"By the way, when are we going to… carry on from where we left off that night?" Ada Wong – RE: Damnation

The year is 2007. Leon S. Kennedy is on a trip to Paris, France with Vice President Adam Benford when word reaches them that Ada Wong has been spotted in the City of Lights. With security on full alert, no one is sure of her intentions. Alone in his hotel room, Leon will soon discover in intimate detail exactly what it is the international spy has come here looking for. It is a night that will change the nature of their relationship forever as Ada puts Leon to the test on how far he is willing to go to have the woman he truly wants; a journey of passion and soul-searching that will push him past not only his physical limits, but his emotional ones as well.

But even as dawn breaks and a new day begins, both Leon and Ada will discover that "that night" will have a lasting impact on their lives in the days and months following in ways they could not possibly imagine. For once started, a fire is not so easily put out. And both will be confronted with a simple question – how far is each willing to go for the other?

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*** AUTHOR'S NOTE: Chapter 1 contains some minor nudity ***

Resident Evil: That Night

Chapter 1: That Night

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome

Paris, France

October 21st 2007

22:45 CET


Leon S. Kennedy took a somber look at the briefing folder sitting on the desk in his hotel room. Since he had begun working directly for Vice President Adam Benford, he had been given some of the highest levels of security clearance now that he was Special Agent in Charge with the D.S.O. All of this had been courtesy of President Alexander Graham after he had successfully rescued the President's daughter Ashley from the Los Illuminados cult group.

It was hard to believe that only three years ago he had been a Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the new president's family. Who would have guessed that his first task would have been a rescue mission? He'd been dispatched to a remote corner of the Spanish countryside in an effort to find the President's daughter who'd been abducted. Once he had arrived however, he had found more than he had bargained for. The entire area had been placed under the control of Osmund Sadler – the leader of the terrorist cult. Somehow the man and his underling Ramon Salazar had managed to unleash an ancient bio-weapon to which Leon himself had become infected by. If it hadn't been for the help of Luis Sera, he and Ashley would have both turned into one of the many Ganados whom were puppets to Sadler's will.

Leon leaned back in the desk chair and closed his eyes while letting out a deep sigh. Taking a moment, he began to rub the stiffness from his neck. He was tired from the long day of briefings that he had been a part of. It was one of the many hassles of his job that went hand in hand with the benefits – such as enjoying the luxurious accommodations he and the VP had been set up in at the expense of the American tax payer. Today however, had been something different. The Vice President's protection detail had been placed on high alert after word had reached them of a potential assassination risk on Adam Benford's life. Opening his eyes, he again glanced down at the unopened folder lying on the desk before him.

Thinking back on his time in Spain, he reflected that Luis hadn't been the only one to help him during his mission there. She had also provided her own assistance as well – assistance that always seemed to come with some sort of hidden price tag. In the months following his successful rescue mission, he'd thought of her constantly even after she had put a gun to his head and had him hand over the Master Plaga sample. Initially he'd been angry with her, but for some reason his anger would always give way to a hidden longing for the Asian beauty. Even though she had begun detonating hidden charges placed on Sadler's island, she had given him the keys to a jet ski to escape with Ashley before its destruction. Always coming across as a manipulative, self-serving woman in everything that she did, for some reason she always seemed to look out for him in the end.

"Why?" He surprised himself by asking the question out loud.

Pursing his lips together, Leon leaned forward and finally forced himself to open the folder. Her face was the first thing that greeted him. It was an 8 X 10 photo of the spy wearing sunglasses and a red button down shirt with black leather pants – a striking compliment to the woman's beauty and style. How in the world did Secret Service manage to take her picture? She was always so careful in everything that she did, however something seemed off by the ease in which this photo had been taken. He held it up and stared, silently admiring the beauty of the woman in the picture. Lingering over her curves for a moment longer, he set it down and picked up the briefing document that accompanied it.

NAME: Ada Wong

DOB: March 24th 1974

AGE: 33




LAST SEEN: Charles de Gaulle International Airport – Paris, France 10/20/2007


There was a large description of her background under the basic facts. Much of it he already knew since he had an intimate understanding of the woman. The two of them had worked together in the past – a fact he had kept hidden from his employers. Even in his reports of the Raccoon City outbreak as well as his time in Spain he had made a concerted effort to omit her involvement in either affair. Still, he knew full well who she was. Ada Wong was a spy, an assassin, skilled in espionage… and a woman who had succeeded in leaving her mark on him.

