Author Note: This is only my 2nd fan-fiction and I had written my first one before reading The Hunger Games. So now that I've read the book I thought I'd try writing another one. I tried my best to introduce the 5 main characters in this chapter. I hope you enjoy! Reviews are welcome, good or bad! Any sort of feedback is good. Thank you!

District 2 Reaping

Stiles Spiller POV

Confidence, muscle, brains, personality, and the will to win. I have it all. I've volunteered three years now, but each year the tribute picked denied volunteers. This is my last year, I must be picked, I must go into the games. I will show them I can win. I find the section roped off for eighteen-year-old males. I take a spot right up front near the isle.

Eliza, the district sponsor, is sitting next to the previous winners of The Hunger Games. I look at them, fourteen winners. I will make sure we have fifteen winners. I will be sitting up on that stage, grinning, everyone in envy of me. The square fills up quickly. Soon Eliza stands up and makes her way to the microphone in the center of the stage. I'm temporarily blinded by the silver sequin on her dress. The sun bouncing off and shining right in my eyes.

"Happy Hunger Games!" She booms into the microphone. She still hasn't figured out that the microphone magnifies her voice, so she doesn't have to talk so loudly. "I'd like to say how pleased I am to be here with all of you! What a lovely time of year! I've had the pleaser of picking several of the Victors here with us today!" She then continues to introduce our winners. Next year, she will be saying my name. She finishes introducing the Victors and cues for the video to start.

The video ends and Eliza smiles, so pleased to have all of us standing below her as she reaches into the first bowl. "Kodi Abaforth!" She booms into the microphone. I keep my eyes on the stairs. A smaller boy, perhaps thirteen or fourteen years old, makes his way onto the stage. Eliza asks him if she can ask for volunteers. And he says yes. The word is only half way out of his mouth and several of us are bolting for the stairs. But I picked the best spot. Quickly and easily I push another eighteen year old out of my way as I dash for the stairs. I made it! I am the male tribute!

I can't help but to grin as I stand next to Eliza. I spot my father in the crowd, mirroring my grin. "Your name?" Eliza asks me. "Stiles Spiller." I say, hearing my name boom around the square is incredible, it's better than I imagined. Eliza picks the girl, Penny Coleman. I know her, but not well. She denies volunteers. I see why, her arms are almost as muscular as mine, her grin only confirms that she feels the same as me. She is honored to be a victor, and she's determined to win. Too bad only one of us can, and it'll be me.

District 3 Reaping

Topanga Lynn POV

Mom makes sure my hair is pulled back perfectly. I sigh as she puts a few clips into it. Tilly, my younger sister, runs into the room. "Me next! Me next!" She says, hopping up and down next to the bed mom and I are sitting on. Mom agrees to do her hair up next. Tilly is only three. After mom finishes with my hair I go into the kitchen and wash my hands one more time. I always seem to get dirt under my nails even when I'm sitting in one spot. Mom finished Tilly's hair up quickly then we make our way to the square. Being in District 3 it's always hard to know if we'll have volunteers. We are never part of the Careers, being we can't train for the games. But we are still in better shape than most districts, and we've managed to get two victors, both were volunteers. Since then we've had a few volunteers. I personally think it's stupid, volunteering to get yourself killed. I make my way to the sixteen-year-old section and find a spot next to my friend Gabby.

We struggle to hide our smirks as we spot our district sponsor Gloria. This year her hair is bright orange and is in tight curls falling to her shoulders. Her eyelashes are just as bright and two inches long. She greats us. I attempt to zone out as she introduces the Victors and explains why we are here. Then she reaches into the male tributes bowl. I don't know him, and no one volunteers. I tense slightly as she reaches into the females bowl. Her eyes narrow, not good, then she calls the name out. "Topanga Lynn." Damn. I close my eyes. I can't move. I hear Gabby gasp, but then she places her hand on my shoulder and give me a little nudge. I open my eyes and make my way up to the stage. "I do hope I said that correctly." She chirps. I nod. She said it correctly. "Great! But first, any volunteers?" None. I swallow the lump in my through. I cannot cry on this stage. "Why don't we have a round of applause for our two brave tributes!" The crowd claps. Then I shake Jared Hollarwell's hand.

District 4 Reaping

Billi Link POV

I pull my hair up in a ponytail. There is no point in trying to make it look any nicer. It's too thick and too frizzy to do anything with. The sea-salt air doesn't help, and moister only makes it thicker. Mother insist I put some light make-up on. I put some on my cheeks and mother helps me with the lipstick. It doesn't help, I've never been pretty. Make-up only makes me look desperate to try and fit in. It doesn't help that my parents gave me a boys' name. Perhaps it's because I have three older brothers. Maybe they felt it wrong to break the tradition of boy names starting with the letter 'B'. Brock, Bryon, Blake, and Billi. That's us. Blake is my twin brother, at eighteen this is the last year for both of us. Mother refuses to let us volunteer. Brock volunteered when he was seventeen, that was seven years ago. He make it to final three, but was killed by an avalanche just two days before the Victor was crowned. Mother cried for a month straight, refusing to believe Brock was never coming back.

