to have both permission from Naruto and myself along with making physical contact with me or Naruto. However due to Naruto currently resting since he needs time to adjust to Ichigo's memories as well as our combined large powers, I am able to bring you in here while casting an illusion to the real world."

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow but decided to file it for later and instead asked another question. "And the swords, er, Zanpakuto? May I ask why they have taken on that form?"

"The form they are in now is my Shikai form, the true form of the Zanpakuto. The reason they are like that is due to the fact that Naruto has vast spiritual power yet cannot control it yet, so I remain in a constant release state. Hopefully when he has mastered to control his power he can keep them in their sealed form." Zangetsu replied automatically.

Deciding to follow along Hiruzen nodded though Zangetsu could feel that the Hokage was still on guard just in case. "Since you're here and speaking on Naruto-kun's behalf then I can ask you what I want to know, correct?"

"Indeed" Zangetsu said. "However I will not tell you what you want to know, only what you need to know, for both Naruto's sake as to protect him from those who would use his powers for their own, like your former teammates and the Civilian Council." The spirit noticed Hiruzen's shock. "Despite being in isolation for so long I have watched over Naruto, waiting for when he and I would be united. At the same time I know that at the hands of the Civilian Council and the Elders, the latter, especially Danzo who wants him for a weapon, have ruined his life. What do you suppose they would do if they heard about Naruto's newfound powers?"

Hiruzen couldn't deny what the man, er, spirit said. For a long time the Civilian Council, full of greedy people, has been a thorn in his side even before he declared Minato his successor. And after Minato's death and his reinstatement as Hokage, the council used that small gap to gain influence within the village, set on securing and elevating their own positions, making Naruto's life miserable and who knows what else.

And then there were the Elders, Hiruzen's former teammates who have sided alongside the Civilian Council, going against him while at the same time preaching about Naruto's training to control the Kyuubi, especially Danzo, who just wanted the boy as a mindless weapon for his ROOT program, even though Hiruzen disbanded that program years ago. The Hokage knew that the program was still active despite his orders, yet Hiruzen had no evidence for that meaning he couldn't touch Danzo. If they learned of Naruto's new powers then the outcomes would be the Civilian Council calling for the boy's blood and with Danzo going to extreme to abduct Naruto into his program forcefully. That was something that Hiruzen could not allow.

With a burning determination in his eyes Hiruzen looked back at Zangetsu, the spirit understanding the silent message the Hokage was sending him. "Good, because as of now, neither Naruto nor I will stand for such action. Since you now understand then I will tell you the history of the Shinigami and their relationship with Shinobi. Everything else you wish to learn will be revealed to you by Naruto when he awakens from sorting through Ichigo's memories."

When Zangetsu finished that sentence images began to flash through Hiruzen's eyes and the Hokage watcehed as the Zanpakuto Spirit spoke, "Long ago before the word chakra ever existed, the entire world was watched and protected by a place known as Soul Society, ruled by a powerful entity called the King of Souls, a god in his own right. Soul Society was a realm that was part of this world yet at the same time resided in its own dimension and was also known as the afterlife as the residents of Soul Society were souls. The capital of this world was known as Seireitei and the military was called the Gotei 13. The soldiers of Gotei 13 along with the rest of the occupants of Seireitei were the Shinigami, souls that had spiritual powers allowing them to do things that others would deem godlike. Along with those spiritual powers they possessed long lives, enhanced durability and finally the weapon shared with all Shinigami called the Zanpakuto, weapons unique to them as they are created by the owner's soul within the sword."

Hiruzen saw a brief flash of several Shinigami fighting against large creatures of different appearances. The only thing that they had in common was their white mask like faces and the holes in their chests. "The duties of the Shinigami, along with protecting Seireitei, were to help guide the souls of the deceased to either Soul Society, for those who have been good in life, or to Hell for those who have committed evil deeds as humans. Another responsibility was the cleansing of Hollows, the creatures you had just seen, evil spirits born from Human souls that have stayed too long in the Human World after their death. They live to devour other souls to increase their power. When a Shinigami kills a Hollow, the creature returns back into a human soul and is sent to Soul Society, unless they committed evil deeds as a human and thus are sent to Hell."