God, that smile she had… Grinning to himself, he reflected on how much time he had spent thinking of her since Raccoon City. When she had died in his arms, he had felt his heart break at her loss. But later as he fought against the Tyrant outside of the train to escape the city, she had shown up and thrown him an RPG to kill the beast. Then she had disappeared. He told himself that he should have felt joy over the fact that she was still alive, but instead he had felt anger. After what the two of them had been through together fighting against Umbrella's monsters, why hadn't she contacted him?

Then she had shown up in Spain while he saw to rescuing Ashley Graham. At first he had been guarded when she had revealed herself to him – she had been working with Albert Wesker after all. Deep down however, he had been elated – elated that he had been able to see the Asian spy once again.

Leon was pulled from his thoughts when he felt the dull ache in his left shoulder – a testament to the bullet he had taken for her back in Raccoon. For the most part, it didn't bother him much, but every now and again it would flare up at the change in the weather. Setting down the bio sheet, he began to massage the aching muscle with the fingers of his right hand. Closing his eyes once more, he sighed.

Ada, he thought to himself, what are you doing in Paris?

Tonight, Adam Benford was having dinner with the French Prime Minister, and his entire protection detail had gone with him. Given the fact that Ada had been spotted in Paris, the Secret Service was having kittens making sure security was air tight. To stay out of their way and have a little quiet time for himself, Leon had volunteered to stay behind at the hotel in order to gather more information on the Asian spy as well as trying to determine what her intentions were for her visit here.

He sat there for a long moment until he felt a light breeze blowing against the back of his neck. Turning his head, he realized that a window was open. What in the world? Why is that…? Reaching for his gun, Leon stood and pointed it in front of him as he cautiously made his way toward the window. All of the lights in his room were out save for the desk lamp, and the light switch was by the door. Damn it!

Checking the surrounding area, he saw nothing out of the ordinary so he pushed down on the frame and closed it. As he stood back up however, he had a feeling that he wasn't alone. Pivoting quickly, he turned around and aimed his gun at the opposite side of his room. He saw something – there in the corner beside a bookshelf. It looked like the silhouette of a person standing motionless in the shadows. As he slowly approached, a bigger surprise came when the mysterious figure spoke to him.

"It's been a long time, Leon."

Leon froze in his tracks. He knew that voice. It was one he was not likely to forget – a voice that had already caused his skin to goose-prickle at the seductive tone it held. "Ada…?" He asked in surprise.

Her outline slowly began walking in his direction, and in the faint light of the lamp he could see her. She was wearing a beautiful tight-fitting red dress that was cut low to her abdomen showing off not only her cleavage, but also holding the gentle curves of her hips. A large slit ran up her elegant right leg to where he could see its perfect shape – toned and flawless. In her right hand she held a bottle of champagne and in her left were two glasses. There were no words spoken as she slowly approached him; her hips swaying in a provocative manner as the impish smile on her face seemed to grow with every step.

Leon lowered the Beretta but kept it in his hands as he took a step backwards. He was unsure of what her intentions were, but given the way she was dressed and what she was holding, it didn't appear that she was here for an assassination.

"Ada, what are you doing here?" He took another step back, still surprised that she was here.

The vixen in front of him remained silent as she continued her approach. When she reached the desk however, she slowly turned to set down the bottle and glasses.

"Your safety's still on you know." Her ruby lips were smiling at him.

Turning to face him, she began to walk in his direction once more. Somehow he had known that he'd left the safety on. For some reason he couldn't explain, he didn't feel the need to pull back the hammer on the Beretta either. She wasn't here for blood – that much he could already sense. He felt himself bump against the table behind him and his retreat stopped. Ada was approaching him and there was no place left for him to go.

"What are you doing here?" He asked again as he felt his mouth go dry. She stopped and stood directly in front of him. Looking down, he couldn't help but notice the tops of her breasts peeking out from the dress that she wore.

Her arms slowly encircled his neck. "Shhh…" she whispered as she gently pulled his head toward hers.