Father, Mother, Blake, and I make our way to the square. We are separated and made to find our sections. Seven times, that's how many times my name was in that bowl. Seven out of hundreds. The odds seem to be in my favor. Ona makes her way to the microphone. She is stunning, even with green hair and bright red lips she is stunning. Everyone from the Capital is stunning. They can get surgery to look any way they want. They can change their eye color from poop brown to sky blue. They can get their oversized nose fixed to fit their face. They can get their hair thinned and made to look however they wish. I don't even hear Ona introduce our Victors, I don't notice the video playing. I'm picturing myself as a whole new person, as someone all the girls look at and wish they could be, someone all the boys notice and wish they could have. Ona reads out the male tributes name; Elijah Browning. He's younger and agrees there can be volunteers. Several males shout out at once, then race their way to the stage. Two eighteen year olds hold each other back, one busting the others noise. A sixteen year old manages to reach the stage first. He's muscular and tan. He holds his shoulders back, making him look square. Seth Downey.

Ona reaches into the female tributes bowl. "Billi Link!" She chimes into the microphone. I step forward. As I climb onto the stage I spot mother and father. Father is holding mother, she's forcing herself not to start crying. "Are you willing to let another female volunteer as tribute and take your place?" Ona asks me. I look at her, I see her bright green eyes, her round soft cheeks. I should say yes, I should let another girl take my place. I could go home, never worry about being picked for the games ever again. But I can't help but get the image of myself finally looking beautiful out of my mind. "No," I say "No, I am Districts 4's female tribute."

District 5 Reaping

Lex Grovestin POV

I point my younger brother Stephan to the section for twelve year olds. He's nervous, just like everyone else. I make my way to the fifteen year old section. Lila stands in front of us all, her polka dot dress standing out against the grey backdrop of the Justice Building. There are no Victors to introduce, so she gets to picking the Tributes quickly. She picks the first piece of paper on the pile of names in the male tribute bowl. My heart drops as she calls my name. At first I don't move. Heads turn to find me, a path clears so I can make my way to the isle. I see a peacekeeper step forward, I must go up on the stage. I barley feel my feet moving, and the only thing I can hear is the blood rushing in my ears. Lila reaches into the females bowl next. Shay Penit. I don't know her, she a year older than me. Lila beams at us and asks us to shake hands. Shay sticks out her right hand, embarrassed I must extend my left. Shay spots my injury and quickly switches hands. A few people in the crowd clapped. Then we were escorted into the Justice Building.

District 6 Reaping

Zila Monument POV

I pull my white blonde hair up in a tight bun. With my pale skin and white dress I blend easily into the white walls. Invisible. The way I like it. I slide into the kitchen in see most of the other girls have already eaten, only two slices of bread are left. I consider eating both, but I don't want to be whipped for taking someone else's food. I find the other girls gathered by the front door, waiting on permission to go. I've been in the group home for two years now, my mother died during childbirth, and two years ago my father died of illness. There are six of us at the group home, only one other girl is fourteen. We talk sometimes, mainly about school work, but she's the only girl I talk to at the group home. Mrs. Tyflynn comes to the door, young Cilia by her side. Cilia is only seven-years-old, and has been living in the group home for about a month. She's eating the last slice of bread, I'm grateful I didn't eat it. Mrs. Tyflynn tells us we can head toward the square. I follow behind the other girls, no one notices I'm not with the group anymore. We get to the booths and my finger is pricked. I scan the crowd of fourteen-year-olds and see the other girl from the group home finding her spot. I avoid her.

Once everyone is in their section Meaghan flashes her fake smile and welcomes us all there. She seems bored, and not impressed with the dress she is wearing. It was a metallic gold and seemed to cling to her body, showing off her curves. She seemed to struggle while breathing though. She introduced our one Victor, who is rumored to have an extreme drug addiction.

"Gentlemen first!" Meaghan says as she reaches into the bowl. She lets her fingers dip into the small pieces of paper. She plucks one out of the center and slowly opens it "Phillip Quard." She says into the microphone. The crowd parts so he can make his way to the stage. Meaghan flashes her smile at him. "Time for our young lady!" I cross my fingers, not me, not me. "Zila Monument." Before anyone notices I slide past the fourteen-year-old females and make my way into the isle. I'm almost to the stage before people see me. Most of them continued to look around the crowd wondering where I was. "A round of applause for a two young tributes!" Meaghan claps quickly and loudly, the crowd stays quiet. Phillip and I shake hands then make our way into the Justice Building.