Melanie Stryder is a normal 19 year old girl,until she gets a phone call from her parents. You see Melanie has been living on her own with her best friend Wanda. Melanies family is very wealthy along with Jared Howes. To Melanies surprise,she will be getting very close to this stranger named Jared Howe because, 30 years ago their parents arranged them to get married.

Melanies Point Of View

I had been trying to sleep in but my phone wouldn't let me. It kept to ringing and vibrating, I groaned and awnsered it. On the other line was my mother,who I had missed very much. I looked at the time it was 10 am, on a Saturday. She had told me that her and my father had something very important to tell me tonight at dinner. Normally, I would be honored to meet my parents for dinner. This time was different,guilt rang through her voice as she said I love you. I don't see what could be going wrong? The stock market was going perfect so all was well with my father, my mother was healthy. My brother was at the academy doing perfectly fine. So what is going on? Why the guilt.

so what do you all think? will you read it? I think it will be good :)

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