The wet smoothness of her lips soon pressed against his and just as quickly, Leon felt his mind go numb. What was she doing? The two of them hadn't shared a kiss since Raccoon City. And this wasn't a casual welcoming kiss either – it was one that held meaning… and want. Even as inexperienced as he was with the opposite sex, all of the signals she was giving him led him to the conclusion that this visit was for something more. Despite the fact that she was on the VP's threat list, he couldn't seem to bring himself to stop her from kissing him. Her lips were so warm… so inviting…

With great effort, Leon managed to pull away. "Ada… don't you realize that you're on the radar of both the D.S.O. and the Secret Service? Why in the world would you show up here?"

"Leon," she said seductively, "I'm not in the City of Love to kill the Vice President. I'm here… for another reason."

"Such as…?" He asked. When he saw her eyebrows arch upwards, his eyes widened at the realization of what she had meant. His collar and neckline began to grow warm. "Ada... we… we can't… I…" He was beginning to stammer like a green school boy.

A smile greeted his response as she slowly moved her face toward his. He soon felt the warm wet smoothness of her tongue as it glided across the tip of his nose. "We can… and we will," she whispered softly. "I know that you want me, Leon… just like I want you. I'm here because you and I… we have unfinished business together."

One of her hands had begun to move down the length of his arm until it rested on top of his right hand that contained the Beretta. Slowly pushing it toward the table, his hand reached the surface, and he reflexively let it fall from his grip. Her other hand ran down his chest until it reached the crotch of his pants. Once there, she gently squeezed his manhood that had already begun to harden when she had first kissed him.

Letting out a gasp, Leon closed his eyes and remained still. At that moment, it felt like the safest thing to do as the Asian beauty continued to rub her hand over him. Despite his charming good looks, he had always been awkward around women. Growing up and moving through high school, he'd never been a looker. He hadn't even kissed a girl nor had a steady girlfriend in those days. As he matured however, that had begun to change. The women were attracted to him in droves, but still the awkwardness remained. Now the woman he'd been dreaming about for the past nine years was here and making a move on him, and he was hesitating. Why? Was it because of his job… or because he was genuinely apprehensive around her?

"Mmmm…" she purred. "I'd ask if you missed me, Leon, but I already have my answer don't I?" She then asked, "Did you get my message?"

He opened his eyes and looked at her. The mischievous smile she was wearing was beyond tempting. "Message?" He asked.

Ada's lips came close once more as she gently kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. "At the airport – when I let those fine government agents take my picture."

She had set that up? Why would she willingly put the Vice President's detail on alert?

"Why, Ada? Why did you put yourself in that position? That doesn't sound like your style."

"Your boss' Secret Service detail was put on high alert, right?" Her lips pressed against the corner of his mouth.

"Yes…" he replied cautiously, unsure of how much information he should be sharing with her.

"I'm sure he feels so much safer now that his entire detail is with him for that meeting with the French Prime Minister. And now that all of his agents are with him… that leaves you all by your lonesome."

That was the reason why she had let them know she was here. To lure the rest of the detail away so she could get to him alone. "That's a hell of a risk to take just to see me."

"Shhhh…" she whispered again. "That's for me to decide, handsome, and I happen to think you're worth it."

His heart was pounding hard against his chest. Everything about her held an air of sensuality. Her dress, her movements, her voice – was that from her own actions alone, or was his growing desire for her enhancing them to a dangerous level? She was an enemy of the United States and the government he had sworn to protect. Now they were alone together… and she was seducing him.

What am I doing? He thought to himself. I should stop this and arrest her right now. But looking into her eyes, he saw the quiet beauty of her smile which only served to enhance the almost angelic complexion she had been graced with. Why was it so hard for him to fight off his emotional attachment for her? She's a spy… a killer – Why am I hesitating!? But then his mind wandered back to Raccoon City, and the kiss that the two of them had shared. Ada Wong had stirred something within him that fateful day; something he had tried hard to bury – the painful desire for a dangerous woman.

The glossy wetness of her lips pressed against his own once again. Involuntarily, he surprised himself by kissing her in return. For the first time since he had seen her, he felt himself gently rest his hands against the silky curves of her hips. As much as he tried to fight it, the soft fabric of the dress only seemed to inflame him even more. Quickly, his mouth parted from her lips, and he went to her neck. Taking in a deep breath, he savored the scent of her perfume. Above his ear, he could hear her let out a gasp as his lips touched her skin. The fingers of her right hand soon began to weave themselves into the strands of his long bangs.


