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Phantomhive Manor

Ciel was sitting up in his bed awake for 30min, before Sebastian comes to wake him up. This was the fourth time this week this has happened. The cause was a dream when he sees a boy about 15, 16 that was being attacked and pleading for help. What he was looking at was the cuts on his arms. They were bleeding slightly but what was more surprising was that the cut were in the same spot as the ones from the boy in his dream. So far it just happen at night but something told Ciel that it will get worst.

"It happened again Ciel?" Sebastian asked. Ciel had gotten tired with always being called Young Master, so he ordered Sebastian to call him by his given name.

"Yes, I wish I knew more about what that dream means." Ciel commented as Sebastian was dressing him. "From what I have seen this does have something to do a soul connection, but that is all I know. We do know someone that does know about more about connected souls." Sebastian said

"Very well we shall visit the Undertaker later than."Ciel said. As they were on their way to the dining hall Sebastian and Ciel saw the oldest servant in the house not being his self.

"Tanaka, why are you like this today?" the gardener asked. "Well Finny it is that today is the ninth year that the young master's older brother went missing. He was different than any normal kid; he refused the role of the head of the house. He did have an amazing fighting skill so he always protected his younger brother and parents. He did not go outside of the grounds much because of his deformed arm."

"Ciel is that true? I never knew that you had a older brother." Sebastian asked to Ciel after over hearing about the brother. "Yes, if he was with me now … he would be the only one to make me smile, a smile like from before things went downhill." and with that they were off to the undertaker.

'Allen what happened to and where did you go? If I find out that you are alive I will welcome you back with open arms. You are the only one that should get my kindness. Nine years ago I said that I will find you' Ciel thought while they were on the way to the Undertaker.

When they arrived they found the Undertaker with his hand in the cookie jar.

'' Is the Queen's dog on a mission?''

''No we are here on personal. What do you know about a soul connection? Ciel keeps having a dream about a boy that is being attacked then waking up with the same cut marks as the boy." The butler asked

"Well yes i do know about that kind of bond. Ciel when you were younger did you make a tell someone that you would become stronger and you would protect them" crazy man said

"Yes nine years ago. I was with my full family meaning my parents and my brother Allen, we were attacked Allen being himself protected us but things got to intents so he told us to run and leave him. I refused to but our parents had full trust in him. Seeing that there was nothing I could do I told him that I would become stronger and one day I would protect him one day and find him as well, but after that we never saw him again." Ciel said getting a little upset.

"I see that boy in your dreams is your brother he may have changed but so have you." Just after the undertaker said that, the young earl collapse

Ciel's dream

In an alleyway somewhere near the undertaker's there was a boy that had white hair and Ciel remembered what the undertaker had said. This was his brother; he looked so beaten up like he had been attacked by a sword, hammer and had been kick really hard. He looked like one more run in with whom or whatever he was running from will kill him on their next encounter. Ciel had just enough time to find the exact place where his brother was. If this was a call for help he must work fast before he loses his last part of his family that he still liked. He was pulled out of the dream/vision.

Out of his Dream

Ciel was in shock of what he saw in his dream. He did not think he ordered his butler to follow him to the roofs and jumped over five alleyways before coming to the one that Allen sat in. by the time he saw what was happen Sebastian knew what to do.

The boy was surrounded by three people about his age readying their attacks. Sebastian used his demon speed to get to the boy before the attacks hit. Then he jumped up to his master and handed him Allen.

"What's the big Idea we had him first and we have to kill him." the one with long bluish black hair said

"I am truly sorry but my master has been looking for this boy for nine years and I will not have his efforts be a fail. And with that they left to return to the mansion. In the compartment Ciel sat in he was hugging the unconscious Allen, wondering what he was doing for all this time If Allen had his illness kick in and why they wanted to kill him. Ciel and Sebastian were already planning a way to make those who hurt Allen, pay.

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