Suddenly Zangetsu frowned as the images around them changed to ones of war with people fighting and dying. "But that all changed 3,000 years ago when the Quincy, a race of spiritually aware humans, rose and began war with Soul Society. The war brought much death to both sides, Shinigami and Quincy alike, along with casualties of humans and souls that had no spiritual powers. The war reached a turning point when the Quincy Emperor killed his millennia archenemy, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, the Captain-Commander and founder of the Gotei 13. The war began to turn towards the Quincy's favor until a human, born with the blood of the Quincy and the powers of Shinigami and Hollows appeared. This human was Ichigo Kurosaki and he was able to defeat the Quincy Emperor and ended the war. Soon after he became the new King of Souls, with his predecessor passing down the title and power before vanishing from existence."

Hiruzen felt like there was more. "I assume that a war of such magnitude didn't come without consequences." The Hokage commented.

"Indeed" Zangetsu said before continuing. "Though the Quincy suffered losses so great that they were almost extinct, many Shinigami had died along with Soul Society and Seireitei being in ruin. Worse Hollows and Arrancar that had survived the assault from the Quincy were rampaging across the Human World due to the lack of Shinigami to stop them. And the Human world itself was in disarray, falling into chaos because of the war. In a last ditch attempt to bring order to the world, Ichigo Kurosaki with his newfound powers, broke down the walls that divided Soul Society and the Human World. Though this act would be considered madness, it actually in fact help as Shinigami were able to protect humans, guide them to recovery and furthermore banished Hollows and Arrancar to areas where they would couldn't bring harm to the humans. However over the years as Shinigami mingled with humans their numbers dwindled until there were none left…until now that is." With this Zangetsu turned slightly to look at the sleeping Naruto. "With Naruto now awakening his Shinigami power, the power of his ancestor Ichigo Kurosaki to be precise, more people will awaken Shinigami powers all over the world, bringing back the powers once loss for three millennia."

Hiruzen was quite shock to hear this and then when he realized the impact that this would have on the world and chuckled inwardly. 'You sure don't do things halfway do you Naruto?' Hiruzen said to himself when another question came up. "You said that there was a connection between the Shinigami and Shinobi, what is that?"

Zangetsu looked at the Hokage before replying. "The spiritual energy that Shinigami uses, also called Reiyoku, and chakra that shinobi as well as samurais use, are both the same thing; sources of energy found within a person." When he said that the Hokage had a shock look on his face at this revelation but allowed Zangetsu to continue. "As I said before Shinigami began to mingle with humans though a few stayed with each other. This caused their descendants to be born with small spiritual energy within them. However it was only when the man known as the Rikudou Sennin, a direct descendant of Ichigo actually, was born 1,000 years ago and discovered a new way to use the inner energies within people and renamed it Chakra. He used books and scrolls left by his family to expand this discovery over the world. In fact your ninja techniques, jutsu, are actually another version of the techniques used by Shinigami, called Kido."

For next few minutes Hiruzen listened to Zangetsu who told him what the Hokage needed know. Then the darkness began to fade away, going back into Zangetsu. As the room returned to normal Hiruzen looked back at Zangetsu, with the Zanpakuto spirit saying, "You know what you need to know. Now if you want to protect Naruto and help bring back the Shinigami, then put the Council in its place and show them why you were chosen for the mantle of Hokage."

And with that Zangetsu disappeared, leaving Hiruzen back in the real world inside his office with only the sleeping Naruto as his company. After a minute or two to digest what he just learned Hiruzen called out to his secretary to call in the council, lateness was not an option. If one was looking carefully you could see a rekindle inferno in the old Hokage's eyes.

Council Room (An Hour Later)

It was safe to say that Konoha had begun a change and the first people to know it were the members of the Konoha Council. Besides the Civilian Council and Elders the third group was the Shinobi Council, which was made up of the clan heads of Konoha's main clans. Said clans consisted of the Nara Clan, Aburame Clan, Akimichi Clan, Hyuuga Clan, Yamanaka Clan, Inuzuka Clan, Sarutobi Clan, Uchiha Clan and the Kurama Clan. The Kurama Clan wasn't as large as the other clans but was still notable enough to have their own position in the council. The Senju clan was vacant since its only member, Tsunade, had left the village years ago and Hiruzen Sarutobi represented the Sarutobi Clan along with being the Hokage.