Her whispered moan of his name was an invitation for him to push onwards. He continued to gently kiss the soft length of her neck as his left hand found her hair. His cock was so hard that he felt it would burst through the seams of his slacks. Why in the world was he doing this? He began to question himself until he soon wondered why he was even fighting it. Ada always seemed to put his mind into conflict with itself. Deep down he knew he shouldn't be doing this, but he also knew that he couldn't resist her either. She was here, and she wanted him. That fact alone was driving him crazy.

Her hands grabbed his head and pulled him toward her. Soon he felt her lips press against his once more – a feeling he silently prayed would never end. Moving her hands down his neck, she rested them on the collar of his dress shirt and began to undo the top button. He had almost stopped her until he felt her warm tongue enter his mouth. Their kiss then grew more passionate until she had undone every last button on his shirt, and her hands began caressing his muscular abs.

Suddenly he felt her pull away. His face involuntarily moved forward in an effort to seek her out, but she wasn't there. Opening his eyes, Leon saw her standing at the edge of the queen-sized bed with a devilish smile on her face. Then she slowly turned around, showing him her back. Reaching behind her with both hands, she took the laces of her dress at the small of her back and began to untie them. Once the last was loosened, she then reached up behind her neck and untied the bow that held her dress over her shoulders. She turned her head to look at him out of the corner of her eye as if to make sure she held his gaze. As she released the fabric from her fingers, the dress gently fell down the length of her body and formed a silky puddle at the base of her black stiletto heels. She was wearing nothing now save for the lacy black panties that barely covered the beautiful form of her backside and the dagger heels on her feet. Leon felt himself swallow hard as he looked at her – unable to tear his eyes away from what he was seeing.

Turning her head once more, she looked at him over her shoulder as a smile formed on her lips. "Leon," she said softly, "your shirt… Take it off. Now!"

Her voice had changed from lust-filled to commanding in just a few short words. It had been so sudden that it had caught him by surprise. Tearing his eyes from her curves, Leon looked up into her eyes. They were piercing his as if she was staring into his very soul and offering a silent challenge. He had no idea what it would entail or require of him, but without any further questions he soon began to remove his shirt.

Her eyes sparkled with delight as she watched him set it on the back of a chair. When he looked back at her, she stood with a hand on her hip smiling at him. She had already turned around giving him an unobstructed view of her incredible body. Her breasts were round and supple and fit her lovely frame perfectly. The dark nipples of each seemed to be pointing in his direction. Involuntarily, he felt his jaw drop.

"My God…" he whispered as he gazed at her. She was absolutely beautiful – more beautiful than anyone or anything he had ever seen in his entire life.

With a come hither look in her eyes and an inviting smile, she extended her hands towards him. Her fingers beckoned him to come to her. As if in some type of trance, Leon felt himself take a step forward and then another. Before he could fully realize what he was doing, he was already standing before her. Without thinking, he reached out to touch her. Quickly however, her hands seized his wrists, and she held them with a firm grasp.

"No touching," Ada whispered to him. "At least not yet. Right now I want you to stand perfectly still with your arms at your sides." With that, she slowly pushed his hands back against his pants. "Will you do that for me, Mr. Kennedy?"

The tone in her voice was playful – as if this was merely a game to her. But as Leon looked into her almond-colored eyes, he saw something else there as well. There was a seriousness to the way she was looking at him. It was as if she was expecting him to do as she had bid him, and if he didn't – there would be repercussions. He'd never let a woman control him in the bedroom before, but with Ada – something… something about it all felt different. He wanted her so much, and because of that fact he decided he would play her game.

"Yes," he responded. Holding his hands against his pant legs, he looked back and watched her smile grow with his answer.

Ada slowly walked toward his left side as she took her left hand and traced her manicured fingers across his abs. As she began to circle him, her hand ran up and over his chest and across his arm. He soon felt her fingers trace across his shoulder blades and down the small of his back. Leon then nearly jumped in surprise when he felt her hand grab his left butt cheek tightly.

