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"Ciel I know that no matter what you will not betray me like my other so called family did. There are some things that I have been used for but as my Noah gets stronger my anger for the humans gets stronger. Ciel this is one feeling that I hate, the feeling of anger to innocent people. I know that not every person has a reason for me to hate them. I will do anything to get this Noah out of me. Ciel, will you help with my Noah?" Allen told Ciel as he was still hugging him.

"Yes Allen I will take care for this. Sebastian and I will handle everything. There is just one thing I have to ask you?" Ciel started

"What is it? Wait does this have to do with the power of the Noah?" Allen asked

"Yes, it does. You have to choose to keep the power or get rid of every sniggle drop of the thing. If you choose to keep the power you will not be a Noah but a person with demon like powers." Ciel told Allen

"I have already decided that. I will keep the powers so then I can be by your side just like how it uses to be and I will not be helpless compared to you. Allen started. After hearing that Ciel called Sebastian in.

"What can I do for my young lord?" Sebastian asked as if knowing the answer already.

"Allen wants to get the Noah out of him without losing the powers. Is there a safe way to do that? "

"Yes, it is not painless but doable. First we must find the part of Master Allen's soul that is holding the Noah. Then, removing it. These are the easy steps. The hard part is to put something in its place so the soul does not collapse on itself. Like say, part of a demon soul. I suggest for this part Ciel you full in that spot with part of yours. After that is finished you will no longer have the Noah trying to take over but you will need some time to recover afterwards." Sebastian stated.

"Allen, I will do anything for even give you part of my soul. What do you say are you still up to it?" Ciel asked with a smirk

"That does not sound as bad as I once thought. I have gone more than that. So let's get it over with the faster I can get this Noah out of me the better." Allen said

After the evil monster (Noah) was removed

"How long will Allen be out? It's been ages since we removed the Noah. How much longer do I have to wait to have Allen up Sebastian?" Ciel complained

"One it will be about two hours. And second we only finished ten minutes ago." Sebastian said slightly anode "If you want to see him that badly you can just go to his room and wait for him to wake up. Or we can plot a way to get back at that Black Order for what they did to Allen and the noahs for taking Him away from you. Which one would you prefer?" Sebastian said

"We should plot. I have more anger now than I did to that angel, Grell, Claude, and Alois combined." Ceil said in rage" When Allen wakes up we will end this 'war'."

"If I did not know any better I would say our new enemy just got a cold shiver right about now." Sebastian said and what do you know he was right Noah, Exorcists, scientist and Akuma got a cold sever like something bad was about to happen.

At the Black Order

"I don't know if I should be glad or sad that Allen is still alive. But if what you say is true and this butler with superhuman powers with his master that has looking for Allen could only be bad news for both sides of this war." Komui said with Kanda, Lenalee and Lavi in front of him.

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