When the Hokage sat down he was hit by a barrage of questions concerning the, as the civilian council put it, the unnecessary detainment of villagers and the strange energy felt across the village. The Hokage let this go on for a few more seconds before releasing a large dose of killing intent over the entire council though more towards the Civilian Council and the Elders. To many this was an entirely different person; gone was the meek Sandaime Hokage that took the position after the Kyuubi attack, here was now the Professor and Shinobi no Kami who fought and survived all three Great Shinobi Wars and he had come back with like a furious inferno.

He then began reminding the council, the civilian side along with the Elders, that they were his advisors and did not make decisions for him and anymore actions of the kind would be consider treason. The civilians of course tried to argue but the Hokage managed to shut them down good and any other attempts stopped when the Elders tried to speak up. That only got them having a sword being held to their neck from one of the hidden ANBU, a reminder that trying to go against the Hokage was treason. Hiruzen then added that the his reasons for arresting numerous people in the mobs, that he found out were started by the Civilian Council, earning them another chewing out, were that because not only were they causing village riots, disturbing the peace and injuring several bystanders. But were hunting down a six year old boy who had been kicked out of the orphanage. The name of said boy was not needed since the entire council knew whom the Hokage was referring too.

"Now that you've decided to shut your traps I can get down to the more important matters." Hiruzen said, ignoring the small glares from the Civilian side and the snickers from the Shinobi side. "As I'm sure you all recall the massive energy we felt last night?" He waited a second as people nodded their heads but continued before small conversations could begin. "The source of that power came from young Naruto-kun himself upon awakening his Shinigami powers." Hiruzen said. He knew it was a risky move revealing how Naruto had become a being with spiritual powers but the Hokage had only plan on revealing that and the Zanpakuto, and exclude the history lesson and the other races he had learned from Zangetsu. The spirit had agreed that it would be better for Naruto to help him with that stuff at a later date.

And as the Hokage expected the entire council burst into pandemonium, with the Civilian side preaching that it was some sort of 'demon trickery' the Elders, well Koharu and Homura, were talking to one another while Danzo had a glint in his eye. Hiruzen knew that the warhawk was planning something that concerned his surrogate grandson and had planned for something like that. However what piqued Hiruzen's interest were the clan heads, all of them seem to be in deep thoughts though now and then they were converse with one another.

Curious to hear what they were speaking about Hiruzen turned towards the clan heads. "I noticed that the Shinobi side has been relatively quiet since I announced this. Is there something I should know?" The Hokage asked, ceasing all other voices.

The clan heads, realizing that eyes were on them, looked at one another. Then as if silently voting of who should speak for them, Shikaku Nara replied, "While we admit that hearing that Naruto has Shinigami powers surprised us, we were wondering if Naruto was carrying a weapon, a sword to be exact, that was called a Zanpakuto?"

Hiruzen blinked, caught somewhat unaware of the question. It would seem that the clans had some knowledge of the Shinigami. Perhaps this could be beneficial for his plan in helping Naruto. "Yes he did in fact though I am curious to know where you got such information?"

Tsume Inuzuka spoke this time. "Though vague, I recalled reading about people with the name Shinigami in my clan records, near the beginning of the Clan's history. They talked how we were descended from some of these Shinigami the most notable one within the Inuzuka records was a powerful Shinigami by the name of Sajin Komamura."

The other clan heads were murmuring the same thing while the Elders were in deep thought, recalling reading about similar things too and the civilian council were wondering if there was something they could get from this new revelation. Hiruzen was also unaware of the possibility that the shinobi clans of today might have some kind of connection to the Shinigami. Though Zangetsu did mention that chakra originated from Reiyoku that Shinigami used, he didn't mention anything about clans being descended from Shinigami. Perhaps he didn't know that part or merely left it out, either way Hiruzen made a note to check up on his clan archives later.

Anyway seeing how the majority of the clan heads were pleased by this revelation without Hiruzen trying to convince them, Hokage decided to move onto phase three of his plan. Clearing his throat and gaining everyone's attention, "Anyway now that has been revealed I would like to move forward with placing Naruto-kun under the Shinobi Council protection so that he can master his new powers. All agreed?" He watched as automatically the entire Shinobi Council raised their hands in approval. "Well that went quick."

"Hey what about us?" A civilian council member asked.