"You have a nice ass yourself, Mr. Kennedy," she cooed. "I noticed that you were looking at mine. Did you like what you saw?"

His answer came quickly but with a nervous twitch. "Y… Yes."

"I'm sure you did," she replied seductively as she remained behind him. "I think I'll have to find a way for you to properly admire it later, but right now I want to know more about you."

Confusion took hold of him as the subject change once again caught him off guard. "What do you mean, Ada?"

"I want you to tell me a story – an intimate story about what made Leon Scott Kennedy into the man he has become." He then felt her nails trail softly over his shoulders.

"Where… where would you like me to start?" He asked nervously.

He could feel her warm breath on the center his shoulders. The softness of her breasts pressed against his back, and soon her lips began to kiss him gently. "Are you nervous, Leon?"

What could he say? Everything about what she was doing was making him both excited and nervous at the same time – two conflicting emotions that she was stirring inside of him. Instead of attempting to act like a macho asshole, he went with his gut and simply answered with the truth.

"A little bit, yes."

He then felt the warmth of her hands as they gently caressed his shoulders. Her lips went to the back of his neck and again he felt her breath on his skin. "You are such an honest man, Leon. I admire that so much about you – a simple purity that is hard to find in most men. It was well that you didn't lie to me – I would have known." The kissing continued until he felt her lips nibble his right ear. "Let's try this. Turn around and look at me."

Leon let out a deep breath to try and calm his beating heart and then slowly turned toward the gorgeous Asian woman. However, as soon as he faced her, she quickly placed her hands on his chest and shoved him backwards. Unbalanced, his legs ran into the side of the bed, and he ended up falling backwards on top of the sheets. Looking at her with confusion in his eyes, all he could see was her smile as she approached the bed. One of her knees came up onto the mattress followed by the other. She was now straddling his legs as she looked at him with her mischievous smile.

"Have you ever read another person's body before, Leon?" She asked. "You'd be surprised how much you can learn about a man… or a woman simply by looking at them. Their shape, their size, how they take care of themselves… all of it gives you an indication of what type of person they are."

He didn't respond. Somehow he knew that Ada was asking a rhetorical question. She wasn't looking for him to answer her – she just wanted him to know what she was about to do. Her eyes had already run down his body toward his abdomen. They lingered over his physical form… along with the many scars that ran across it. He'd received so many of them from Raccoon City all the way to Spain. For some unexplained reason his body had been immune to the T-Virus during the outbreak in 1998. After the dozens of tests performed by the government once he and Sherry Birkin had been rescued, it had been determined that his immunity was a one in a million chance – like hitting the genetic lottery. However, despite the fact that he couldn't become infected, it hadn't stopped the zombies or the other horrid creatures from trying to kill him. As he watched Ada gaze upon his body, he could see her eyes begin to show an unexpected sympathy and admiration for all that he had been through.

"You have so many scars…" she whispered. Slowly she ran the tip of her index finger across the length of one that ran across his lower abs. He had received that one from a "Licker" that had ambushed him in the Raccoon Police Department. He could still recall how the damn thing had almost sliced him in two if he hadn't turned at the last second. "…they are a testament to the fact that you don't sit idle when danger is near. When there are innocent people in trouble, you run to their aid even at your own peril."

Leaning down, she placed her lips against the scar and kissed it. Leon could feel the bulge in his pants become even more uncomfortable given how close her head and naked breasts were to his crotch. Instead of thinking about his desire to have himself inside of her, he silently watched as she continued up his body. Her eyes continued to look over the various wounds that had mended over the course of the years as her fingers trailed over them. She then came to one that cut across his belly from an axe at the hands of a Ganado.

"You are a man who is both noble and just. You believe in helping others and will fight viciously to defend those who can't defend themselves," Ada continued. "While you don't actively seek battle, you don't shy away when the fight comes to you or those you care about. Only when you have no choice do you take the life of another. Nobility, honor, and friendship are the virtues that drive you, Leon Kennedy. You are truly a man with no peers – no equals. There are few in this world who have that same level of fortitude. While the world seeks to crush men of lesser morals, you don't let it define who you are."

