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Pokémon Angels Redux

By Emma Iveli


The Tin Tower burned to the ground, many people were horrified that this happened. Many figures watched the fire. They were the Pokémon Angels. Born out of the hope and Pokémon and Humans could live together.

All of them were young woman with long hair, they had fathered wings that matched their hair colors and wore robes that went right above their knees.

And now that hope was going out in flames.

Fire Angel and Flying Angel knew it was time to tell the others.

"Ho-oh told us before this happened, that should such a thing happen we must be disappear from this world and be reborn many years from now." Explained Fire Angel who hair and wings were orange.

"Why? Why can't help this world?" asked Normal angel whose hair and wings were white.

"Because, the only to surely save the world is to disappear." Explained Flying Angel whose colors were lavender.

"I have gotten a vision about this a while ago..." Said Psychic Angel who colors were a hot pink color, "Dark Angel will be reborn first however will unknowing turn against us until she reawakens."

"What?" asked Dark Angel who color was black, "I would never do such a thing."

"You won't have your memories." Said Psychic Angel.

Dark Nagel looked like she was going to cry.

"Ice Angel, you will the first to awaken but the last to reborn." Said Psychic Angel.

Ice Angel whose color was sky blue was surprised.

"Really?" asked Ice Angel.

"That's right." Said Psychic Angel.

"You have to be joking about this!" yelled Ghost Angel who was dark purple, "Do you really think we'd believe this vision of yours?"

"If I was joking I would have said you're the one who turns against us." Said Psychic Angel.

"Why you…" muttered Ghost Angel.

Dragon Angel (who was indigo) and Poison Angel (who was purple got in between them).

"Please stop this." Said Rock Angel, whose colors were brown.

"She has a point… this will get us no where." Said Ground Angel whose color was tan.

Psychic Angel sighed, "However… something else I'd like to point out is that some types will be forgotten after a while… and the angel might not awaken until the point Humanity remember that type."

Psychic Angel looked around in particular, Dark Angel, Steel Angel (who's colors were silver) and Fairy Angel (who's color was light pink).

"Let's not worry about that." Said Flying Angel, "We have to worry about this world and what's going to happen until then."

"When we all awaken we will find the chosen who will bring about a new age." Said Psychic Angel.

The tower flared up and all of them began to disappear.

"Well this is it…" said Psychic Angel.

"See you in a few centauries then." Said Steel Angel.

"I don't want to turn against you!" yelled Dark Angel.

"Remember Dark…" said Ice Angel, "She only said about you turning against us… she never said anything about you being the last one to awaken."

Dark Angel stopped crying and nodded before they completely vanished.

And it wouldn't be for many centuries until they reappeared…

Next Time: Mina Koki turns 10 and begins her Pokémon journey with Smoochum and best friend Maggie. However a run in with a traveling Pokémon trainer will change her life forever...