Hiruzen fixed the man a glare before replying, "Well obviously when I say that he should be placed under the Shinobi Council protection, then that means only said council can vote on that, not the Civilian side nor the Elders." Then he turned towards Shibi Aburame who appeared to have a question in mind. "Yes Shibi-san?"

"I assume that you have some way of teaching Naruto-san how to control his powers since being a Shinigami his power differs from ours Hokage-sama?" The Aburame Clan Head said.

Hiruzen nodded, verifying Shibi's question. "Yes I forgot to mention that apparently Naruto-kun's Zanpakuto was originally wielded by his ancestor, Ichigo Kurosaki also known as the King of Souls." He paused a moment to look at the shocked faces of the council at this revelation before continuing. "As such he has received his ancestor's memories and is slowly relearning I guess the correct word would be, how to use his newfound powers. That is not to say that he might still need a few tips now and then along with any background information he can acquire such as copies of the ones in each clan archive. I assume it won't be a problem of acquiring copies of those certain parts correct?" He asked as he looked at the clan heads. They all nodded in agreement though a few mentioned to discuss further into detail about it. Hiruzen merely nodded and added, "but I believe that he will be able to master his Shinigami powers and Zanpakuto quickly."

Though oblivious to the others, Shikaku Nara felt that the Hokage was hiding several key factors relating to this topic. He wasn't considered a genius for nothing, which is why he felt to keep quiet as the Hokage clearly had reasons for leaving some parts out, most likely concerning Naruto's safety. If the Hokage wanted to inform them then he would do so, so Shikaku did not say anything and the Nara had a feeling that the old Hokage knew that he, Shikaku, would catch on.

Hiruzen was about to close the meeting when Danzo raised his hand. "Yes Elder Danzo?" Hiruzen asked, outwardly curious to what the warhawk had to say, though inwardly he knew but just played along.

"Yes I would like to pass the motion of putting Naruto Uzumaki under the Clan Restoration Act" He said with a hint of smugness in his tone. He ignored the glares that some of the Clan Heads were giving him and the smirks that the civilian members had. With the Kyuubi jinchuuriki having acquiring a powerful ability then it would be easy for Danzo to sway the civilian council to his side to place Naruto into the CRA, never mind the fact that he had the Kyuubi in him. Danzo would get an army of powerful Shinigami soldiers and if he moved carefully control over the jinchuuriki himself.

However unbeknownst to the one-eyed man, he had played right into Hiruzen's trap. A trap to both foils this plan of the CRA as well as put Danzo in his place. Putting on his acting face Hiruzen asked, "Interesting might I ask why for such a proposal?"

Danzo looked at his former rival with a small grin. "This Shinigami powers as well as this Zanpakuto would both be considered bloodlines correct?"

Hiruzen scratched his chin, his acting face still on. "Well while I did not get the full details I guess they could be considered one." No one noticed the small smirk on Shikaku's face as he figured out what the Sandaime Hokage was planning but just watched.

"Then there is your reason and since we have already learned that these Shinigami are powerful, by placing the boy in the CRA we would have a larger group of Shinigami making Konoha once more the strongest of the Five Great Villages." Danzo concluded with a please looks on his face...which did not last long as Hiruzen spoke once more.

"Well in regarding your statement of how more Shinigami will make our village stronger, I would like to remind you that certain people might disagree with that." Hiruzen said, glancing at the clan heads that were glaring at Danzo, feeling offended at his earlier comment. "Furthermore despite your reasons Danzo-san, I'm afraid that won't be possible." Hiruzen said, causing all eyes to focus on him. "The reasons are that not only would it be useless due to the nature of the topic at hand but also stupid, no, suicidal as well."

"And what do you mean by useless?" Danzo asked with his eye narrowed.

"Well quite simply from what we know so far, there's a fifty-fifty chance that this won't be pass down to Naruto-kun's children. Take the Shodaime Hokage for example; he possessed the bloodline Mokuton yet no one else in his clan, including his brother, children or grandchildren have shown signs of it. So in other words we don't know for sure if any of Naruto's children will have it." Hiruzen explain with a calm look on his face and then continued before Danzo could retort. "And yes I know that elemental bloodlines aren't always passed on we still cannot exclude the fact that there is a chance that some if all won't gain Shinigami powers and a Zanpakuto. Furthermore in relation to it being stupid/suicidal, the CRA is voluntary, meaning its Naruto-kun's decision and it won't be happening anytime soon that's for sure since he's only six."

