Dear Hayato,

If my last letter represented the worst day of my life, this letter represents the best day of my life, and I honestly should feel terrible about it. I don't, though.

How comforting to know that even you can be happy about the suffering of others.

It's sort of sadistic, my reason, and I think you already know what it is. I'll tell you anyway.

Please, enlighten me.

Ryuu was out of school for the past week, and rumors were as numerous as the stars in the sky.

A whole week? He's so freaking pathetic, licking his wounds for a whole week. He probably just wanted to stir up drama so he could make a big return.

When he finally showed up on Monday, they got even crazier. He appeared with purple and yellow bruises all over his face and neck (and those were only the ones that were visible), bandages here and there, and his wrist was in a cast. Some said that he was mugged walking home. Others claimed he had been injured while saving an elderly woman from a burning building (obviously, some were quite far-fetched).

How does everyone at your smart kid school buy into his constant bullshit?

I did hear one that I could believe, though. A few girls could be heard whispering that his brother, the infamous ex-delinquent school leader Kuroda Hayato, heard about how he was bashing him and Ogata Aoi. He apparently had a relationship of some sort with her in junior high. His brother jumped him while he was walking home, just like he had when they were in the eighth grade.

How would anyone have guessed that? Is it just an observant smart kid thing? I bet it is.

Most of the gossiping girls aren't big fans of me since I was the object of Ryuu's attention for several years, so that rumor is quickly being dismissed. They don't like the thought of someone jumping in to defend my honor.

I suppose even smart girls can be complete bitches towards one another. Look at Urara.

I have to say that I do believe the latter rumor. I happen to know a bit about the temper of the notorious Kuroda Hayato, and how he tends to deal with people who bother those he cares about.

I believe I may even be one of those few people.

I won't deny it.

Thank you, Hayato.

Anything for you, sweetheart.

I admit you've restored my faith, Hayato. All that's really left in this pathetically stereotypical story is for you to reply. Then we can ride off into the sunrise. Just kidding.

Don't make me laugh, babe, I'm no knight.

I'm not going to get my hopes up. That's one thing I've learned with you; you're one hundred percent unpredictable. You can't be put into a mold, because you aren't just a "bad boy" or a storybook prince who saves the princess from the creepy other prince (yes, I just made a major reference to the school festival) and carries her into the sunset (and the summer study trip).

When you put it like that it really makes it sound like I'm exactly the person you're describing. I guess I'm more chivalrous than I thought.

You're one of those guys who beats himself up over other people getting hurt, no matter how many times you're told it isn't your fault. I bet that's why you haven't responded. Are you angry with yourself? Have you been forcing yourself to read these letters and be tortured by seeing me fight to believe in you as punishment for something? What are you punishing yourself for, dummy?

When the hell did you get so observant? And since when do you know me so damn well?

I guess it's not very important whether or not you respond, anyway. As long as I know you're out there, do I really have anything to complain about? Well, yes, I do, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. The point is, it's totally okay with me if you don't want to respond. It is your choice.

You're a shitty liar, even on paper.

Anyway, Ryuu won't even look at me anymore in fear of your wrath. I can't say that I'm terribly heartbroken. I think he was distracting me to the point of it hurting my grades. I have far too many classes with him, if you ask me.

I'm willing to bet he used his sparkly charm to get himself into those classes. Teachers have always adored him, especially upper middle-aged woman.

This letter is already longer than most of my previous ones. I don't have anything else to say, so I'll end it with this.

You were never the person I thought you were when you gave me that silly mechanical pencil during the entrance exams. I was thoroughly disappointed when I discovered that you were exactly the opposite of the boy I remembered as my "first love". Once I got to know you, however, I realized that a knight in shining armor isn't really for me. Now I believe that my kind of guy is one who single-handedly leads an entire school of rebellious teens, dyes his hair, and defends the honor of the girl he cares about, no matter how far away he pushed himself from her.

You are so much smarter than I ever gave you credit for, and yet you still manage to fall for a guy who'll probably drag you down. Lucky I never got into drugs, or we'd both be addicted in more ways than one.

I'm ruining the moment, aren't I?

I think I still love you, Kuroda Hayato.

Somehow, I think I still love you too. Funny how that works, Aoi.

Still yours,


Alright, fine. I'm done with this one-sided bullshit. You're right, Aoi, I've tormented myself for far too long.

I can't believe that I wrote and published two chapters within half an hour of one another. I'll probably even churn out the LAST chapter in a few minutes, because I plan for it to be fairly short. I can't believe this is over. Like, seriously. I've never finished a story that's this long before. I'm kind of afraid that I'm going to screw up the epilogue, but fingers crossed I won't. Was this too cheesy as well? Am I losing my edge? Did I ever have one in the first place? Let me know, please!

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