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Chapter 1

Standing in front of a full length mirror, Levi Rivaille snatched his dark green tie off the back of his recliner. His eyes zeroed in on the reflection of his neck as he crossed and looped until his tie rested neatly against his pressed, white, button-down dress shirt. He turned away from the mirror momentarily to retrieve the blazer draped over the recliner's arm rest, sliding his short arms into the sleeves.

Guiding his eyes back to his reflection, Levi let a soft sigh escape his lips as he clasped the buttons on his jacket. He cautiously smoothed his hands down the front of his blazer to rid it of any hidden wrinkles. Once finished, he brought one hand to his hair, combing his fingers through the short, dark locks until each strand fell exactly how he wanted- giving off a neat yet casual appearance.

Carefully pushing his sleeve up, the dark-haired male glanced down at his watch, allowing a louder sigh to escape his lips as he mentally calculated how long it would take to get to work- adding the walk to the elevator, plus the walk to his car, plus the morning traffic, plus his inability to care. Well, he wouldn't go so far as to say that he didn't care about his job because he's a man that abides by the rules, but he hated sitting in a cramped office all day long.

He knew he did this to himself- creating the blueprints for what is now the city's biggest, most popular mall then, with the help of his friend Erwin, proposing the project to the city mayor and soon after, shaking hands with the mayor as he listened to said mayor order his subordinates to make the mall happen.

He remembered Erwin calling him a few days later. "What should the mall be called?" Levi didn't know nor did he care; he just didn't want it to be something stupid like 'The Big Mall', and he was sure to tell Erwin it better not be named something stupid. A shitty name would result in a shitty amount of customers-in his opinion at least.

Levi could hear the mayor talking in the background while on the phone with Erwin. "Well, it's going to be a big mall! Huge! Gigantic… No… Colossal! Let's call it the Colossal Mall!"

Levi let out a string of mumbled curses on the other line, ignoring Erwin's whispered protests. But, as much as he hated the name, he had to agree because as Erwin told him later on during their weekly lunch meeting, "He's the mayor and he agreed to all of this, so we shouldn't argue."

So, he reluctantly agreed, and in two short years, the mall was built and ready for business. Despite it having the world's worst name, the mall had a huge turnout opening day, and since then, it was named number four on the 'Top Ten Malls' list published in the Trost Times.

Levi was notably credited as the mall's owner, so he assumed that he could just show up at the mall every now and then to make sure everything was in order, but he was very wrong. Erwin, who acted more as the mall owner than Levi, insisted that mall should have an office area in the back, so Levi and his "assistants" could monitor sales and what not.

He was against the idea entirely, but he trusted Erwin's decision and agreed to work in a small, cramped office every day from nine in the morning until five in the evening. He would return home exhausted with no understanding as to why. All he did was sit in a chair all day, so why was he so tired?

Every morning, after waking up from his alarm, Levi asked himself if creating this mall was such a good idea. But, he would look around his expensive apartment and reassure himself that he is way better off now than when he was working at the coffee shop a few blocks away.

So, the dark-haired male quickly fell into a doable pattern- wake up, shower, eat breakfast, change, drive to work, and then sit in a chair for eight hours, messing around on his computer until Erwin came in with something for him to do.

And this is the pattern he has closely lived by for the last year and a half.

Slamming his car door, Levi was instantly greeted with a cup of steaming coffee shoved into his face. "Thanks," he muttered under his breath as he took the coffee cup and started walking towards the mall entrance.

"Do you want to know what's on today's agenda?" Hanji, Levi's bubbly yet frighteningly intelligent assistant, asked.

"Not really," Levi mumbled as he entered the mall, sighing in relief as the hot air instantly warmed his shivering body. He didn't handle the cold too well, so he insisted that every heating unit in the building be turned on starting November 1st and be left on until March. Erwin tried to reason with him, telling him that the customers will get hot, but Levi would hear nothing of it. Why should he have to sit in his office freezing his ass off just so the customers would not get too hot?

"Well," Hanji began, interrupting Levi's thoughts. "Erwin had some new wall decorations ordered, so they should be arriving later, and the candle store just got a new shipment in…"

Levi promptly tuned the brunette's babbling out. It's the same thing every day- Erwin ordering something and a bunch of stores getting shipments. He turned his head to the side to watch the various customers shuffling into and out of different shops. One man entering the sports shop was the tallest man he had ever seen. One woman exiting an expensive clothing store had a leash in her hand with a young child on the other end.

"Ridiculous," he muttered under his breath as he shook his head. He shifted his eyes around, stopping on a young, filthy boy sitting on the edge of a huge fountain located at the center of the mall. Levi crinkled his nose and tsked before turning his attention back to the front of him, arriving at his office minutes later.

"So, Erwin should be here in a bit to let you know what he needs you to do," Hanji finished.

"Okay." Levi leaned back in his large, black chair, propping his feet up on the edge of his desk as he waited for his computer to come to life.

With Hanji dismissed for the moment, Levi closed his eyes, enjoying the silence. But, to his dismay, the silence was quickly interrupted by Erwin and one of the mall's security guards entering his office.

"Levi." Erwin walked over and nudged said boy's feet off the desk.

"What?" Levi leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk in front of him.

"We have had a few customer complaints about a boy in the mall." Erwin crossed his arms and sighed.

"And?" Levi noted how Erwin seemed aggravated to be discussing this topic.

"Do you want him to be removed from the premises?" The security guard motioned towards his handcuffs.

"I don't care. Why are you asking me?" Levi raised his eyebrows, meeting Erwin's eyes. "You decide."

"You don't wish to voice an opinion on the matter?" Erwin questioned.

Levi dropped his chin into his palm as he stared at Erwin, trying to read the man's thoughts through his expression. He wasn't sure if he was exactly right, but to him, it seemed that Erwin wanted the boy to be left alone. "What were the complaints?" He finally asked, noting how Erwin's shoulder's raised slightly at the question.

"Some people are saying that he looks grungy, and they are afraid that he is going to steal something." The security guard read from a single sheet of paper on a clipboard.

"So, just to make sure I have this right," Levi began, irritation dripping off his voice. "You want to throw some boy out of the mall because some shitty customers complained based off his appearance?"

"Only if you want to," Erwin spoke up.

"You handle it," Levi groaned, motioning for the two men to leave the room, returning the small nod Erwin offered him. He collapsed back against his chair as he listened to the hushed voices coming from outside his door.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Levi heard the security guard ask.

"Nothing. Let me talk with the boy."

Levi crossed his arms and moved his feet back up to the desk, allowing his mind to wonder back to the filthy-looking boy sitting on the edge of the fountain.

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