"Then we will merely force him into the CRA when he is older!" A civilian council member said, his arrogance and greed blinding him from logic and reason. Several other civilian members nodded in agreement before they were silence by killing intent from not just the Hokage but surprisingly some of the clan heads too, especially Tsume, said woman bearing her fangs a little to add to the intimidation.

"Like hell we're going to let you force such a thing on a child!" Tsume barked loudly. In this situation her clan's dog traits activated, the one with protecting pups from abuse, like she and her some members of her clan had tried to do for Naruto when he was younger such as wanting to adopt him into the Inuzuka clan. But the Civilian Council with the backing of the Elders overruled their attempts along with the attempts of the Aburame, Akimichi, Nara and Yamanaka Clans all of them knowing that Naruto wasn't the Kyuubi with a few knowing who his parents were. Hell even Mikoto Uchiha tried to adopt the blonde since she could easily tell that Naruto was the son of her dear friend Kushina and her husband Minato. However her husband Fugaku, despite understanding her reasons, convinced that it would cause suspicion towards them. It didn't stop her from checking on Naruto now and then but that's a story for another time.

"I also have to disagree with forcing such a thing on anyone." Hiashi Hyuuga said with a hint of emotions in his voice, surprising some of the civilian council members though not the Hokage and the other clan heads. In the past things like the CRA did not really concern Hiashi that much. But ever since the failed abduction attempt by Kumo on his eldest daughter, with said village planning on turning her into a breeder, along with his brother's sacrifice, Hiashi had begun to show signs of being very much against things like the CRA or turning someone into a breeding factory.

Seeing how a fight, a one-sided fight to be exact, was close to happening, Hiruzen flared some chakra to regain everyone's attention. Once that was done he spoke looking at the council member who had so arrogantly announced of forcing Naruto into the CRA. "To respond to your statement councilmember need I remind as I said only a few minutes or so ago, though you obviously weren't listening" This earned some snickers from a few of the clan heads, though Tsume laughed out loud. "The CRA is voluntary and is Naruto-kun's decision if he wishes to partake in it." The councilmember was about to say something but Hiruzen knew what it was and stopped him right there. "And before you think about having the village's shinobi to force Naruto-kun, I would like to remind you all that the shinobi answer to me and me alone. Anything else would be considered an act of treason in the form of rebellion against my authority. Unless there are shinobi whom I'm not aware of that follow the orders of someone else in this village?" He asked as he gazed around the room but lingered on Danzo a few seconds longer. The warhawk looked a little nervous since the question was mostly directed towards him with the underlying message of 'I know your little secret' but this was not noticed by anyone else.

"And while we're on the topic of authority." The Hokage added. "Need I remind you that the Nidaime Hokage and the Fire Daimyo at the time not only decreed that the CRA would be voluntary but if anyone tries to force it on another there would be severe repercussions. Furthermore even by someway you would try and force it on him, do you think Naruto-kun would let you?" Seeing the confused looks on their faces Hiruzen elaborated. "We have here someone who has the power of a lost ancient group of people whose abilities might surpass our own and wields a weapon of equal power with the memories of his ancestor. Combined with what we felt last night, his 'tenant', along the boy's stubbornness and determination, do you think we could force him to do anything with suffering a few injuries or lost limbs? No we couldn't because let me tell you after this change Naruto is not going to take the abuse anymore from anyone, no matter their stature." Hiruzen said, changing the part that the warning came from Naruto instead of Zangetsu. No point of revealing that the Zanpakuto had a living spirit within it unless it was necessary.

When he finished his reasons, the Civilian Council and Elders knew that they were beat and dropped the subject of the CRA. The Clan Heads seemed pretty pleased with this as well as the Hokage, who could now move on to cleaning up any other messes done to his village. "Well with that done and said I believe that this meeting is adjourned and I will want the copies of any information on the Shinigami in the afternoon. And this is not to be repeated to the village until I decide that it can. Dismiss."

Well that takes care of the second chapter (and the Civilian Council hehehe). Hope you all liked this and the new form I gave Zangetsu's shikai. Also just to let you know the parts like the red colored edges and the red fur on the chain's ends were caused by the Kyuubi's influence since he's sealed inside of Naruto. But that will be revealed later on. Review!

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