He listened to her voice and watched her movements as she again kissed another scar across his right kidney area… then another as she slowly continued up his body. It was as if she was reading him like the many fortune tellers who read palms and attempted to peddle their services to gullible fools. But with Ada, there was something about the way she was looking at him. There was true admiration and awe in her voice as she spoke of his deeds. It was as if she could truly understand and read each bruise, scar, and broken bone – that she could touch each one and their story would speak to her. She would have already known many of these basic facts about him from their time together, but some of her knowledge appeared to run deeper – much deeper than anything she could find out from a dossier on him. Maybe she had acquired an innate ability to read people? In her line of work, it had probably become a necessity in order to protect herself from the dangers that she had to deal with.

Ada's lips continued their kisses as she moved further up his body. After kissing his left breast, she was about to continue on when he saw her freeze. Her eyes widened as something caught her attention, and a look of surprise soon appeared on her beautiful face. She didn't move nor did she speak – she simply stared in silent fascination. Breaking his own trance-like stare, Leon looked down at his left shoulder and saw what she was looking at. There on his body lay a quarter-sized circular mound of skin that had scarred over – his bullet wound from Raccoon City.

His mind flashed with images of Annette Birkin. Ada had gone for her gun, but the scientist had shot it out of her reach. There had been no where left for her to run. Without thinking, he jumped on top of the spy and took the bullet that was meant to end her life.

It was Ada who finally broke the silence. "You saved my life that day, Leon," she said softly as her eyes continued to gaze upon the scar. Soon the fingertips from her right hand began to gently caress the wound – a wound she had treated to save his life.

Her eyes then found his; the surprise still there. "You saved me without any concern for your own life. No one… no one has ever done anything like that for me before… except for you."

Leon watched as Ada's eyes began to tear up; showing him that she had been deeply moved by his actions that day. He was beginning to see real emotion crack through the solemn mask that she always seemed to wear upon her lovely face. He felt as if he should say something.

"We both had each other's back that day, Ada."

She cocked her head and stared at him. A soft smile crossed her face as her fingers trailed over the scar on his right cheek – a parting gift from Jack Krauser. "No, Leon. You saved me… and not just from a bullet. If the situation had been reversed, I don't think that I would have done the same for you."

"You don't know that," he said immediately. "You removed the bullet from my shoulder and stopped the bleeding. You later saved me from the Tyrant when it grabbed me."

"Only because I felt I owed you a debt. I didn't do it out of charity. But you… you didn't ask for anything… why…?"

She suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and bent over him. Pressing her lips to his, she kissed him with fierce passion, and then he felt a single tear fall upon his cheek. He was about to put his arms around her when he quickly felt her hands grasp his wrists, pinning him to the bed. Despite the fact that her countenance had softened, she still wasn't afraid to let him know who was leading this dance. Her lips continued on as she kissed his right cheek and continued down toward his ear.

"Tell me the last part of your story, Leon," she said softly. Her voice had reverted back to its assertive, confident tone. It was still a surprise to him just how fast she could control her emotions. While he normally wore his on his sleeve, she must have had a great deal of practice over the years on how she handled her own. "Tell me why you decided to become a cop."

That had been ten years ago. It almost seemed as if it had been in another life given where he was now. "You really want to know about that?" He asked with surprise.

"Of course I do," she replied as she continued to kneel over him and gently kiss his cheek down to his neck. Her breasts began to gently brush against his chest causing his erection to become that much more uncomfortable. "I've told you what I know about you. Now I want you to tell me what I don't. Besides…" she looked up at him with that devilish smile of hers. Her lips were a scant millimeter from his nose. Planting a soft kiss there, she continued, "…it's the toll I require from you if you truly want me. Do you want me, Leon?"

He nodded his head. Of course he did. "Yes, Ada… I do."

"Then talk to me," she whispered as she went back to kissing his neck.

"Okay…" he replied slowly as he gathered his thoughts. "I… guess I grew up always wanting to help other people. The police field seemed like the way to go. I lived about fifty miles from Raccoon City as a boy so it was as good a place as any."

His words hung there as Ada continued with her gentle kisses without responding. Perhaps she had gotten bored… his back story wasn't really all that interesting. After a while, he thought the subject had been dropped until she spoke.

"There's more to it than that, isn't there? Why did you choose the Raccoon Police Department over your own home town?"

