Dinner time was the worst of all, Fitz Simmons kept trying to feed each other only to miss each other's mouth by a mile ending up all over their clothes, hair, or faces when May was eating very nicely when Coulson did airplane nosie not train when he did train she hit Coulson in the face with food so he just stuck when the air plane which she loved. Skye on the other hand was the worst of all and of course Ward was the one stuck feeding her.

"Come on! Skye please!" groaned Ward

Skye pouted shook her head no when Ward tried to feed her mash up squash and potatoes. No matter what he did tricked her by thinking it tasted good when he 'ate it' or the noises airplane, train, nor saying bang or making sound effects like they were sparing worked. Finally Skye opened her mouth Ward went to put the spoon it only for her tongue to come out and blow a raspberry at him. He glared at her making her giggle at him, he then put the food her in mouth.

"Yes!" cheered Ward making Coulson chuckle silently May clapped and giggle

Skye smirked before opening her mouth for Ward to see the food still in it; she then spit it at him hitting him in the face he groaned. Making Skye, FitzSimmons, Coulson and May laugh loudly he got up and went to clean himself up. When he got back Coulson was cleaning up the mini team in the kitchen sink surprisingly they all fit.


"Help me will you." He chuckled when Fitz handing him the washcloth before splashing the water lightly

Ward sighed before helped clean up the others, soon he has FitzSimmons in their pajamas with no trouble when Coulson had May but Skye was another problem. She was running around naked giggling when Ward and Coulson chased her

"Come on Skye!" said Coulson grabbing her

Ward put her pajamas on, they went to find Fitz throwing a fit about something and May just sitting there playing with a video game joystick making plane sounds.

"Oh what's wrong with Fitz…" said Coulson

Simmons came back in giggling she sat next to Fitz; Fitz stopped crying as soon as Simmons was back in the room

"Okay Fitz Simmons good together separated bad." Said Ward

"Also May likes planes on the account she won't give me the game controller."

"Skye she likes trouble with a capital T." said Ward picking up Skye and May when Coulson got FitzSimmons

They walked into one of the bedroom that was in-between Coulson's and Ward so they could keep an eye on the kids. They tucked them in before leaving the room and heading off to bed for the night