Chapter 3: Making a Splash

For the past few days, things have been calm for Mina and Maggie, They had yet to see anyone from team Aqua and a quick trip to Mauville city was uneventfully beyond a few Pokémon Battles that Mina won.

As they walked the path to Fortree City, Mina was reading the book.

"There are said to be three abilities that Pokémon Angels have." Read Mina, "All Pokémon Angels can talk to the Pokémon she protects. All Pokémon Angels can power up the Pokémon she protects. All Pokémon Angels can instill a strong loyalty to the Pokémon she protects."

"(So that's why I keep winning those battles.)" said Smoochum.

That was when Maggie stopped walking.

"Mina I know we're headed to Fortree City! But there's something we need to talk about." Said Maggie.

"Yeah what about it." Said Mina.

That was when Maggie froze she had a vision, a vision of a Pokémon Angel on a rooftop while storms were going on around them.

"Is something wrong?" asked Mina.

"I just got a vision." Said Maggie.

"Oh…" said Mina, "of what?"

"I don't know…" said Maggie, "It was too short."

"Can you control them?" asked Mina.

"I chose not to." Said Maggie.

"Oh…" said Mina, "What did you want to talk about."

Before Maggie could say anything Mina's stomach rumbled.

"(Someone's hungry)" laughed Smoochum.

"I'll make lunch and we could talk then." Said Maggie.

"Okay!" said Mina.

They found a place to eat lunch, which was by a shimmering pond.

"Oh wow! This place is perfect!" said Mina.

Maggie began to make lunch while Mina laid in the sun with Smoochum and Ralts.

"What are you doing here?" asked a voice.

Mina looked up and saw a girl with long black hair and piercing ocean blue eyes, she wore a dark blue shirt, over it was a short aqua jacket and blue jeans.

"Do I even know you?" asked Mina.

The girl stared at Mina, "No I don't…" said the girl, "I don't know why I said that."

"Okay…" said Mina.

"You want some lunch?" asked Maggie not looking up.

"Only because you insist." Muttered the girl.

Mina sweat dropped.

Nearby Anne and Jonathan watched them.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Jonathan.

"I'd want the Pokémon Angels then we have no choice." Said Anne.

"But this is just a back up protect." Said Jonathan.

"I know…" muttered Anne, "But I have to do this… it's a battle of wills."

"She's 10." Said Jonathan.

"But she's older than she looks." Said Anne.

"I guess to you don't have a problem." Said Jonathan who sighed.

"Our real goal is find Water Angel. And using any Pokémon Angel with ties to her is the only way." Said Anne.

"You to tell me that." said Jonathan.

Anne rolled her eyes.

"Let's do this." Said Anne.

"They're about to eat lunch? Are you sure that's a good idea." Said Jonathan.

"What? You want to have lunch too?" asked Anne.

"Yes." Answered Jonathan, "I had a small breakfast today because someone decided that going after them ignoring her true feelings is the best route to go through…"

Anne glared at him.

Meanwhile with Mina's group they were eating lunch.

"So do you like it?" asked Maggie.

"Whatever." Muttered the girl.

"That's not an answer…" said Maggie trying to be polite.

"Why do you need an answer?" asked the girl.

Maggie decided to drop asking questions about the food.

"So your what's your name?" asked Maggie.

"Megan…" said the girl apparently named Megan.

"Oh that's interesting." Said Maggie.

"Why would my name be interesting." Said Megan.

Maggie tried to be continue to be polite.

"Mina do you want to say anything…" said Maggie.

"No… because I know I'd just try to challenge her to Pokémon battle." Said Mina.

"Like either of you would win with a Ralts or Smoochum." Said Megan.

"(Uh-oh…)" said Smoochum.

"(Now she's done it!)" said Ralts.

"Them's fighting words!" yelled Mina.

"Hold on!" said Maggie, "I'm going to do my own thing!"

"Which is." Said Mina.

"Deliberately see into her future." Said Maggie.

"Oh you can see into the future." Said Megan ,"That's a laugh."

Maggie closed her eyes, that was when she got visions… visions she didn't like.

"Oh no…" said Maggie.

"What…" said Mina.

Maggie began to cry.

"Tell me… have you heard of the Pokémon Angels?" asked Maggie.

Megan's demeanor completely changed.

"You guys know about the Pokémon Angels too… I never meet other people into Pokémon Angels." She said.

"I don't know if you would believe me but…" said Maggie.

That was when something hit Maggie. It looked like a Shadow Ball.

Mina turned to see it was Anne, Jonathan with Anne's Absol out.

"Anne…" muttered Mina.

"Hello… cousin." Said Anne coldly.

Mina looked over at Maggie.

"That vision of the future, was this fight wasn't it?" asked Mina.

"Yeah." Answered Maggie.