He paused for a moment, guarding his words before responding. "More opportunities, I suppose. A bigger city meant a better chance at making a difference. It seemed like the right move at the time."

Again his response hung there between the two of them while she continued kissing his cheek and ear… and again she responded.

"That seems like a strange career path for you, Leon. Your father was a carpenter; your mother a secretary at your high school. And you yourself worked at your father's business while you were growing up. Why did you choose to become a cop?"

Leon felt the hairs on his arms being to stand on end as he heard Ada recite his family's employment history. Apparently she had already done some research on his past in between the times they had crossed paths. He would have been flattered – if it had been any subject other than this. Her questions were beginning to make him uneasy.

"I… wanted to make a difference in this world, Ada," he replied. "Is that really so strange?"

Again she was silent as her lips continued their delicious teasing while her right hand caressed the opposite side of his face.

"Something happened, didn't it? Something that began to drive you to become the man you are," she said. After a long pause, she asked, "What happened to your parents, Leon?"

His whole body froze at the question – a question he didn't want to answer or even think about. Before he could stop himself, the images flashed before his eyes. The mangled car…The hospital morgue… The sheets being pulled back revealing… He shut his eyes tight.

"No…!" He replied, his voice barely above a whisper. "Ada… no! I… I don't want to talk about that."

Her index finger softly pressed against his lips. "Shhh… it's alright, Leon. You're safe here. I want to know about you… all about you. That's the toll I spoke of." Her lips gently kissed him as she went back to his ear. The delicious sound of her voice was getting to him. "What happened, Leon?" She whispered softly. "Tell me what happened."

He felt the sting of tears begin to form in his eyes as he took a deep breath to calm himself. Anxiety began rolling over him in waves; his skin goose-prickling at the memories. He didn't want to talk about this – he never wanted to talk or think about it ever again! Why was she doing this? Why did she want to know? What was so damn important about his past that she was digging up his ghosts as her 'toll' in order to allow him to…?

"Leon…" she repeated gently, bringing his attention back to her, "tell me what happened."

God, her voice… It was in his head – echoing throughout his brain. He wanted to leave. He wanted to stay. He wanted to hit her. He wanted to fuck her. What the hell was she doing to him? Why… why was he bending to her will? Did he really want her that much? Why ask a question you already know the answer to?

Surprising himself, he began to answer her. "They… they were driving home from a long overdue date in Raccoon City one night. It had been raining so the roads were wet…" He paused to collect himself as images of their mangled car brought themselves to bear in his mind. Ada was still kissing him as she ran her fingers through his hair in a comforting motion as if silently encouraging him to continue.

"What happened, Leon?"

"The Raccoon Police had responded. They told me that my parents had been struck by another vehicle – a possible drunk driver. The person was never found nor was the car. My parents… their car had gone off the side of the road and down an embankment. It had struck a tree near the woods. By the time they were found, they were already…" He stopped – he couldn't bring himself to say the rest.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered gently. "Is this why you wanted to become a cop? To protect others?"

He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. As he did, a new tear rolled down his right cheek. Soon, he felt Ada's warm lips gently kiss it away. She was being so intimate with him right now – encouraging him to open up and talk to her, but he was silently afraid. Would she think less of him if he told her the full truth? He had tried to do good in his life since his parents had died, but he was certainly no white knight in shinning armor despite Ashley Graham's references to the contrary. Ever since her TV interview, she had talked him up like some kind of action hero and Prince Charming mixed together. That was enough for every news media outlet in the country to begin hounding after him for an interview – something he had wanted nothing to do with. He was no hero. Thank God for simple words like "National Security" as a legitimate excuse to decline.

"Mom and Dad had always taught me to look out for others – the people who couldn't stand up for themselves or needed help," he said at last. "But when I joined the police academy, my main motivation was… elsewhere."

"What do you mean?"

His face began to betray his guilt and shame. He wanted to stop, but Ada had wanted the truth from him… and for reasons he couldn't explain, he was now willing to give it to her. He'd never been good at lying during the course of his life as the truth always seemed so much easier to give.

"I… I thought that when I became an officer I could look through my parents' case file. Maybe there was evidence or leads in there that the investigators had missed. Perhaps I could…" He heard his voice trail off as he recalled what his motivations were back then.