"Then is she?" asked Mina.

"She is." Said Maggie.

"I see." Said Mina.

Before she could transform.

"Azumarill! I choose you!" called out Megan.

"Why are you fighting? They're after me and Maggie!" said Mina.

"I don't care either way…" said Megan, "I can't stand Team Aqua is all."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Anne.

"Your guys are idiots! Trying to expand the ocean?" asked Megan.

"Yeah and…" said Anne.

"If you expand the ocean where will the people on the coast live?" asked Megan.

Both Jonathan and Anne stared at her as if they were trying to find an answer.

"They'll move inland…" both of them said.

"THAT'S NOT AN ANSWER!" yelled Megan.

Megan managed to calm down, "Look I know the ocean is nice but it already is the majority of the planet." Said Megan.

"Absol focus on Mina… I'm going to battle this girl with Crawdaunt." Said Anne taking out her Pokeball.

"Let's see you try." Mocked Megan.

Absol glared at Mina.

"I guess I have no choice." Said Mina.

Mina transformed into her Ice Angel from surpassing Megan.

"They are real?" asked Megan surprised, "That is so awesome!"

"All right! Mist!" said Ice Angel creating a mist around them.

Ice Angel began to cry.

"I only that have Mist and Haze to prevent them from attack me…" she cried.

Maggie began to get up and she too transformed into her Psychic Angel form.

"All right." She said, "Rest!"

Psychic Angel fell over asleep.

"I'd marvel how that was… but that was really lame…" muttered Megan.

"Jonathan." Said Anne.

"Right!" said Jonathan.

He three a net over Psychic Angel who was sleeping peacefully.

"Oh man… this is bad…" thought Megan

She took out the rest of her Pokeballs.

"I choose you Staryu! Feebas!" called out Megan.

"A Staryu and Feebas." Said Anne, "Is that all you have. "

"I will not let you take them away! Ever since I was a child I loved the Pokémon Angels! They are the only thing that brought me joy as a child and I WON'T LET YOU TAKE THEM AWAY!" she shouted.

That was when she began to glow blue, that glow turned into a pillar of blue light Megan herself began to get older, her hair grew slightly longer and turned blue, her glow turned into light blue robes that flowed and she sprouted blue wings.

Psychic Angel woke up to watch this as Ice Angel's mist cleared.

That was when memories emerged inside of her mind… the reason why she loved the Pokémon Angel's so much…

She was Water Angel.

Psychic Angel removed the net on her.

"Really? A net? I have Psychic Powers." Said Psychic Angel.

Anne looked at Water Angel.

"Absol return." Said Anne.

"What?" asked Water Angel.

"Maggie… Mina… it doesn't matter if we capture you." Said Anne, "The only reason why we wanted to was to find Water Angel."

"And we found her." Said Jonathan.

Both of then began to leave.

"Unless you stick with Water Angel, you'll never us again." Said Anne.

Both of them ran off.

"Well that was anti-climatic." Muttered Water Angel who turned back to being Megan.

Psychic Angel also turned back.

"We all need to talk about a lot." Said Maggie.

"I prefer being alone… BUT in this case we should travel together." Said Megan.

"Huh…" said Mina who had also turned back.

"Look they're after me but not you guys. It would be nice to have bodyguards I can trust. You know what I'm saying." Said Megan.

"Okay… that clears that problem our of the way." Said Maggie, "But there's also another thing we need to discus. I was thinking of changing our plans."

"What? Why?" asked Mina.

"Because we might need to find other Pokémon Angels." Said Maggie, "It will be better if we do."

"So basically you want to change our plans and look all over Hoenn to find who knows how many other angels?" asked Mina.

"When you put it that way… said Maggie.

"Look… I say we just leave up to luck." Said Mina, "I mean if we find other Angels then it was meant to be… I mean we weren't looking for her? Were we."

"You have a point…" sighed Maggie.

"All right! So we'll go to Fortree just like we planned!" said Mina.

"But I just came back that way…" said Megan with a sweat drop.

"So then you don't want us as body guards?" asked Mina.

"No… never mind… better than going alone." Sighed Megan.

"Good! On to Fortree!" said Mina.

That was when the vision Maggie got form eerier reappeared… she saw who the angel on the roof was… it was Water Angel.

Mina paced up her backpack.

"All right! Let's go!" said Mina.

"Wait! We haven't finished lunch yet." Said Megan.

"So you do like Maggie's lunch…" said Mina.

"I didn't say that…" muttered Megan.

Maggie sighed… she didn't know what the vision was but decided to push it away for all she knew it was years from now…

Well that's all she could hope for…

Next Time: They meet a boy with a Beldum named Sammy. However Maggie keeps saying his Beldum telling her that he's Steel Angel... Is that even possible? Was Steel Angel reborn as a boy? Find out next time!