"You thought you could find the ones responsible for their deaths." She finished the sentence for him.

Another tear rolled down his cheek as he silently nodded his affirmation. Ada gently kissed it away as she had done the other. Somehow her actions were making it easier for him to talk about the painful subject.

"Dad told me once after I had gotten into a fight at school that vengeance was a poor excuse for one's actions – that good should always be returned for evil. But I was sixteen then, and it was a shitty time in my life to lose my parents. I was lost, alone, angry… and worse – I began to lose sight of everything my parents ever tried to teach me about being a good man. I went wild – getting into fights at school at the drop of a hat. I lost my focus; my reason for being. I was just so… angry all the time. Angry… and bitter. I blamed God and the world for letting my parents die and for allowing the people who were responsible to get away with it. All I could think about was finding them and making them pay. I thought about it every night before I went to bed and every morning when I woke. So when the day came when I could finally join the academy… I did. And ever since their deaths, I couldn't see how I was dishonoring their memory with every action I took and the desire for vengeance in my heart."

"You loved them," she replied softly.

He nodded. "They were my whole world. I never had a brother or a sister. It was just the three of us. That gave me more of their attention… but it also made their loss that much more unbearable."

He paused and swallowed. The words had been surprisingly easy to say now. Maybe he had needed to talk about it. It had always been something that he had kept buried deep within his heart so that no one would know about the darker thoughts that he had kept. Ada continued to silently kiss and comfort him while he spoke; giving no indication that she was judging him. She was simply giving him all the support that he needed to tell her about his past.

A chuckle then escaped his lips. "Somehow fate intervened on my behalf. My first day on the force came on September 29th 1998 – the day of the Raccoon City outbreak. I was so set on my course when I drove to the station that night. But… something happened. When I found Claire being attacked by a zombie, all of that hate I'd stored up suddenly began to melt away. It was then and there of all places that the only thing I could remember was what my parents had told me about looking out for others. So without a second thought I saved her and protected her along with Sherry…" he paused as he looked up at the Asian woman kneeling over him. She was staring back at him with the same gentle smile on her face as she watched him speak. "… and you too, Ada. I wanted to protect all of you. With that I was able to let go of the anger that had been burning me up and found myself again. I found my true self out of the ashes of that fallen city… and I've never strayed from it again." He looked up at her sparkling eyes and grinned. "And that's the story of how Leon Scott Kennedy came to be the man he is today."

She had crossed her hands over his chest and was looking back at him. The smile was still on her face. "That was a pure moment of truth between us, Leon. Thank you." Ada replied. "You are a good and honorable man. Your parents would be proud of who you've become. I know that I am."

He felt himself smile at her compliment, especially for her thinking that his parents would approve. "Thanks, Ada. You know I've never told anyone about this before. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't…" He let his voice trail off, hoping that she would take his meaning.

"Your secret is safe with me," she replied with another warm smile.

"Does this sour your view of me?"

"On the contrary, Leon," she cooed, "I have an even greater admiration and respect for you now. I know that it took quite a bit of courage for you to tell me that."

"Was it enough to let me touch you yet?" He asked with a playful smile of his own. He was beginning to feel better... and more comfortable with her.

She smiled in kind and ran the tip of her finger down the length of his nose. "We'll see. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't thinking of what it would feel like to have your hands on me. But if I allow it, it will be on my terms."

Before he could respond she kissed him deep, and soon her tongue found his. Her hands were on his forearms, and she soon ran them up to his hands. When their fingers intertwined, she gently pushed them above his head. Her mouth and lips were so inviting that he was erect in seconds. Her hands stretched his own through the brass head board frame above him as she continued her kisses. She was so beautiful.

CLICK… CLICK. Leon had heard the sounds before he felt the cool kiss of steel on his wrists. Looking up he was shocked by what he saw. His wrists were handcuffed in between the head board posts… with his own handcuffs! How in the hell had she gotten them on him without him knowing?

"Ada!" He said in alarm. "What are you doing?"

"Relax, Mr. Kennedy," she said with a smile as she ran her fingers down his cheek. "You won't need your hands for what we're going to do next so I'm removing them from the equation… just in case you feel the need to be grabby. Right now, all you'll need is that handsome face of yours… and your tongue."